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  1. I normally just read on here - but i'd like to say i won't buy a car purely for environmental reasons. When i took my daughter to school nursery i caught eight buses a day (2 there etc - didn't have a local nursery). People used to give me pitying looks and say "i don't know how you do it" pulling away in their 4WDs. It used to drive me up the wall. It's sounds mad - people think it's incredibly difficult to use public transport. These buses stopped right in front of the nursery and outside my house, i was literally hopping from one to another. I didn't have to mess about putting the kids into car, think about driving or find a parking space. Out of 60 parents in a morning there were two of us who caught a bus, and there were 60 in the afternoon. The buses were regular, uncrowded, they "kneel down" so you don't need to even fould a pushchair up whilst listening to the tuts from the passengers! It cost me two pounds for all those journeys in a day - a car is more expensive?. So while there are plenty of you who claim it is unmanagable and more expensive to use public transport - do you really think all those parents really needed to use a second car? There are a lot of people who could cut out their cars they just don't like the convenience. Don't get me wrong there is far more i could do, but a lot of it isn't as difficult as it sounds.
  2. He can borrow my daughter's dolls house furniture if he'd like! We're staying put till they seem reasonable - i'm not bothered if we don't reach the lowest point when they fall, however when sellers and ea's accept that they can't ask silly prices anymore - is when we'll buy, and i don't think it'll be as long as 2009 once the panic has set in and full horror is realised that the housing market is in an "unreality bubble" - when we buy it'll be for the long term. When i look in our local newspaper without bursting out laughing at the Mickey Mouse figures they think up for some dingehole, that i wouldn't wish my worst enemy to live in - and i can knock some more off - then we'll buy.
  3. So will house price falls be in proportion to last time - or - will we overcompensate even more - considering this one's (bubble that is) is practically off the scale?
  4. Forgive me if this topic is repeating itself. I was too interested in trying to get served underage at my local pub at the time of the late eighties housing crash - however when i ask my "elders!" to recall this event - no-one seems to know what on earth i'm on about. Or they say things like: "house prices didn't fall - well not by much anyway" or "they just stagnated a bit and then went up" What is going on? If you ask most people what they think of house prices today they say things like: "Ooo - they're astronomical at the moment" or "it's terrible how high they are" So if this is the case - why do they only think they'll stagnate, and why do they only remember a stagnation last round. As a STR - it's driving me up the wall - someone give some faith please!! I'm new round here - but have been following this silly price hike for a few years now (but happy i haven't bought - and i'm sticking to mi guns!)
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