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  1. What ever keeps you going old boy, whatever keeps you going.
  2. Who are Bruce? Seems a touch paranoid given the fact I am a committed bear and am nervous about home ownership. Or, could it be that as I question you, I must be wrong? And I have just come out of the woodwork? I have been watching this forum for a while, given my position, and find it odd that immediately you’ve got defensive, could even be aggresive, over a comment based on facts? Very odd behaviour. I have smply said I find it odd, given the information, which can be proven, I have added, I am not looking for an argument, or to disagree for the sake of it; I am just adding anecdotal e
  3. OK, can you link to one of these houses? And with such a spread, would you not entertain yours might be on at the lower end of that valuation, or even lower? If so, I am spartacus, where is my £10k? Joking aside, when I got the estate agent in, he told me, in no uncertain terms, that things were quiet, that the house would sit on the shelf, possibly for a while, even if I lowered the price, but that he could rent it the following week for a £1k, more if I gave him 4-6 weeks. Things were going very quickly and the demand was for rental properties. So I chose the less greedy option. Hence
  4. I wouldn't want to be mischievious so early on here, but surely it's only got to drop 0.00001% off £350k for me to win the 10k? If, as predicted, the jouses prices do drop by the time he gets an independent valuation, would that not be taking candy from a baby? I am just stating, as I am from the South East, with a house of less value, renting out for more money, that I find it hard to believe, not that he is lying. I am surprised how quickly this as raised an issue, I am just comparing what I know, with what has been typed. I don't know the area, circumstances, etc, but I am, and have, ju
  5. It’s my first post on this, and it’s very apt for me, and I feel I have a little value to add. I am a TTSBHTR, that’s a tried to sell, but had to rent, as I had to move areas, so I am currently renting out a 2 bed barn conversion in Somerset for £1000 and renting out my 2 bed Bungalow for £1000 in Surrey. Mortgage is IO on £193500 and costs just a little over £300 on a tracker, the house was valued, a month back, at £325k. Repayment is the rest of the rent going into an overpayment pot. Company is paying the rent. I was a little dismayed at the costs of rental over here (in Somerset), but
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