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  1. Nothing to do with education. Longer working days and more 2 earner slave to the system households. Maybe parents can fit in 3 part time jobs per day raher than 1 or 2.
  2. That would be OK if the central bank then behaved hoestly and stuck by its stated mandate. But it doesn't, which begs the question is it institutionally dishonest or just manned by dishonest post holders, both lacking in any degree of accountability.
  3. Real GDP growth, ha, meaningless when you rig the official inflation numbers. Countries running large debt print themselves money to pay off or just pay the interst on those debts. In those countries the difference bewteen real and stated inflation is the greatest. The money morons count that extra inflation as growth.
  4. Was thinking that earlier today - for all their "buying" power they have almost zero manufacturing power. Their size allowed them to expand easily onto the internet. Smaller and specialist outfits even now are only just getting to grips with it and starting to go that way - if you;ve never visited them they are virtually invisible and very difficult to price check. I think the price checking is the key as that is what will allow some specialists to spank the supermarkets with their large overheads in many areas. Went to a place today where pricing for the product I wanted was half the established big name shed price (the shed had the item in the catalogue but didn;t stock at local store, only just now getting on the internet and had never heard of them and only about 5 miles away.
  5. Why are these ******ing money scammers never pulled up on the fact that there were largely responsible for encouraging the debt that has mired countries in the first place. It was policy, low rates get everybody borrowing to massage the figures. That policy alone has misallocated trillions in capital and the resulting inflation has destroyed competitiveness and jobs.
  6. All well and good if people were not already over-financed and stretched, and therein lies the problem. There is also the issue of time - working couples reliant on those two incomes, sod all time to really make a dent in their food bill even of they could get access to suitable land resources. You can imagine the complete screw up the government would make of that - it would take them a decade to even figure out how to release land without tipping their precious land value based economy. Have written quite a few posts about the food sector. I think it will be one factor that will really kick this economy in the teeth at some point.
  7. May not be short, but have to pay through the nose for it. But yes, horribly unbalanced economy which will come back to haunt us all.
  8. Local officials lack the resolve to cool the market because proceeds from land sales contribute about a quarter of their fiscal income and are needed to fund infrastructure and other spending. Sounds like the official answer, you can bet your bottom dollar that most are knuckle deep financially in the bubble and have very personal reasons for not wanting to rock the boat.
  9. When you alook at what the general population originally was sold - a club, this is no club I;d want to be a junior member of. We've have monetary policy set for the benefit of germany when they were able to take low rates and not blow up their economy, the rest have been damned to inflation, asset bubbles and large loans/bribes which have been spent by governemnts and largely wasted. OK some countries had perpetual general inflation issues that were deeply instilled, more spending beyond means but at least there was a direct electoral route via which a particular population could evetually revolt, but not under central control and centralised monetary policy.
  10. He said approvals declined for two reasons. First, appetite for moving home has fallen thanks to a combination of high inflation, weak growth of wages and rising house prices Bravo QE and the political and banking crooks.
  11. Quite so, even BT tried to become a content and material provider and ditched it prety much as soon as they started, sure fire way to ensure you won;t be one of the few suppliers, but then I suppose that are having a second go with on demand TV, wonder how long they will keep with that. Mobile specturm is a bit like a utility, the govt should have had no right to screw the supplier for access as last time round, the bill jsut gets passed to the public, so it is a tax. Talking of tax if provides are sifted offshore then any telco that does so should be told how pointless it would be making a tender for access.
  12. Yep, there is a layer of scum living of the proceeds via the priviledge of issuing the currency and then manipulating that issuance to the benefit of themselves, goes right across the banking systen including the disgusting troughers at the central bank and their multi million pension pots, which they have very successfully traded based on inside information in regards the running of the prinitng presses.
  13. Usury is good. http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/fca-says-it-may-stay-its-hand-on-payday-rate-caps/1069405.article FCA says it may stay its hand on payday rate caps 15 April 2013 | By Samuel Dale The Financial Conduct Authority has signalled it may not use new powers to cap interest rates on payday loans as consumers could be left “worse off”.
