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  1. Cypriot politician to Russian - "You're going to take a haircut" Russian to Cypriot politician - "Over your dead body".
  2. Only if you ignore the true cost/value of money. High interest rates were matchedd by rapid (inflation link or better in many cases) compounding wages. That bit makes all the difference. Without wage increases all we have now is the inflation in costs - that low rate fix could become unpayable under those circumstances. Try getting a fix for 30 years, what is commonly known as a fixed rate mortgage in this country at least is no more than a short period of grace.
  3. I did a thin sandwich course and was already doing the job (to a certain level) before the course, terrible mistake, I really knew how irrelevent it all was.
  4. Rings many bells, the problem is the real world moves so quickly the courses would need to be updated pretty much every 2-3 years. The academics do not want to do this. They have pet interests elsewhere in the research specialities and the teaching part is basically a chore for many. The courses stay in stasis for years. Used to be quite an art layout out circuit boards, now if you had to do the calcs you couldn't, the software can place components for an optimal solution treating each track as a transmission line and so the calcs millions of times a second and home in on the optimum solution. Try laying that out by hand it you may never get a working solution, you;d be better off spending the time writing the code to emulate the toolset that does the job already. Engineering is also massively document heavy nowadays.
  5. You are in a high paying part of the engineering sector as a whole. It a bit like saying that IT jobs are £100k a pop based on London bank / Finance sector. If all these types of jobs were available to those with anything like suitable quals there would be no-one on £25k say elsewhere in the country. Then you have situations like software devs in the gaming sector - how many of those have been shitcanned in the last decade?
  6. If Germany's currency code is X, what is Cyprus's C for confiscateable?
  7. We have a winner. Why on earth would you want a responsible job with lousy benefits in a shrinking sector and fodder to be ripped off by the money-riggers. You wouldn't.
  8. We have seen it with companies. Run them on debt, zero tax liability, but enough frictional spin for the top execs to skim off more than enough of the process, usually way beyound any substatial input to gorwth of the company other than gearing.
  9. The denial is there in Caterpillar bucket loads. Disgraceful ****-covering and nothing more. If other sectors were run and regulated in the same way we'd have whole fleets of aircraft falling out of the sky. We are dealing with a breed of parasitic liars, they are all the same.
  10. In the meantime no expenditure from those closed accounts and the minute those accounts do open up again the scramble to exit is even more pronounced.
  11. The theft by inflation is much worse. Cyprus - only savings, UK savings, earnings, pension, assets, anything held, earned or relied upon in sterling terms stripped of value.
  12. Not on what you inhale, what you exhale. A tax on oxygen really might make a few more people wake up.
  13. Yes, that is true. Although ther would likely be all sorts of hedges against currency movements in taking out bonds in a foreign currency. Being in the single currency is part of the reason they have done this.
  14. As others have said, inflation is jsut the same bar name. Confiscation of earnings by devaluation and increasing the money supply more than real growth. The bankrupt of england have been doing this since their inception. Over recent decades through bubble blowing and then direct meddling they have played a a part in the demolition of the real worth, work, buinsess, industry. That is why they spend so long soft soaping in the press, they are manipulators, fruadsters and liars.
  15. They'll only take so much heat till they retaliate.
  16. Car manufacturers have a tight control on supply and pricing. They can pitch their cars wherever they like - most likely comparing sales with competitors and looking to maintain sales / margins and generally getting the best deal they can. Much smaller percentage in Thailand would be able to afford a new new car, but the percntage is rising and those that can afford to buy probably doing really rather well - so they can be charged more and the figures still look good for the manufacturer - rising sales and rising prices and maintianed market share. Now compare to treasure island, large existing consumer base, little pricing power without losing sales, pricing stuck and going nowhere for now. Say the trend continues. The £ drops more, the exisitng market can still only afford the current sterling price, sales become even less profitable in comparison as no pricing power. At some stage the decision is made to target emerging markets more as more profit and maybe raise the sterling price despite loss of sales transfer the uk discounted price (much cheaper to supply SE Asia with same income) and push asia sales further. that is sthe point that the inflation hits as a result of devluation, the effects can be well after the actual push that caused the inflation.
  17. I think that is the preference for a lot of foreign students. Maybe they are not so keen on third world crap acccommodation.
  18. The self-preeening arsehole's comments mean nothing to those who have taken the brunt of his actions. http://www.yourmoney.com/your-money/news/2254892/squeezed-brits-fear-major-lifestyle-changes One in four hard-hit consumers are in danger of having to make major lifestyle changes to cope with financial pressures, a report reveals. Changes included moving to a cheaper house, giving up a holiday, taking kids out of private education and delaying marriage, children or retirement, according to AXA's 'Big Money Index'
  19. We don't need this shower of shite to monitor third parties, we need a third party to monitor the bankrupt of england and stop them and their central banking mates running bubble inducing policies, bailouts and fraud against the general population. The Bank added that it would use its new role as the watchdog of the City to monitor private equity deals in future "episodes of exuberance" to prevent a repeat of the debt-driven takeover boom in the run-up to the banking crisis.
  20. The bank that offers no interst ina depreciating currency. We haven;t played that one out or seen the consequences of that fully yet, could be a bank that nobody wants to be a part of even the local population. Meanwhile banks in countries that are actually earning and growing will have something positive and tangible behind them.
  21. Depends whether you think mixing in interest from and QE itself - both more debt is a brazen attempt to lie about the real figures.
  22. We're in a global race alright, with some gits at the top blindfolding us and casting our shoes in concrete.
  23. No, I posted it early. Total insincerity, like I said, more like a guilt trip excusing or pretending that there were a set of policies almost totally counter to the actual ones in place.
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