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  1. A 5.71 million pound pension fund, apparently. Not bad, I guess, Peter.
  2. Not at all. Until recently, the UK was more than self-sufficient in gas, so it didn't need much storage - need more gas, just open a few more taps. No we aren't, and do need storage. But, it is expensive, and is long-term, and so not the sort of thing that the short-term corporations which run our energy system naturally do (to be fair, I suspect that the thoughts of warmer winters might have been a factor, since they will affect the economics of storage), Peter.
  3. You could ask if they would price it for a quick sale, Peter.
  4. The only solution to GW is to stop using fossil fuels (like the only solution to putting on weight is to limit your food intake to less than you use up; to alcoholism is to stop drinking, etc.). We either go on the diet, or we (mainly our children and our children's children - another boomerism?) suffer the consequences, Peter.
  5. The Polly Toynbee piece is up. I was a bit surprised that the Frances Coppela piece didn't get more, though it does exemplify what many of us must fear - they are going to keep prices up by any means possible, because the alternative is just too bad (and when it does come, as it will, no one will be worrying about house prices), Peter.
  6. It is an interesting article, but we could do with some numbers. What % write-down could the banks stand? And a reasonable calculation of how much building would be requried and what that might do to price. Peter.
  7. Given rising sea levels, I think that we're more likely to be struggling to hold on to what we have, Peter.
  8. Quite possibly. But we are faced with the fact of a population increasing faster than the number of dwellings, and the quality of those dwellings appears to be lower (nice house with nice spacious garden as opposed to small flat). Call it a necessary evil or a responsibility, Peter.
  9. But are these in terms of capital protection or in terms of yield? Dr. Mibbles view, as I understand it, is that yield has gone, Peter.
  10. I think that you'll find that their homes contribute to the landscape. By a huge stroke of luck, the optimum number of homes has been built everywhere (except brownfield sites in grotty towns).... Peter.
  11. That appears to be the idea, and don't bother with jobs either. It's strange how this desire to preserve the green areas wasn't worried about when Iver Heath was built, Peter.
  12. That appears to be the idea, and don't bother with jobs either. It's strange how this desire to preserve the green areas wasn't worried about when Iver Heath was built, Peter.
  13. We need more houses, we need more jobs if we are going to let the population increase. Where are they going to go? You can't have one without the other. Peter.
  14. Yep, I see. So, the hypothesis is that there will be a crash in London, with the rest of the country dependent upon finding an equilibrium between the upwards effect of HtB and the downwards effect of less London money leaking out to buy up property. Do you have any feel for when this might begin? Or are you effectively saying that the turn is now? Peter.
  15. What about Help to Buy? Not indefinite, of course, but for 3 years, Peter.
  16. Has this definitely happened? But each doesn't care about "the market" only about themselves - i.e. don't worry about women and children first... Peter.
  17. The amount of housing doesn't change with change of ownership (other than a period where ownerships changes), so it will be just like now (but cheaper). We still need more houses (or less people), Peter.
  18. Is it not technically corporatism, which is a form of fascism in which state and big industry merge? Peter. Edit: According to wikipedia, there are many types of corporatism. Whatever the exact type, the following is the sort I am worried about. 21st Century Feudalism:
  19. It's called rebalancing....through first becoming so unbalanced, you fall off the rope, Peter.
  20. I think it was. We need to see what the imputed rent figure is, though Peter.
  21. Not if we keep QE-ing. All the interest remains in-house, Peter.
  22. You've gotta pay if you want top talent. It's just such a pity that we can't afford many other staff in these austerity-ridden times. Still, they've got the top right, so if we ever get back to a condition where we can employ some nurses, then it should be all systems go at the bottom too, Peter.
  23. But taxes are supposed to be paying for the public goods (legal system, police, roads, NHS, etc.) which it is more efficient to do generally, not subsidizing a particular section of society, Peter.
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