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  1. Being just about the unluckiest man alive, & having just established a limited company to ease my tax burden, you can be absolutely certain that he's going to **** that right up for me. Corporation tax up to 25% + undoubtedly other nasties that I haven't thought of yet.
  2. There definitely seems to be a tide of bearish sentiment & news at the mo. I remember when I sold to rent about 3 years ago because I thought houses over priced then, & I could only find one article on the net from the guy at the university. Look at it now. I think when it becomes as main stream as it has, you can be sure that the tide has turned & were already into the slide. Its like knowing when its time to sell investments because the public has caught on - they always wake up when its too late.
  3. "Taxes may have to rise in coming years, experts have warned " I have it on good authority that the Governments new plan is to take all of your salary & then give you £5 spending money if you're good boys & girls:) Seriously though, I work but have a small business as well & I'm getting ready to file my tax returns for the first years trading. I turned over £35K with c.£25K profit, but you'd be gobsmacked at the amount of tax I'm going to get clobbered for in total, I'll even get snagged for VAT that I can't pass onto the customers because of the stupid 3 month rule - I'm well under the threshold really. I'll be lucky to have £11K left by the time they've finished. Theres no wonder so many small businesses fail, nor that so many businesses ship everything abroad. If my turnover ever gets high enough I'll be on the next flight out of here. I've always been proud to be English, & it pains me to say it, but lately this country really sucks.
  4. Birkenshaw? Its about 10 miles away from me, I used to visit it fairly regularly with work, & its a sh*thole. I wouldn't live there if someone paid me £179K.
  5. Then ask them whether fathers for justice actually made any difference - they lost their credibility. Ask them whether the great big protests about petrol prices did any different. Marina - you miss my point completely - can you go back and read my post again please - i will not do a thing about house prices - the people who are paying astronomical for houses, and the people who are mewing and getting themselves into debt will be there own downfall - and will cause the bubble to burst themselves - we can't do it for them. So i'll sit on here. It needs to get as bad as it possibly can - before it gets better. Did people protest during the last bubble - no, or the one before that - no, or the one before that - no!! Did they still happen - YES!! I DON'T WANT TO SPEED THINGS UP!! I'M GOING TO BE PATIENT! I'M NOT BOTHERED HOW FAST IT HAPPENS! Listen to Rich M's thread - it doesn't matter what you do - or who you blame - it will still happen.
  6. I have to say - i don't understand a lot of the "educational" stuff on here. I certainly don't understand a lot of the graphs etc. That's why i stick to "fun threads". Not everybody here has a degree in economics or even a degree, not everybody understands which newspapers have which political bias. I'm not ashamed to say i'm probably quite thick compared to a lot of you - does that make my posts less valid? I'm sorry to say i enjoy the tat. Not nessecarily the agressive stuff. But for those of you who like the highly educational banter - there are those of us who want a HPC - but only have a little bit of common sense between their ears. So when the posts are a little boring or not challenging enough for you "my dog can bark "housepricecrash""- please spare a thought for those who were not blessed in the brain department - those silly posts and little anecdotes lighten up my day, and keep me sane (not any brighter, but you can't have it all!)
  7. Absolutely agree. It's a joke that Marina thinks a bit of marching - doing something about this will make one jot of difference. Are you serious? This isn't "fathers for Justice" (who i personally think did an incredibly bad job of promoting their cause - where are they now?) or "Free Nelson Mandela" (i was at trafalga on the day! Only young at the time). Forget the causes. Living in a have now lifestyle ("strawberries all year round") - a lot of you have forgotten how to be patient. This is a housing bubble - no amount of leaflets/marching through London will do anything to change that - besides which you really are better off sitting and letting those who want to join to the mass pyramid scheme get on with it. THEY WILL BE THEIR OWN DOWNFALL - THAT IS HOW BUBBLES WORK. As the undeservingrich quite correctly points out "the market will collapse under it's own weight". Meanwhile - i've got myself out of debt and am growing a nice pile of savings. I'm just going to sit quietly until they press their own little self destruct buttons. IT WILL HAPPEN REGARDLESS - so give over with the blame and whodunnit theories and sit back and relax. As John Lennon said "Life is something that passes you by while you are making plans." I believe the same could be said of bubbles. Do yourself a favour and don't speed it along - it needs to take it's natural course.
