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  1. We want to inform you about our company that has experience and a good reputation in real estate and construction market since 1994. Our company's priority is pleasure of our customers who are some individuals or companies either local or foreign people. They want to invest their savings in real estate and want to buy a real estate such as villa, apartment, house etc. we are giving them high quality service. Including sale marketing, insurance, renting, decoration, desinging, cooperative foundation and and planning administration, preparing sale contracts for construction firms, representatio
  2. BUY TO LET APARTS FOR SALE in DALAMAN/TURKEY The Spring aparts has been carefully planned to ensure maximum sunshine on balconies, pool views for all apartments. It's close to Dalaman centrum, shops, restaurants, pubs, etc. all of these are in 5 minutes drive. Great rental opportunity due to close to airport only 7 kms away and you would not have long transfer times. Prices just from £36000. Further details please click on "SPRING APARTS".
  3. We have been constructing properties for UK and European citizens for 10 years. Our company is Metro Construction has made many Europeans owner of their second/dream home in Turkey. We are seeking for professionals who will be supported by us with updated infos to market our properties in UK and Europe. We are open to new ideas and if you are interested in this deal please do not hesitate to contact us. email : [email protected] tel : 00 90 252 692 5667 _________________ Experience you can trust http://www.dalamanhouses.com
  4. Hi everybody Here is the new online travel forum. Travel and vacation advice on Dalaman, Fethiye, Marmaris, Gocek, Sarigerme, Dalyan and surrounding areas. Post a travel question and get unbiased, timely answers and insights from real travelers and locals. Dalaman Travel Forum
  5. are u kidding? why don't u want to understand? In turkey every property has to be insured to the earthquake. This is an obligation. anyway if it is not insured you can't buy or sell it. registiration office never let you. From now on I think you don't have any troubles on eartquake destroy because of earthquake insurance. and also I am the insurer for my properties to the earthquake destruction. you wanna bet me on its strength. pls think more and find out details before criticism ----------------------------- experience you can trust www.dalamanhouses.com
  6. Are u sure that this villa would be destroyed in an eartquake??? pls send me your email address that I will send you its plans and project. By this way you can see is it stable or not? anyway you wanna bet me, I claim this villa is stable to eartquake according to Richter scale 8.0 and/or 8.5 also if you want I can send you samples of concrete, reinforcement etc.. you can see them Please from now on I want you not to claim on any topic without any knowledge. Hope you understand me ------------------------------ experience you can trust www.dalamanhouses.com
  7. This detached villa is consist of 3 bedrooms ( one master bedroom ), 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, cellar, terrace, balcony, garage and private swimming pool. And locates in a quiet area with green enviroment, closed to centrum only 1 km away, 6 km to Dalaman Airport, 8 km to the beach and 15 km to Gocek Marina ( there is also a tunnel underway to connect the town of Gocek and Dalaman reducing journey only 5 or 10 minutes drive. ) First quality materials are used in this construction that is stable to earthquake. There is a fireplace in living room and a barbecue in garden. Landscaped g
  8. Parliament's General Assembly passed a much-anticipated law that establishes rules by which foreigners can purchase and own property in Turkey. According to the law foreigners will be able to own property in Turkey subject to certain restrictions. The land purchased cannot exceed 2.5 hectares but can be increased to 30 hectares by Cabinet decree. Foreign foundations, associations, cooperatives, communities and groups are not allowed to purchase real estate in Turkey. The Cabinet will be responsible for approving the purchase of land by foreigners and foreign companies in areas that are st
  9. Our company is based in southwest Turkey have been constructing properties for 16 years. We build many properties for Europeans for investment and holiday homes. We are dedicated to helping our customers realize their dreams of buying property in Turkey. We offer all types of property for sale, in around Dalaman, Fethiye, Dalyan, Sarigerme, Gocek. Whether you are looking for an apartment or villa, commercial premises or land we hope to have the right property for you. Another option is to buy off-plan; this means that you normally save money as you are buying at the start of the building pro
  10. . thanks for your interest. Price is £ 79000 (no hidden expenses). for further details and photos pls visit My Webpage
  11. This detached villa consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, cellar, terrace, balcony, garage and private swimming pool. There is a fireplace in living room and a barbecue in garden. Landscaped garden is surrounded by a wall and a gate making it totally private. It locates in a quiet area with green enviroment and closed to centrum only 2 km away. Also restaurants, bars, local markets, local amenities are all 2 km away from villa. It is 6 km to Dalaman beach, 15 km to Gocek marina and 6 km to Dalaman Airport. Dalaman is now rapidly becoming investment area for many Europe
  12. This is for the purchasers of villas from Metro Estate; My Experience of this company extremely good. We are very happy with our. purchase of a villa from Metro Estate, There help was marvellous, with the purchasing, and furnishing of our villa and introduces us to the right people to get the job done, and provides us setting up a bank account, hiring a car, transfer from airport, finding an English-speaking notary, selecting a competent architect, attorney or craftsman, or dealing with local authorities. I wish every success to Metro Estate. I will be willing to answer any inquiries I can to
  13. I am manager of the real estate company in Turkey. I know your troubles, foreign country, different culture etc... Don't worry about it. We present you our kindly service for 15 years to find your dream home in the sun. We have many clients from UK and Europe now they are all living in Turkey. If you really think about property in Turkey please feel free to ask. ( www.dalamanhouses.com ) hope to see you in Turkey. my email address: [email protected]
  14. Hi Rayshady I am the manager of the real estate company in turkey. I know your troubles. different culture, foreigners etc... however you know that many of your citizens have interests in turkish properties. We made many clients from UK and Europe owner of their second homes or dream homes in the sun Turkey. If you want you can talk to them to get more info and you can visit my website www.dalamanhouses.com please feel free to ask whatever you wonder about Turkey. my email address : [email protected]dalamanhouses.com
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