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  1. Surely Libya was part of the Arab Spring? And it was the only country where the West intervened on behalf of the rebels was it not (assuming you don't include Syria)? Peter.
  2. I think you'll find that "they" will be left and that they will find other ways to extract rent. Peter.
  3. If only he had had to live on just the wages from those jobs for a while, Peter.
  4. The terms of the debate seem populist and not very useful, but it does seem that the distinction between earned and unearned wealth (rents / benefits etc.) could be usefully turned against the direction this is going in, Peter. P.S. I don't know what they are worth now, but I suspect that at the time Dave went to Oxford, an exhibition was worth about £40 p.a., and it would have come from some private money gifted to Dave's college. If it were an open exhibition (available to all people) as opposed to a closed one (restricted to a certain set of people such as children of clergy from the West Riding of Yorkshire), he would have had to have proved himself better than a number of other candidates to attain it.
  5. Up to 1980-ish, the A grade in A-Levels was a fixed percentage of the number sitting the exam. It was changed to then be a A grade was over a fixed percentage of the maximum mark. It would therefore be possible for everyone to get an A grade on the latter system, Peter.
  6. Was there any rationale for closing Remploy? It seemed like spite, Peter.
  7. Is National Insurance also supposed to be your contribution to unemployment benefits? (And, as an insurance policy - notionally - surely the point is that you put in less than you get back if you have to claim?) Peter.
  8. It's in the topic with the same words, just not quotes here Peter.
  9. Here's Shaun Richard's analysis of the faux-austerity figures. Peter.
  10. The Powers That Be i.e. those running the show, Peter.
  11. I suspect that you will also find that "equestrian, rowing sailing" are also some of the olympic sports in which the fewest nations compete, making it easier to do well in, Peter.
  12. Indeed. Got to make the most of the implicit bail-out we give them each year Peter.
  13. Given that it's global warming, I assume that you traversed most of the earth during your exploratory trip PETER.
  14. But, it is very relevant to the energy situation, e.g. see the talk I linked to above, where the closure of coal plants is linked to the various treaties we have signed on global warming, Peter.
  15. There's loads of empirical evidence for global warming caused by human activities, Peter.
  16. For a view of Britain's energy future over the next 10 or so years, try this, from Alistair Buchanan, Ofgem's Chief Executive. It's long (hour+), but is very comprehensive, Peter.
  17. This blog looks like it might be useful in that regard, Peter.
  18. These trusts seem jolly useful things; is there an idiot's guide to them somewhere? or are they just for the rich? Peter.
  19. I dunno. I guess that I think that I'm writing you a letter. I will restrain myself on this occasion, just for you,
  20. Which low cost fuels are you talking about? And what indigenous energy? Peter.
  21. So they are saying that profits are of the order of £20 per household per year? Not really extortionate then, Peter.
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