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  1. There's some figures here if that helps the analysis. They seem to be saying that they've spent £79 million to raise 135K.... Peter.
  2. Perhaps a number of the unemployed could swap with Lord Freud if this is the level of work that is expected, Peter.
  3. Indeed, it's hard to see how any entity could be seen to be acting properly if it sold assets worth £1 mil for £500, Peter.
  4. That explains things so much better than anything I've read anywhere else. Thank you, Peter.
  5. In step 2, charity sells gilts to investor - how much for? and where does the money go? Peter.
  6. Without wishing to defend the banks, how much of the pain suffered by the SMEs is due to interest rates being incredibly low. From the news reports, it sounds as though the banks sold the customers some sort of cap with the SMEs paying more the lower the rates went. If interest rates had remained in a normal band, would the products still be missold, or would they be doing their job of protecting the SMEs against interest rate risk? Peter.
  7. Yep, that's what happened to me. Also, one for this, if you happen to know a reasonable rent figure, Peter.
  8. According to Steph, they don't want it, they just want a debate about it Peter.
  9. FWIW I keep meaning to look the figure up, but, as noted above, I tend to work out the amount of house from the agent's figures. While doing it this time, for a very small sample of houses, I also noted the EPC area. There was a reasonably consistent relationship between the figure I calculated and the EPC area (I think, of the order of multiply the EPC by 10 to get my figure in square feet), such that for a quick comparison, using the EPC figure was okay, Peter.
  10. Though, technically, they did that in 1990+, and won the election in 1992 (and then lost the next 3), Peter.
  11. That's a remarkably straight line (or two straight lines). Is there any reason to think that there is a trend nominal GDP growth? (Or is it just due to averaging and smoothing?) Peter.
  12. Well, for Milton Keynes, and using just the measurements provided by the EA for room sizes, it is of the order of £300 / sq ft, but with a lot of variation. Especially in a place like MK, where there are lots of different designs of a 3-bed or 4-bed house, etc., it does allow you to see which will give you more house for your money, Peter.
  13. I seem to remember that some august body, perhaps the National Audit Office, was very critical of councils not depositing with Ice-Save and therefore missing out on the extra interest available. Though I'm willing to be corrected if anyone knows better, Peter.
  14. But...it's free! Perhaps they ought to include breathing, as well, Peter.
  15. I'm not sure that they do. What they do think is that some (usually global corporations) aren't paying their fair share for the "infrastructure" (legals systems, transport, education etc.) which others (usually local companies) are. And this deficit is probably ending up off-shore somewhere and adding to world inequality to boot, Peter.
  16. I think that this is the real reason why he won't go after the tax havens; we (via our banks and financial services) will lose far more than we will gain. We're the biggest criminals and so we won't be cleaning up anything, Peter.
  17. As I understand it, it can also be illegal and wrong (of course). Most aggressive tax avoidance isn't actually tested, because there aren't enough tax inspectors. So we don't know whether it's legal or illegal, Peter.
  18. Ah, but the weather will mean more energy used for heating, which will combat the problem of, I believe, Q1 2012 (cue Cheez'n'bread's parable....), Peter.
  19. Builders offering the NewBuy scheme will now offer to buy a customer’s existing property before selling them a newly built home. Mark Prisk makes his mark They're really going for it aren't they? Peter.
  20. To go with the endless war which he's now promised us. What a guy, Peter.
  21. I think, actually, they've pulled back from doing that, due to public pressure, Peter.
  22. Happy days are here again....apart from the economy, which has just contracted by 0.3%, and isn't looking too good going forward. Happy days indeed, Peter.
  23. Indeed. I took Libya as a lesson to other ME rulers that if they didn't nip things in the bud, this is what would happen to them. Gadaffi, despite his receent rehabilitation was a convenient and expendable example, Peter.
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