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  1. Does anyone but the political classes care about such a thing? I want the economy to be fixed, of course, but I don't care a rat's ar** about RBS, HBoS/Lloyds per se. I very much doubt that the man on the Clapham omnibus does either, Peter.
  2. But as your 2 examples show, that's not the direction we are going in. So, what is going to change to make the teacher who started teaching in 2000 or whenever part of the global elite? Peter.
  3. +1. This is an interesting article in that regard, Peter.
  4. According to Richard Murphy, there's £500 million missing from the UK tax bill, Peter.
  5. Savills reckon this. They do raise the prospect of basic salary rising as a way round the bonus cap....and, as guaranteed income, that could make mortgages easier to get, Peter.
  6. This suggests that it is not actually losing money hand over fist, but that the big -5bn number comes from accounting practices. However, it is still difficult to see what they are doing that deserve extra money. Surely they are just doing their job? In general, they are allowed to profit from the nature of the public good that is the money system, which seems very unfair, Peter.
  7. I suspect that it's because the people making the decisions aren't suffering much misery, rather the opposite, Peter.
  8. I have probably misunderstood how it works, but I thought that basically houses were put in bands in 1992 or some such. Since then, new houses are evaluated to see what they are similar too from the original banding and banded accordingly. It's not done by how much they are worth now. So, however expensive it may be, a shabby flat is still band A. What council X charges for band A may vary from council to council. If you had an LVT, on the other hand, the LVT on shabby central London flat could well be higher than nice 4-bedroom house in BackOfBeyond-shire. But, that's the point of an LVT. Or have I got this wrong? Peter.
  9. I never understand this. Houses are in bands; houses of roughly the same type (3-bed, 4-bed, etc.) are in the same band. The amount each band pays is revalued every year. But, you can't sanely reband houses, except by introducing more bands at the top. You can't (sanely) suddenly shift all band A dwellings to band C. What would be the point? To have nothing in bands A and B? The same effect can be achieved by simply putting up the council tax of band A. Peter.
  10. So they won't be allowed to default? But, it can't go on for ever, can it? Peter.
  11. Where do the subsidiaries get the money from to make the loan? And, would this be illegal (under some appropriate management rules) if the interest on the loans was very much higher than they could otherwise get? (With general low interest rates and a monopoly, one would imagine that water companies could borrrow pretty cheaply), Peter.
  12. As Grrrr will tell you, it may be okay-ish if they build new flats. If they just buy up existing stuff, it's madness. But overall and in the long run, either scheme seems bonkers. With high costs (land) and low wages, how can they expect to generate a decent income? It's all just feeding on itself. Instead of the pension companies using their money to generate wealth (making things, quarrying things), they are using their money to keep costs high and siphon off a fraction of others' wealth creation which they are hampering by keeping costs high. Peter.
  13. Have a listen to CIBSE Annual Lecture 2012: How secure is Great Britain’s electricity and gas supply over the next decade? It's an hour + long, but very informative, Peter.
  14. "Murderous lepus"? He certainly is on the left. I see him mainly interested in stopping tax evasion, which seems good, and so would tend to lower taxes (for those that pay them, but not for those that don't), Peter.
  15. In the absence of Confounded, I think that it's for ease of maintenance, Peter.
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