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  1. Seeing that is highly depressing with the equivalent in this country. Using 390000 EUR = 334,726 GBP present rate, this is what it would get local to me: http://www.rightmove...y-15506736.html While a nice house I don't see it as in the same league as the one you shared. If you moved further south it would be even worse but I should imagine its the same in France. And all this not taking into account other factors. Either way its disappointing.
  2. http://www.rightmove...y-27318913.html 3 bedroom semi-detached house for sale £89,950 And this is not a good area
  3. I would say no personally. Its been a massive swing in only the last few years and many have been caught out. I dont think we can judge in hindsight. Not to mention how well we are connected now. Just 10 years ago we didn't have this level of information at our finger tips never mind all those before. I guess that's what I mean about the difference in our generations. What me and you take for granted is alien to a lot of older folks. And it wont be long before we are in that position with some young upstart giving us the facts of life Have to agree here with you on that one though. But gu
  4. Maybe I didn't clarify, they did have a substantial war-chest, but how much is enough? When the games rules change so dramatically that you find you present skills useless what do you do realistically? Didn't quiet make it to the point that you could sustain on what you have, having to draw down on your investments and assets, cant find work that hits anywhere near your prior amounts assuming you can even get work your going to take a massive hit. This could happen to anyone no matter how prudent well thought out or responsible they were, myself and you included. I should imagine a lot of pe
  5. Granted that could be true but using the example of say I.T. A young graduate achieving their grades, getting a good job and working up, having a family, a mortgage and all the other aspects of modern life, ensuring not to overburden themselves etc. Only to have the rug pulled out due to their industry being decimated and all their work outsourced. Slowly having their assets eroded due to lack of work and servicing their no longer prudent debts. Too old by now to realistically retrain, can no longer support their present standards of living and it all goes down hill. What would you advise i
  6. Simply because maybe they paid far more into it then you? Sometimes that argument gets a little silly.
  7. I applaud your passion but I'm beginning to think this is a wasted energy worrying about this. I honestly believe they must know the hows and whys and what ifs and are just as powerless to prevent is as the rest of us. I think the whole thing is dependant on a larger set of affairs and there will be no U turn or true changes till those in the know really have little choice to change tack. They will force this along till the last possible moment in the hope they can recover a semblance of the prior system and only then if it seems unrecoverable will you see true changes Of course I could be
  8. Congrats on the hard hit you guys
  9. According to the account I'm +40.1% at present. If It goes above 20 pence and then starts to decline ill sell out and buy back in at the bottom with what I have gained. This is all assuming I catch it. If not ill just top up at the bottom again
  10. Ah it is all good. This is merely a test play as I'm getting zero return on my savings so I'm looking into other methods. If this feels ok as I'm not a natural gambler then ill look to minimising costs versus gains. Dont shoot me but I'm not even on a trading ISA yet Got into BPC at a touch over 12 p with a modest sum and its up 16% so cant complain. If it did fail then its a shrug as I can lose the money without complaint in this case.
  11. Have to agree with fawk, for the slight additional cost per trade its good to feel a bit more secure with my holdings being in marketmaster plus the ease of transfer of funds. I did have a selftrade before and found it a bit of a pita moving money around. Note, up on BPC Wish I had banged a bit more in now but hey who knew
  12. I guess it is too much of a simplistic view to be true
  13. Would have thought it as simple psychology. Overprice something in the first instance and allow it to be knocked down on price thus offering real savings to any purchaser and minimal losses to any seller. People on here forget a large proportion are not so literate with regards to researching. So a Joe bloggs punter will think he has got a bargain when he gets 20% knocked off the asking price. Bit like used car yards that suddenly offer big sales, just nobody saw them Jack the prices the night prior. Just my 2 cents or pence or whatever your preferred currency.
  14. Yes but only a cheeky punt at the moment as I continue to look. Working full time I cant watch continuously so will have to play the long game. Gives me time to research more
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