  14. Think this makes sense. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHlmvdm0gP0 Need a bitcoin like currency that works like a broad, global investment fund across al sectors - commodities, industrials, the lot. Think that would work and break the chains of control, but would still be subject to attack.
  15. If India had a catastrophic rice/other food crop failure there would be chaos, posssibly millions dead and agrcultural prices and nominal trade would show amazing growth according to these bozos who do not look any further byond headline growth rates.
  16. Correct, all same company. Seeing them improving very rapidly in test equipment, a few years being the major re-manufacturer for known brands and then they are coming up with high (or even higer spec'd) own brand units at lower pricing.
  17. Is this as far as their pathetic analysis goes? They think they have printed their way out of trouble, not one iota of percetption of malinvestment, market rigging, price rigging effects on the rest of the economy. Bunch of firemen chasing fires which they themsleves help light in the first place.
  18. Unless they had a strategy, and that was to move up to the next level where they kit up with the right gear (once they have the basics sussed) and become the brand manuafacturers themselves having learned all the techniques they need to design, manufacture (and to a certain extent market) products. A teaser for you from the hifi market, which one of these are Chinese? Castle Speakers, Mission, Audiolab, Quad, Wharfedale ?
  19. Yes, but once it comes out of the machine I doubt it is bundled so probably has to be counted again.
  20. A culture bred in the good times, now turning on its own economy in the bad. I said when the bankers were bailed out there would be a lot of executives at other companies suddenly feeling that they themselves were far more worthy of such entitlements and this would spur on a rash of elevated pay rises and bonuses through the top ranks of many/all other large companies. Moral hazard. As for it not being our business - go and chek your pension plans and the pool of index linked funds / trackers etc and you will have a very certain interst in where the money goes within these companies. That those may be doing well thanks to QE alone will mean that without that sugar rush then profitability levels will suffer accordingly in the leaner times.
  21. Carbon credits are a scam, to benefit the big players - be they traders or those with a large play in the energy markets as users/suppliers - written by them and for them. Shale gas runoff rate is the devil in the detail - initial rush of gas gas and then have to pepper the ground with wells to get ongoing flow, as the ground gets increasingly fractured surely the gas just goes to the point of least resistance and that is increasingly dispersed amongst a maze of fractured rock and not towards the well heads themselves.
  22. If it is current accounts, handy way for the banks to lobby for their "dormant" or non fee paying accounts slipping off their cost base without directly upsetting their customers by writing to them and forecably closing their accounts themselves.
  23. I think you misunderstand banking. Yours and my currency is nothing but extortion tokens in the hands of the scum. To be printed out of nothing and set against the lives and labour to our detriment and their comfort. Right up to the top with the central bankers walking away with multi-million pension pots. they all piss in the same pot and we're the pot. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/comment/rowan-bosworthdavies-its-criminal-to-let-the-cheating-bankers-escape-with-impunity-8566666.html I once sat next to a board director of a major high street bank at a private dinner. Earlier in the day he had listened while I spoke about the laws on money laundering, and I had pointed out the penalties for non-compliance. He said to me: "You were wrong in one important aspect of your presentation. People like me, people from our class, will never be prosecuted for money laundering, or any other financial crime. We are a protected species." In August 2012 I sent evidence to the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards to demonstrate why prosecuting bankers for the crimes they commit (PPI fraud, money laundering, market manipulation) was not only a socially required policy, but was also a truly effective deterrent and would have a signal impact by raising levels of banking compliance thereafter.
  24. Which is the idea. Banks pretend they have money that they lend to you and get you to commmit as much future income to them for the priviledge. This is not capitalism, it is a raid, backed and supported by the central bank and placeholders in government, to suit their own ends. Merv's 7 million +? pension is testament to how brazenly they now feel they can act. In europe they have resorted to outright theft. Portugal next?
  25. 20 years ago opening a piece of electronic equipment and you'd find a mass of components manufactured and / or designed in japan. It is what made japan successful and rich. Do that now and it is likely you will find none. Doubling the money supply is going to fix this, not. Any gain on the currency side wil be offset by misallocation of capital on the other as they have not consigned the bubble to the bin yet.
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