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  1. Banks & Safety Deposit Boxes, Watch Out Firstly I would discourage you to keep anything of value in a bank, an uncle of a friend of mine had $250,000 & two kilo of gold stored in a safety deposit box in BCCI, when BCCI rolled over and had to cease trading, they (by law) had to close their doors and not allow any transactions with their customers, they also made it very difficult to contact them by phone, this included their customers who had items stored within the safety deposit boxes (THAT WAS NOT PART OF THE BANKS ASSETS). Because the Bank went insolvent, so did the legal entity,
  2. Hi, i guess maybe your right, maybe we all have different views and opinions, maybe house prices will keep moving up, but thanks for your honest opinion, much appreciated.
  3. www.silverpetition.com Here is a reply to a question I received on one of the forums, right or wrong, its my opinion. Hi Nick. I suspect that they do not levy the tax because "they need every penny" since central banks can create limitless money (and without any cost). VAT on silver is so small that this not even a pocket money for them. The purpose of VAT is not economical but political - to discourage investors and keep them out from the physical silver market. Only then can they rigg the silver market. The best way to fight the system in my opinion is to encourage people to "get physical"
  4. Hello all, and thanks for your opinions on VAT & Silver. The situation is if we just sit on our fat backsides and do nothing, then nothing will get done. We can all whine & complain about things, but that doesn’t change anything, the only way is to join forces and make something happen. I agree that the EU is bankrupt (tax hungry) and will possibly break up; my feeling is that the wealthier states will align with Russia, and the poorer states will just slide down the pan. But with this turmoil, hard assets will remain the only safe haven, its liquid, portable and fungible. Now bac
  5. VAT on Silver in UK Yes the VAT on investment silver is a problem in Europe, and sadly the UK government is NOT ALLOWED (!!) to extend the zero rates or introduce new zero rates! And this has been the case since power to govern the country began to be handed over to the Roman, sorry European empire from 1973 onwards. However it is worse than described here because the VAT on silver is NOT equal across Europe nor is it equal within the UK! In Germany legal tender silver bullion coins such as American Eagles get charged at less than half the German VAT rate 7% instead of 19%. And if you are a
  6. Silver at the moment is still very low in comparison to where it should be. Our cousins across the pool are not slow at all on picking up on the truth that silver and gold cannot just disappear, they are very pro active in protecting their wealth. The reason why the Americans are so quick is that it has not been long since they used precious metal to trade with, it is in their constitution and there is no tax bearing down on investment silver. The UK has not known silver to be used as legal tender for centuries. It is true that here in the UK, silver is taxed but as my good friend silverbob
  7. You can only charge VAT if your VAT registered, however there are people who try to sell their metal with an inclusive VAT price, i understand about maximising a profit but if i was buying i would demand a VAT recipt & see where it goes from there. By rights a dealer who is VAT registered must charge VAT. Why not join our Silver Petition www.silverpetition.com and help us lobby the EU to remove VAT on silver, we need everyone to support us.
  8. I have been involved in this market since 1997, I do my own precious metals show & know a lot of the analysts & news letter writers as well as most of the silver mining companies. From my experience i would say that there are three phases to this bull market. Phase One - geeks & freeks, this phase has run since 1999/2000 and finished in the last melt down. Phase Two - Institutional Money, this phase is now starting, this is evident as there are still very few institutions that are taking this seriously. Phase Three - Every Man & His Dog, this will be the blow off stage we
  9. www.silverpetition.com We the undersigned petition the EU parliament to remove VAT (Value Added Tax / Sales Tax), throughout the EU, on physical investment silver bullion bars and coins. These 99.9% fine silver bars and coins are bought for the purposes of investment, savings and a hedge against inflation. Removing the VAT on fine silver bullion, (to bring physical investment silver bullion into the same VAT free status as investment gold / savings accounts / ISA's / bonds / stocks and all other monetary investment vehicles), will enable the ordinary people of Europe to once again own real si
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