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  1. http://www.winkworth.co.uk/sale/property/WNKGOL003143?offid=125&choose_type_sales=1&fromofficelink=1&under_offer=1&issold=1&offset=5 Looks identical to the property on this thread. £1.25M. Marco Houston going to be doing a Grant Bovey in the near future I would guess
  2. Harry Findlay was happily laying his own horse using someone else's account and Betfair knew all about it!
  3. The only reason you get better prices on BF is if something is not off. They have the same accounts laying the same combos day in day out. If you bet in running you get picked off by someone on-course or one of the punters who can buy the clean feeds. take all this into account and betting before Betfair was not so bad. Betfair horseracing markets are pretty rotten. As I type this Betfair Forum Mods are deleting all threads mentioning their soon to be bankrupt most high profile winning loudmoth gold cup winning advert for the exchange.
  4. That's interesting statement about the technology as Betfair claimed pre-float that their software was so advanced that it was nigh on impossible to match. The point about the horseracing in running is that Betfair are getting a massive chunk of the turnover, much more than their normal rake. How it works is that their favoured clients place bets on races that have effectively finished so they cannot lose 99% of the time. In return for this "no lose scenario" theose same clients pay Betfair a much higher rake. If Betfair where to match the bets themselves directly people would say that the hou
  5. Well we were discussing Betfair and there is an issue with the fairness of one of their markets. I am sure that many people will be quite amazed that they facilitate and profit from blatantly unfair wagering. Betfair is also a publicly traded company so the fact that their IT is a bit of a disaster and their markets can be viewed as a swindle is of interest to a few.
  6. I would say it is 999/1 that you are correct. Why not post something and give HPC a nice plug as well
  7. Sorry but the article in question was after the ATR Extra episode has been concluded. Matt Williams challenged ATR Chief Mathew Imi after the pictures had been slowed down. Therefore the fact that your ATR Extra pictures were quicker well after the event is surprising to say the least This also refers to ATR Extra. Maybe I am wrong, Matt Williams and the Racing Post are wrong and you are right TRADING POST - Bridging the TV gap By Matt Williams 02 MARCH 2006 THE time delays between SIS and ATR (other channels come into the argument, too) are a hindrance, and it would be a major boost for
  8. 06-03-2006 At The Races focused on the end-product, not in-running betting Matthew Imi, Chief Executive of the race broadcaster, said there is no commercial upside for the firm to alter the pictures' time delay. Imi was responding to speculation on the Betfair forum where exchange punters hoped the time delay between SIS and At The Races could be reduced from the usual two-second gap. "We're more concerned with better picture quality. ATR viewers get very high-quality pictures with no picture break-up or pixelation," Imi told the Racing Post. "In any case, even at its most pronounced the di
  9. ATR Extra never lasted 6 months with a quicker stream
  10. Betfair, ATR, SIS et al. are all earning bonus profits from people betting in running. This is all financed in the end by punters betting in situations where they have already effectively lost. If a casino had a roulette wheel skewed in this way it would not be allowed. It's not sharp ractice it's theft. A few years ago Atheraces slipped up and started broadcasting pictures without an artificial delay on a sky red button sub channel. As soon as they realised what they had done they reinstigated the delay. If Betfair were to suspend their markets when the race really finished stay at home punte
  11. Everyday they offer in running markets on British horseracing. The markets are not suspended until the runners have passed the winning post on the two satellite channels Attheraces and Racing UK. Unfortunately for punters betting watching these pictures the transmission is deliberately delayed by the broadcasters. This means that punters are betting on a race that has actually finished!
  12. Betfair is now light years away from the original business that attracted so many people. Only recently they were made to stop TV advertising that implied they were a true Person 2 Person betting site. Professional punter Harry Findlay who was the public face of Betfair extolling it's virtues at every opportunity has been exposed as being a heavy loser who owes Betfair fortunes. He was banned by the British Horseracing Authority for betting against his own horse via Betfair! Betfair have been exposed as operating in running horserace markets where punters get their bets taken after their
  13. Maybe a clever move giving landlords the chance to renegotiate lower rents as thats there only hope.
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