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  1. Just sit tight, I'm sure the EA will be on the phone to you the minute someone puts in a higher offer, at that point you can decide what your max bid will be. It really depends on how much you want the place. You'll probably find the majority of the viewers are thinking the same as you - that the place is still overpriced - otherwise it would have been snapped up by now. Surely placing the £1k deposit will tie you up to purchasing the property at £165k, if you don't want to lose the retainer?
  2. Might well be dealing with the builder seems like a quick response, I did the same - offered what I thought was a fair price on a new build that has been empty for >2 years. This was a bank repo. Took over a week to get a decision from the bank and the offer was rejected. Just say that you'll leave the offer on the table in case they change their minds before you find somewhere else. If they do contact you, which they may well do given current market conditions, tell them the offer is no longer valid and then bid them down!!! Buyers market
  3. Go for it, whats the worst they can say? No? Its obviously been on the market for a year with no movement for a reason, its overpriced. Put a bid of £210k on it even if you feel they will laugh at it citing 2005 valuation as a more realistic price given the current market. Let them bid you up to £240k (your max bid). If they still don't bite, walk away and look at other properties. I would also play on the fact that you are not in a chain and have a substantial deposit. On the flip side you could just play the waiting game. Do you know anything about the vendors situation? May be they have to sell due to needing to relocate, divorce etc. May have to reduce it at some point. Although I wouldn't hold your breath, lot of very stubborn sellers out there at the moment with their heads still stuck in the clouds.
  4. haha, i do believe you. short answer they are EAs goodness knows what they are at or the motive
  5. they seem to have relisted some of their entries, if you go to page 8 of 156, thats when i start seeing significant numbers of entries with history: http://www.propertynews.com/results.php?s=117305024&p=8 as you say may be they are trying to clear the history or just bump the properties nearer to the top of the search results?
  6. working all right for me, may be its just selected properties they've relisted. Try this: http://www.propertynews.com/results.php?s=117301916&sort=h2l
  7. Don't think it will be too long in coming now... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/8220862/Homeowners-should-prepare-for-interest-rates-of-5pc-warns-Bank-of-England-markets-chief-Paul-Fisher.html
  8. You may act quickly, its a real bargain Love the quote from the Vendor & Architect, does Kevin McCloud own the property?
  9. If its a repo, I'd be surprised if it that bungalow actually sells. In areas like that a very dim view would be taken of anyone cashing in on someone elses misfortune. But yes 65k seems extremely good value...
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