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  1. Yes, there are balnket laws to cover almost everything. Earlier law in particualr was written well, easy to understand and clear to carry out. The only thing missing is a willingness to use the law against fraudsters. Too many have had a free pass in gaming the market and the economy and still do.
  2. Not much sympathy here either, by and large they spent the last deacdes pedalling all sorts of dubious practices for and on behalf of government/the banks/corporates and the wave is catching up with their skillsets. Actually not sure what skillset is required to re-peddle spoon fed propaganda / thinly veiled advertisements. Surprised it hasn;t happened earlier. Only the language barrier preserved their jobs from the migrant labour onslaught.
  3. The thick layer of inflation gob is weighing heavier and heavier on the real consumption base. Lots of poeple I meet nowadays comment on costs, others their business is really suffering from cheaper foreign labour alternatives as more and more "careers" and skillsets get commoditised. 100% incorrect long term economic strategy, all for the benefit of short term so the current participants can leave the exits with their pockets full.
  4. Don't think that is quite right - at least the energy companues are providing something, the banks do not have the money they lend out, they make us as much as they can to strangle your finances and embellish theirs until the point of collapse, then the go squealing to governmetn to steal some more to fill the holes in their accounts. Also monteary policy, devaluation and governmen/central bank mismanadement are largely reposnsible for crashed sterling and increased imported enegery costs.
  5. All during the boom years it was positively encouraged by the bankking fraudsters. That way all the fiddling and lying could be done at arms length - they got a wad of pre-fudged mortgage applications which they could package up and sell on and take a slice out, passing the shit onto another hapless party. thos other parties were largely being driven to mortgage debt due to increasing interference in rate setting rigging byt he central banks. The whole lot stank, still does and probably will inthe future the way things are looking.
  6. It is not a case of not knowing car sizes, just liek the size of other rooms, garden size, driveway size they pack in as many as they ca get away with, they love regulation, as much as they bleat about building densities they are only too happy to peddle whatever shit they can get away with in what is laughably called a "detached" modern hosue nowadays.
  7. Just make sure you have as little skin in the game and don't pay it back. Those seem to be the rules nowadays and the way they want to run the system. Cerrtainly don;t do anything productive or anything that is likely to put your own finances at risk.
  8. Ever since his mansion house quip I have realised that he is just an arrogant mealy mouthed kunt.
  9. It is one of the very obvious indicators of a depression - one that started long ago, sponsored and abetted by govertments and their central banks with the corporate lobbies in tow. There are a lot of highly renumnerated liars out there, both enacting and peddling false economics for their own short term gain.
  10. Maybe increasingly pertinent for the car market, considering the main selling features of even the luxurt sector seem to be the finance deals available rather than any of the features.
  11. Tosser has no understanding of the stats, the drivers to employment - or should I say the drivers out of employment that misallocation of capital, propeorty bubbles and his own central bank policies create. Should just shut up and piss off back to college, good riddance to the FED stooge.
  12. Well they pulled down Spain, Greece et al when it looked like the world had woken up to the rapidly diminishing value of the dollar, so I'd pt nothing past the operations of the ratings agencies. Entirely arbitrary during the bubble - triple A everything, no reason why they should be taken notice of now - they look and act like a bunch of scam artists.
  13. The birth rate has been falling ever since mass immigration started. At the same time living costs have risen to the point where two earners are required for everyday expenses. They can;t see the a couple of elephants in the room there and the consequences of their own policies.
  14. Look at the dates. Peaked 2004, well before the market peak and 2008, about the same time as rampant BTLerism started taking off. Hence fall in DIY - you are not going to spend the same money on doing up someone elses place, especially if you have no security of tenure and most lanlords couldn;t give a stuff about the interior decor as long as the proporty is let - so minimum spend.
  15. I reckon John Major had a pretty good run at it, he did almost nothing, no tinkering, meddling, manipulating to any great degree, just let the economy heal after the diastrous 80's blowoff.
  16. Not misconceptions, the same bought off press that peddled nafta and free trade, ARM mortgages, debt and all the destruction that went with it and sold it as as positive news.
  17. You've got it all round the wrong way. Savers responsible for pushing nearly the whole of the manufacturing workforce abroad - not a chance in hell - that'll be the bankers playing games with the economy to enhave their bonuses and egos and as a result making this country (and others) woefully uncompetitive and an expensive, shite plave to do competitive business. My plans for investing in this country are finished - I'm not pissing away what should be investment and profit into expensive floorspace (other than housing to house me and my family). the work will be sent abroad andthat is it decision made and sealed with the latest rounds of QE and manipulation.
  18. this is effectively waht happened to many manufacturing companies up and down the country. Brownfield re-developed plot of land would pay for all redundancy costs, cost of new facilities in another country, new equipment, the lot.
  19. http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/Shopping/FindProducts.aspx?Query=pepper 80p for single pepper. The rest is ******** too.
  20. You did well on the write-off value. With those numbers agree, new nearly new is better bet on depreciation, which is bizarre. An 05 plate small engined car is going to cost more in repairs (plus no warranty period) and will probably have just a few hundred quid resale value.
  21. There's been a hell of a lot of inflation since 2005. Car prices went up with scrappage, and continued up as raw materials boomed, near £20k for some bog standard boxes with extras.
  22. The furthest ones I met when woring on farms when a youngster were from Birmingham.
  23. The politicians are hell bent on making sure that is not the case.
  24. Or no reason to invest as the reutrn will not be forthcoming (especially those that see their current trading just a reflection of cheap money). They are diverting the money elsewhere, very large sum from me is not going into business now and dedicated to a house purchase with lowest possible mortgage. The business itself will go abroad, no interst in doing it here now. The banks are taking the QE money and jsut using it to their advantage and propping their loan book related assets, manipualtion on a grand scale sanctioned and funded from the central bank. Invetment / expansion is far more expensive than it should be thanks to QE propping up factory/workshop space tht could be utilised but is no longer economic.
  25. A called ******** on Mervs claim (as many did) that FLS was partly intended to help business. It isn't, increased housing and commercial psace is almost entirely negative to most businesses. We have fraudsters running a gaming ring for the benefit of a few companies - land banking ones and screw the rest. Vive la bubble, BOE policy the same as it ever was - destroy business with high costs, skew the invetment table, indebt as many as possible to create their fake version of growth.
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