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  1. I moved to London years ago and alwyas hoped that my rising salary would enable me to buy a decent home somewhere not too far from work. House prices were always ahead of me and I now find myself sitting on a massive cash pile and earning a good income but reluctant to pay an exorbitant price for a sh*thole . Having always settled for living in rubbish areas to be able to work in London I'm seriously thinking of living somewhere beautiful and saying to hell with a job. My savings would buy a very nice detached home in scotland overlooking a loch somewhere. Where is the incentive to keep working if by working I have to live somewhere I cannot afford a home?
  2. You've nothing to gain by resigning without a payoff. Bide your time and do as little work as possible while job hunting on the quiet. I had a manager last year try to get rid of me free of charge by blasting me at my appraisal. Nothing wrong wiht my work he just felt threatened by me. I stayed calm, but then spent the next few months building up a file on him and escaped with a nice payoff. Bizarrely I got three job offers after 6 weeks of relaxing at home in the sun (paid for by ex employer) and loads more dosh. Still dont know how it worked out so well - guess I was just really happy to be out of there and it showed. Bide your time.
  3. I am one of four (I have three brothers) and there is no way I would go through all that again as a parent. Interestingly, we are all in our forties and not one of us has had kids or show any signs of doing so. It isn't about money, I just don't feel the urge to reproduce. I enjoy my free time and doing whatever I like whenever I like. I'm the most unmaterialistic person I know.
  4. This dreadful situation was illustrated perfectly to me yesterday when I went to put some money into a bond at the Chelsea Building society in Hanover square (3.75%).Two girls working in there completely p***ed off. One openly saying to the other in front of me that she 'hated this place and can't wait to get out'. While I was filling in the form a man came in and asked about the ISA rate. She replied quite curtly that it was (I think) 1.8%. He sounded so dejected and asked why it was lower than the short term fixed rate bond. Her reply 'I, m sorry sir I can't answer that question' and he left. To me this seemed so wrong - where staff at least used to pretend to be professional and polite if only to part you wiht your money, we are now treated like c**p and what makes things worse is there's no point in complaining cos the banks are despearately trying to survive so the notion of 'customer service ' has evaporated. It's all been turned on its head - this experience left me feeling very disturbed and depressed.
  5. I've just been offered a new job at the compnay where I've been temping. They have a pension scheme which I will join, however Im not convinced I'll be there for more than a year, so I may lose their contributions (not sure of the time limit for keeping those - is it still 2 years?) So Id like a safety net and was thinking of running a SIPP alongside it (in particular, to use up all my 40% tax band income). Does anyone know if this is allowed? I mean presumably as long as Idont go over the limit of how much you can feed in, I should be ok right?
  6. ...and because the Government seems intent on keeping 'high house prices, high congestion, high cost of living...' and could not care less for quality of life, there seems very little hope for us. My brother lives in Australia and can cycle the 10 miles to work on a dedicated cycle path free of traffic. Must be nice to feel like the government is on your side.
  7. I too have cleaned out my savings account with Cahoot in disgust at their rates. Now I just need to make sure they pay me the interest that's outstanding.
  8. Does anyone else find it disturbing that these 'dimwits' include "doctors, nurses, teachers, solicitors" - these people are supposed to have a brain!!!
  9. Agree with Della - gym IS v boring - would certainly prefer dancing - but I do do pilates and yoga too for the variety. Used to swim at LA pool but got depressed seeing all the grime/ plasters/ hair floating aroung on the bottom through my goggles - also too crowded - AND closes too early at the weekends whereas gym is open until 10pm What 'Sex and the city' lifestyle!? the gym is close to my allotment and I can walk between home, allotment and gym in less than 10 minutes. L.
  10. Lattes are pretending to be successful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahhhahahahahha you crack me up. I just like coffee (yes ok even if it is a bit milky) L.
  11. I spend £60 a month at my gym and only go 3 times a week because going to work doesnt leave enough time. If my contract is not renewed after Christmas I am actually looking forward to the possibility that I might be able to swim EVERY DAY then relax with a latte in the cafe afterwards - then I could even go on the treadmill afterwards*!!! wow . How nice to have enough time. Also saves on bills having somewhere warm to hang out!!! L. *Treadmill much kinder on the old knees and joints than pavements outside. Also not dark, rainy etc
  12. I am talking 40s. You will start to question what you are doing and why. Friends and relatives get cancer and die - you will start to wonder what is the point unless you are happy and/or making a difference. That is what I mean.
  13. I have been miserable for several years, saved a fair bit and now I am tired of being miserable and i want to bounce out of bed looking forward to my day for a change! I think it is an age thing.
  14. Not derisory, it's just that I do earn quite a bit more. Actually, if it was something I really, really loved, I would do it for much less - in fact as long as it covered my expenses!
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