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  1. Surely he's just taken imputed rent a bit too literally? If the ONS and government can do that, why can't he? Peter.
  2. House prices going down? Get them in the inflation measure, Peter.
  3. It's a good post, but it also suggests why what it wants won't be implemented, because the vested interests will lose out, Peter.
  4. It was FreeTrader. Take a look at this thread for example, Peter.
  5. I believe that a couple of water companies in the UK are looking at desalination as an answer to the water problems in the South East, Peter.
  6. I do struggle to feel much sympathy for people on a 100K net per month, Peter.
  7. Oh come on. You remember the seizure after just the collapse of Lehmann. Would you, if in a position of power, have dared to let a hundred or more of those happen without trying to settle the system? The real crime is that the CBs didn't then go on to defuse the banking system, rather than allow if to build up to an even greater threat. We all were, for a while, until the fantasy economy evaporated from before our eyes, Peter.
  8. Yes. It's a global bubble, and the whole globe hurts when it goes pop. It would help to begin working to deflate the bubble, rather than marking time and hope that everyone else will recover and thus save the UK, which appears to be the government's current policy, Peter.
  9. Is globalisation the culprit? The real story behind the slump Peter.
  10. Look at it another way. The 50K earner isn't actually earning 50K. The whole point of this site is not just that houses are over-valued, but so is the whole economy. The housing boom didn't just inflate house prices, the extra money sloshing around the economy inflated the whole she-bang, especially the higher end of salaries (all those graphs showing most of the money given to those who already had most). That means quite a high proportion of our economy is fantasy, and therefore quite a high proportion of the 50K earnings is also fantasy. So, not getting CB on 50K is going a very small way to taking away some of the fantasy money and trying to sort out the mess that the whole economy is in, Peter.
  11. I think that it's worth remembering that we've been through (are still going through) an enormous bubble, the vast majority of the benefit of which has gone to the better off. But, because it's a bubble, the wealth isn't real. Or, in other words, most of the better off are considerably better off than they should be. So, for them to complain about losing benefits or being taxed too much seems more than a little rich. It's just taking back what they shouldn't have had in the first place, Peter.
  12. But see also this from a tweet by Paul. I was very unclear about what he meant by like the Weimar, Peter.
  13. Cheers. Add in imputed rents, and the picture is suddenly less rosy, Peter.
  14. Is it possible to estimate what GDP would have been without the QE? Would it make sense to do so? Peter.
  15. It's not clear from that whether she wants it for property development of for landlords, Peter.
  16. That's lucky, because that's how much it will soon be, Peter.
  17. Tesco value has now gone "up market" and it's now a classier purple colour, Peter.
  18. Snoooooze and you loooooooooooooooooooose :-) I'll just take a "great minds think alike" ;-) Peter.
  19. Have a look at HonestEA who puts an even higher percentage as downsizers, Peter.
  20. TulletPrebon seem quite sensible, see also this blog, e.g. Tim Morgan Peter.
  21. It currently imports of the order of 10 million barrels of oil per day, at it's current population. How would it do without all of that? Peter.
  22. If you were canny enough to get on the food ladder early enough......... Peter.
  23. In which sector is the imputed rent? Government and other services? Peter.
  24. London versus the rest? I don't know. It certainly made me think again about unquestioning support for a meritocracy, Peter.
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