  8. Thats what I find really interesting about them. It might have happened a few hundred years ago, but you could apply some of the captions directly into the 21st Century & it would still strike a chord. I guess that technology, etc might change, but we as people are exactly the same as we have always been.
  9. Hello, I dont want to be accused of spamming, because I'm not, I thought that this might be of interest to people considering the housing/debt bubble. I've found these facsimilie packs of 18th Century playing cards, one of which is the South Sea Bubble. Its interesting to see the social impact & attitudes to Government **** ups of the day that left many people ruined. Each card has some "cartoon" displaying how people have been sh*fted, etc. Might become quite poignant in the not too distant future - perhaps we could have a HPC pack of cards for comemorative purposes! I'm sure we could come up with plenty of captions for each card - wonder who'd be the joker? The link is: http://www.subliminalpersuasion.co.uk/Cards.html
  10. Absolutely incredible. It makes the UK market look almost sane by comparison.
  11. I think you miss my point. Yes shares are much easier & faster to sell, & yes if someone owns a house to live in it because it is their home, rather than an investment, the price movements do not bother them. The parallel that I am drawing, is that people buying houses to speculate in increasing asset value, are just the same as people buying shares to speculate in increased share price. The people involved in BTL will not even consider that the house as an asset can lose money, it is just the same with the shareholder. See the bulletin board I posted as an example. They are in love with the idea of easy money & getting rich quick - it is the lure of money that drives them & that they fall in love with, irrational attachment to the asset in question is just the physical manefestation of the irrational attachment to a non physical desire or concept.
  12. Visit the SEO bulletin board at ADVFN to see how people fall in love with their stocks. They're just like BTL muppets, they don't want to hear anything remotely negative & have their heads firmly stuck in the sand. It can happen with any commodity, its the dream of easy money & riches that does it.
  13. Imupnorth - When i read your posts you are so full of doom and gloom - we won't see the crash till after it has happened - i think it's happening now. I get the impression that because it hasn't happened yet you think it will never happen. Snap yourself out of this delusion, and cheer up! I live up in the North, and i am not seeing good news for house prices (Harrogate/Skipton down) - it can only go down. Things are not moving like they were - look at the comparison to two years ago - they were selling like hot cakes - it's going to happen. We've been stitched up for it.
  14. My guitar teacher last week: "Yes 30 years ago before houses were seen to be of value, me and my friend who were students decided not to buy a house at £300 because it didn't have a bathroom. Then there was the time i wanted to sell my house (not best of areas) - so i swopped it for a motorbike!! I know people who bought there houses back then for practically nothing back then, and still live in them now." (can you imagine a student being able to afford a house without getting into emormous/ life threatening debt) My annoying work collegue: "Well we struggled back then. Now people are too fussy, they want mobile phones, and new cars - that's why they can't afford it" and, yes she also came out with: "Oh no prices won't drop round here (Skipt N. Yorks), people are moving out from Leeds to live here - they won't go down." (Said in teacher voice - i thought she was going to give me detention!) My interpretation - you are stupid - i know absolutely everything - you are so wrong - part of me only wants house prices to crash - so i can turn up to work with a smug face! I was seething that night - i am not violent - but i wanted a cat fight (unfortunately she is incredibly thin, and i thought she might snap). My millionaire sister-in-law " I keep looking out for houses for you. My friends selling hers - it's five bedroomed, it's got a conservatory and a big garden" She probably thinks it cost ten pounds - she means well though. I don't mind that - it's the snidey ones i hate.
  15. I am posting a reply so tough! Fathers 4 Justice actually hindered their cause and disbanded - i think they did themselves more harm than good. People do not believe there is going to be a HPC. People do protest about injustice - you are indeed correct - however this is a bubble. Nobody marched about the late housing 80's bubble, and nobody marched about the 70's bubble. You are living in a dream world - marching will not change history of a bubble. People are putting their money where there mouths are and not buying - which is why FTB's are at an all time low. If i thought a HPC would occur from a handful of people marching throughout London i would do it - but i think it would be seen as one big joke. I think it will occur anyway - because most people do not believe it will happen - that is why bubbles happen - because people think they won't burst. The top of the pyramid scam will end soon. People will only take us seriously after the bubble - but then they'll just hate us all instead of laughing at us. Our tactics should be to watch and wait, because it will happen anyway - no ammount of marching - no matter how healthy it might be for us - will change sentiment - a bubble has to take its course, and people like your friend's niece are helping it takes it course - this is why it will happen anyway. Oh i forgot to mention about the march on petrol prices - how successful was that?
