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  1. Strictly speaking, I think that the economy can only be expanded by larger debt (and households, government or business - unless that's your point - have to hold that debt, as someone has to), since we have money as debt. The trick is, of course, to use the debt to create enough wealth to pay back the debt and the interest. Unfortunately, we've reached a point where there isn't going to be much wealth created: see this from Pesto: which in the understated BBC way is effectively saying that the Chancellor is either criminal or mad, or both, Peter.
  2. Fairy snuff. How does housing contribute to GDP? Is it imputed rents? More building (unlikely, I know)? Peter.
  3. Yes, I remember it being discussed to - along the lines of private debt rising to 180% of ??? (what would it be? income? assets?). It was just a line somewhere in a table, but I suspect that it is the logical consequence of the money system. If credit = debit, and we can't let the amount of money deflate, then someone has to hold a lot of debt, and if it's not the government, then who else is there, Peter.
  4. I suggest you listen to this. It's by the head of OFGEM and explains the current UK energy situation. It is very bleak, especially when you consider how understated pronouncements made by the establishment are. Unfortunately, it is about an hour long, but there's a lot to say, Peter.
  5. It's worth looking at this, since it seems to show that the OBR are expecting a major house price boom of about 10% p.a. (or that's how I read it - private dwelling investment is going up by 10% a year, I assume that that's not a prediction about DIY). Though, not to worry, because private sector wages will also be shooting up, but only at about 6% p.a..... Peter.
  6. Why doesn't he want to help them buy a whole house rather than half a one? Peter.
  7. Possibly for the likes of Kuwait et al., but I suspect that JPM's contacts are as good as Tony's (certainly this long after leaving office); they don't need him. They need Cameron and Obama et al. to protect their interests now; they achieve that by showing the current incumbents what life could be like after they leave office. 250K for a half hour speech! We've heard Tony et al. drivel on for years and we know half an hour of his hot air isn't worth anything like that, Peter.
  8. It is, I believe, from the updated version of Limits to Growth. I saw it today referenced here. Here's a report on an update by one of the authors, Dennis Meadows, Peter.
  9. I think a clue is in the the number of inflation measures (another one this week - inflation-measure inflation), suggesting that the calculation of inflation might not be that straight forward and hence, especially with our GDP changes hovering around zero, the actual GDP number has quite a large margin of error, Peter.
  10. It's genius isn't it. They don't even have to give money to politicians as politicians to bribe them; they give the money to their predecessors with the unspoken assumption that the current crop will get their turn, if they behave. See link Peter.
  11. The letter from Jonathan Porritt and others is quite interesting. We seem to be taking all the risks and costs whilst EDF/French state get all the benefits - 21st century capitalism, I suppose:
  12. It's not clear is it. It says: Peter. P.S. Does anyone know where the Reading mall is? When I was young, I used to visit Reading and I wonder whether I visited the mall before it became undead.
  13. It's all right, they'd just designate them as their second homes, and put the tax on expenses, Peter.
  14. Storage is expensive; energy supply has been outsourced to the private sector. Is it in the private interests of the private sector to build storage? The answer would appear to be 'no'. Peter.
  15. I understand that the issue is not really LNG infrastructure at the moment, but the price. Asian countries are paying a lot more for LNG, so that's where it's going, Peter.
  16. The UK doesn't have much in the way of storage - 4% of annual use (compare about 20% for Germany and, I think, the Netherlands), so there's not much choice. You can't fill UK storage (not for long), and you want to sell your gas, because that's what private companies do, so... Peter.
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