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  1. But that's what happens in a bubble - nobody can see it happening, otherwise everybody would be bears, but nobody thinks it will happen. So they pull out all the stops, till it becomes so rediculous they have to admit it themselves. I think it's a bit like the boy who cried wolf. By the time people get bored of listening to warnings, and they've all finally climbed on the bandwagon, then the trouble actually starts.
  2. How do they know they're wrong? And if they know they are incorrect, couln't they correct them?? When my uncle died of a stroke, his wife didn't want a post mortem into what had caused it, as she thought it would upset her too much. My cousin wanted to know as my uncle was young (50), to see if it could be hereditary, unfortunately she wasn't able to find out. So it isn't always possible to get the actual cause, and they can't always know.
  3. Anyway, since when did we listen to the views of bulls, and take it in all seriousness. Otherwise we would had listened to all our mums and dads, brothers, sisters, friends, work colleagues, hell - we wouldn't even be on here - or know it existed. It's all cause and effect. There has to be some bulls on here - i actually like ttrtr by the way - he is very funny, and takes a lot of flak. They have to tell us us the oposite of what is going to happen, so we can put them straight and tell them otherwise. Fret not i told you so!
  4. There's a difference between don't want to raise them, and aren't going to raise them. There are probably a whole host of reasons why they don't want to raise them, that doesn't mean that they're not going to. You forget what rediculous times we are in, and the majority have accepted it as the norm. It couldn't possibly change - they won't let it....Why is it different this time IUN? I always think we'll look back at these times in a few years time and say - that was a bit mad wasn't it. Just like any other bubble, people thought nothing would change, better buy now, etc. Don't you think the p
  5. My parents bought their house in 1981, house prices had doubled by the time thay had saved up a deposit. They had 2 children, one income. We are in exactly the same situation as they were then. Except my husband is on a higher income (going on teachers salaries today, my hubby is sales manager). Knowing my husband/dad have the same attitude to money - i.e very sensible. We could not afford to buy that same basic house today - and we don't even live in an "expensive area". Yes - there are sacrifices to be made, but if you just can't get the mortgage.....
  6. That's a ploy to put you southern softies from coming up here, when there's someone from down sarf we turn the climate down. Then when you've gone we turn the climate back up again and take out the pretend teeth, and hey-ho paradise!! We all have hollywood teeth up here!!
  7. It's alright dogbox - we don't want you north of watford either!!!!
  8. Also - although there is secured debt, there are many, many people who build up huge amounts on their credit cards, you frquently hear of people with 50/60k on their credit cards. You only need to look on the debt website forum (i forget what it's called), to see people with 4/5k on several credit cards. I do think people should take responsibility with what they borrow, when the banks say things like "that money is to do with what you like", "oh, it's flashing on my screen - you've been selected to have a credit card with x amount on", i don't think it's on. Lenders should put up big signs
  9. i was concerned by one thing a conservative mp said on question time - i was quite with him on what he was saying until he said that the conservatives didn't want house prices to go down. There are no political parties who think that we are in a bubble. The conservatives, and labour both think the only answer to this is to build affordable housing. It's a joke. On housing, both parties are pathetic, and unwilling to acknowledge that there could ever be a drop. Cons also complain about levels of debt, but apparently access to any mortgage young people want is a good thing. These people are all
  10. Like he said though - is there anybody who's likely to follow his "predictions"? Whether rb is right or wrong i don't know, and i couldn't comment as i don't really have a clue about shares. I can understand your point if people are taking his advice as gospel, and following it out - but how many are? Most people are on here, because they don't listen to people. I'm not taking sides as i don't know who's right, but you would have to be stupid to buy and sell shares from what someone on here has said. btw - i don't think frozen out can afford a dictionary - he/she is saving up for a house!!
  11. I can't see how they can do it. It would be good if they could though, might speed things along - or would that leave the door even wider open for second home owners (in some areas - that's a rough guess btw)?
  12. Yes - make sure you work full time, and put your children into nursery all day. I look after my kids full time. I think it's one of the most important things you can do. It is well worth it for my children's sake. Life's too short to be paranoid.
  13. The last desperate attempts to stave off a looming economic disaster.
  14. The banks theory is that if the public are confident with the message the bank sends out, then the British worker won't be asking for pay rises, & manufacturers won't have to put their prices up to cope with it. I'm sorry, but what absolute tosh. Joe Public has absolutely no idea what inflation means to him, & can you imagine unskilled Britain asking for a pay rise when there's an army of Polish/etc migrants just waiting to fill their boots at half the cost? In addition, with UK businesses struggling to compete, there's little chance of them putting their prices up, come what may.
  15. Surely the key concern for the bank should be what inflation is actually doing, not what the public think about it. What do the public know? Joe bloggs is the one who's sending the economy down the pan in the first place (well, him & his mate big Gordon).
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