  16. We panicked when my daughter was starting school. We weren't in the catchment area of the school we wanted her to go to - but as the birth rate was low that year the class only had 24 children in it. In the end she got a place at both the schools we wanted her to go to and we had too much choice - we didn't need to move, and it turned out we were panicking about nothing. Be very wary about schools that have a good reputation - i didn't chose my daughter's school on best offstead results - i chose it on the basis that the children were really happy there - that really stood out on the offstead report of her school, and it had a really good feel to it when we looked round. There was one nearer that had the best report in the area, but i really hated it when i looked round. You may not be as lucky as me, but if we had have bought when we sold - we'd have definately bought in the wrong area (not even having considered schools that much), str bought us some time. Are you definate about the school? (i assume you've done your homework anyway) have you looked at any other schools? - if there are no houses to rent now - does thta mean there won't be in the future? 1 month/2 months time - does the family stress/money worries of buying really justify rushing into things. If it really is the only good school in the area/ the only one you really liked when you looked round - i can understand your fears - at this moment in time keep all your options open - if you haven't already done so. Could you move slightly further afield to anywhere else, and also is the school linked to a good secondary school? I know people who baptised their children Catholic to get them into a "good school" - wouldn't hasve sent them there for all the tea in china. People have an idea of what they think makes a good school - a lot of it is more down to snobbishness (unitentionally) rather than whether their chilld will be happy. Hope this helps
  17. "All the WILD birds found with it have been dead. They migrate how exactly?" It obviously is spread through migration, otherwise it wouldn't have spread through different countries, & to the island where the dead cat was found. Maybe it will travel quite slowly, but as pointed out earlier some birds will be carriers without actually being effected themselves. Its only a matter of time before it gets here. Lets just hope it doesn't mutate to a Human form.
  18. I've been reading a bit of Ruskin lately, about Wealth & Ill-th etc. Theres a good synopsis of the book (Unto this Last) here: http://www.uoguelph.ca/~whulet/OGN/Vol1Issue1/Ruskin.htm There's no real point to this post, except that the book was written in 1860, covers the wrongs of economics, housing prices , etc, & it could almost have been written last week. Quite an amazing man mr Ruskin, just thought that some people might find it interesting to pass a few minutes with
  19. Are they totally mental? What effect will it have on their own economy when money is borrowed & then spent abroad? What effect will it have on their investments when the money supply tightens & there are no more foreign investors to keep the Polish/Hungarian/Chinese/ other markets buoyant? Have we really reached such levels of insanity?
  20. Have you heard the test to see if you have the mind of a serial killer? A man goes to the funeral of a relative - there he meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She leaves and he doesn't see her again. A few weeks later he attends the funeral of his sister - why did she die? See below: He kills his sister to see if the same woman turns up. If you got this right you have the mind of a psychopathic murderer! I wonder how many politicians would get this right! (sorry if you have heard this before!)
  21. My husbands work laid 2 people off (that's 40% of the work force). Things aren't so good.
  22. I'd definately like a fridge magnet - or any other merchandise - you need a shop on here.
  23. I presume you mean the children being selfish - forcing their parents into homes? There are maybe some children who do this. However i think you don't see how much commitment it takes to looking after someone who has a long term illness. It is incredibly stressful, horribly upsetting and it someone requires 24 hour care - it can be incredibly demanding. It's a very romantic ideal where somebody can look after a parent/ loved one. I look after a 55 yr old man who has MS and is in the later stages of it. I've worked in nursing homes and residential, and looked after terminally ill patients at home during the night so their families can sleep. I should imagine it is a heartbreaking descision to put someone into a nursing home, but what do you do with somebody who becomes violent towards you because you have suggested they have a bath due to their condition. Could you cope with somebody who asks you the same question 20 times a minute. It is emotionally and physically draining looking after people who are unable to look after themselves - it must be even worse if you are related to them - absolutely heartbreaking. Being looked after at home does not mean they are better off. There are good carers and some not so good, but most of them i know do it because they love the job. You couldn't do it otherwise. Most carers i know treat the residents/patients like they were their own grandparents. What is better to be looked after by a relative who is becoming resentful - due the the stress, and lack of time out that they get from the situation, or being cared for by people who have chosen to do the job?
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