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  1. There were two elements to the Celtic Tiger - the rapid rise of job prospects and job quality and earnt income - thanks partly to taxation but also a fair degree of adaptability and ability to perfrom those jobs largely in the tech tech sector; and the housing bubble which did it in for those jobs, providing the high cost base that drove those jobs away, They could have held on to a lot more of those and be in a much better position than they are now, let alone with a lot lower debt burden to burn off.
  2. It will be found out in the end. We had a decade of offshoring manufacturing, the effects being hidden by extreme debt run-up to hide the damage. When it happens to services it will be the killer blow. There won;t be much worth saving by the time they have finished manipulating oney, markets and everything associated with a real economy.
  3. Wide scale government sponsored central bank fraud / theft via inflation or direct theft of wealth as in Cyprus.
  4. A few of the squid#s competitors were put out of business - rumour played a large part, they swept up the scraps, got themselves covered and status of depositor banks nad then the bail in came. How lucky.
  5. You't to worry about a country that has a layer if amoral ENtitled scum floating around the top of it juding by these two. Capable resoning in their own heads almost anything. If they were not responsible for anything then it they should have been paid accordingly. Also in light of the total lack of any liability for their actions it is about time the rest of the population were treated the same - why the hell should anybody be held responsible for their actions - you can end up in the slammer on a manslaughter charge for not doing your job properly, just by being careless, rather than utterly reckless, greedy, manipulative and downright dishonest.
  6. There are no Non-bailed out banks int he UK. Inflation, devulation, interst rate rigging and theft of pruchasing power have been used to provide banks with ultra-cheap money and screw everyone else. It is a cartel of theft with the government and central bank playing leading roles.
  7. Even quicker if the govt fiddle the inflation stats, wages do increase (except not enough to match real inflation) and the limit is artificially lowered in relation to inflation. At the rate of printing, escalation in costs, devaluation you could end up starting to pay back on next to nothing in no time at all relative to a lifetime employment window to charge for it.
  8. Mortgage market news bits Remortgage lending slips 11 per cent in February http://www.mortgagefinancegazette.com/mortgages-and-housing/remortgage-lending-slips-11-per-cent-in-february/ http://www.qck.com/hsbc-and-yorkshire-stop-interestonly-mortgages-189354.html HSBC and Yorkshire stop interest-only mortgages March 22, 2013 By John Rowling HSBC and the Yorkshire building society have joined the list of lenders that are stopping offering interest-only mortgages to new customers. The changes have been made in preparation for the introduction of new rules that will require mortgage lenders to tighten the affordability checks they make on potential borrowers.
  9. Probably related to SSE. They are chopping 20% of their production - uneconomic apparently. Bit like the rest of the country then - trying to afford stuff it cannot afford. Devaluation is working well. Meanwhile the government is having a £1bn competition for carbon capture installs - pissing money up the wall on this is criminally insane.
  10. Not banned but size to be reduced and some sanctions. Takes two years to build these underground palaces for pillocks, so given forewarning that'll be an underground rush to get plannign permission in and building work economic spin until the next election. Kensington digs in with ban on 'mega basements' http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/kensington-digs-in-with-ban-on-mega-basements-8544091.html
  11. Can't imagine bitcoin predominance would go down well with the layers of power that have fostered and feasted in central bank money. Probably the quickest and easiest way to discredit it would be to pump it up and then shoot it down, taking a load of people's money with it and discrediting it. Certainly does not make sense when you have precious metals that have been a store of wealth underperforming it. Something does seem somewhat iffy with current pricing.
  12. Ditto. Makes the effort, good PR for himself, good for him and for common sense.
  13. Didn;t trust them and their promises at the last election, but vote would not have made a difference. Still glad I didn't vote for them now, they really have turned back on pretty much eveything they said. After the last few yearsa and particularly the budget would never vote for them in the future either. ' Shabby, repugnant short termists. No doubt concentrating on policy for their own trough.
  14. Aspiration nation? More like a mugger egging you on into a dark alley so he can smash you in the face with a basball bat and mug you. £50k for an education that sometimes doesn't even get the young a job, let alone a career and £150K-£200k on a shitbox. Aspiration indeed. The conservatives have a rusty bent old moral compass that is pointing direcly to the benefit of a very small subsection of the banker and gambler class.
  15. IF anything it is a massive bung to the housing cartel, enablng it to have more free cash to snuffle out competition. I doubt any more housing will be built. Maybe time to look at polical / financial connections with housebuilders, share ownership etc.
  16. Not if they could push somebody else's head under the bus first before their's. That is what they did with the whole economy.
  17. Worth watching the gold angle though and what other countries are doing. Don;t here of central banks offloading nowadays. What happens when the rump of the "we buy your gold for cash" merchants run out of punters, supply. Where is it going, and how much can be pulled from exisitng stashes before something blows. Still I suppose governments could play the confiscation card, and ,maybe feel they can. Then again, post Cyprus, maybe not.
  18. Clue may be in the nic ;-). Must admit gobsmacked by pricing in your area. Makes just across the Severn bridge look almost sane and there are deals to be done even in good parts round here. North certainly has some relatively attractive pricing but you need a lump of money still. SE central, joke.
  19. Yes, true. Living the lie - nominated as an independent authority, mascarading an autonomous monetary policy and out of reach of responsibility including electoral responsibility. That makes them liars, fraudsters and crooks and very much a problem.
  20. Also as far as I am aware none of these property trackers track the same property but listed with different agents. Fanciful initial listing with one agent who has overvalued to get instruction, maybe a deduction or two with them - year on sale with nothing, then sellers give up and try another agent who lists at a similar price or lower and then starts the run down in price expectation again. At this point the seller is wondering if the will ever sale, their property is stale, potenital buyers wonder if there is something seriously wrong and the seller is already into the groove of accepting reductions and if they really want to sell will accept lower bids still. Even worse if the property is empty, the bills still come in, the property starts to show signs of being uninhabited both onside and outside in the garden, damp etc.
  21. Yes, it was a lump of money that could effectively be recirculated from the free QE money the banks were getting - but not enough to really hurt the banks and bonuses.
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