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  1. The Problem with that reporting is they actually said 'Prices COULD be 15% higher' not TO BE. Could is used in a speculative, or opinionated, tense. 'TO BE' leads you to think its fact!!! Shoddy Shoddy Reporting!!!! Welcome aboard anyway - need more bulls on here! TB ** Would like to point out though. HPI is driven by marketing and the belief that they ONLY go up in value. The BBC has Gordon Browns BROTHER as one of its top dogs. The BBC are without DOUBT controlled by Nu-Labour. When it all goes tits-up - WHICH IT WILL you will see a MASSIVE and RAPID change in sentiment. The PR Machine is doing very well at the moment. The figures that come out NEVER really show the underlying facts. As Ian Hislop said the other night. Nu-Labour have a habit of burying bad news by releasing BS reports to detract the flack from them. TB and GB will go down in history as the guys responsible for one of the biggest recessions in history. Now I dont know if they 'COULD' or 'WILL BE'??? Can't quite decide
  2. Thank you for emphasising how thick, some people are . You are a fine example of Ignorance Steve - I bow to you TB
  3. These figures are from cloud - cuckoo land. First applicant £39K and Second 21K at an AVERAGE!!! Were all the people surveyed from the city or something????? I think all these presss releases come from London. Like SKY with the Premiership - who believe football did not exist before they started showing it - It looks like the VI's think nowhere else exists outside of the city. FFS I'm 38 and on £26K a year - which is a decent wage for this area!!! I would have bought years ago if I was earning 39K!!! Houses are OVER-VALUED and UNAFFORDABLE to people IN THE REAL WORLD <PERIOD>! This governement and the VI's are masters of SPIN! Sorry CL but your article loses ALL credibility based on this wage data - it's absolute BS!!! TB
  4. Sorry for pissing on a bonfire here - but aren't a lot of your concerns discussed in the WIKI section? I think anyone who has come to this site for the first time was looking for it, or is as stunned as us as to why prices are still sky high. There are enough links imho that cover every query. I would add though, a little animated gif with something like 'So why are prices so high', 'what is driving this bubble', 'what is happening to stop it' - for these and more answers - visit our WIKI section. or somethinglike that! You have to bear in mind - the majority of the population are THICK. And a lot would not know what a WIKI was - just make them a bit more aware. TB
  5. I Dont Trust Tony Listen, basic common sense says that NOTHING can go on forever. Yes there is a LARGE percentage of home owners 70% or so (when I say owner I mean TENANTS TO THE BANK!) so the vast majority would not like a crash. There are however a good 20% of those who would not mind one, so they can move up the LADDER. If people STOP BUYING property as an investment then the market is phucked!!! This shortgage thing, apart from London and South East, is the biggest load of shyte I have heard. It's getting so f*cking boring now!!! Property is the investment vehicle of the last 10 years since NuLabour came to power. The BTL mortgage, and other I/O mortgages are just ENDOWMENT mortgages under a different name. Only this time, instead of the lender making the investment on your behalf - YOU NOW DO IT YOURSELF. A lot of these are sold on the basis of "Get I/O now, to get on the ladder, then later on start a REPAYMENT". This is all well and good but lets say an I/O payment is £500pcm then a repayment is likely to be £750 or more. So you need a 3K a year RISE to absorb that extra cost. With wage inflation CAPPED by UNCLE KNOBHEAD Gordon Brown, I can't see wages recompensing these people. It's all a con - like buy now pay in February. You are buying something you can't afford and are then stuck in a contract to pay it!!! Endowments DID NOT WORK and nor will I/O. Well FFS if THEY - the financial people could not make an endowment work, then how the f*ck is Joe Public gonna make it work???? Instead of using housing as the pension investment, why the f*ck did we not revolt against this government who RAIDED and STOLE our pension funds? We may as well be in communist Russia, coz the people of this country are THICK AS PIG SH*T!!! That's why, when it goes TIT's UP I will not shed a tear for anyone! ALL INVESTMENTS CARRY RISKS!!! Bring on 7% BASE RATES!!! TB
  6. Surprised that NO-ONE has commented on this!!!! Firstly, I think all these CREDITS that Nu-Labour have introduced are basically BRIBES for VOTES. You have stated there also that you could not survive without them or it WOULD NTO BE WORTHWHILE to work. THEY KNOW this, so instead of REAL unemployment figures the BRIBE you to stay off the dole and make them look great. at other TAX PAYERS expense. Now dont get me wrong, this is not personal jibe and I am by no means calling you a leecher. If you cannot afford to live and there are many thousands more out there like yourself, then there would be uproar!!! These bribes shove the f*cked up state this country is in, under the carpet. Have to give it to them... their SPIN has worked on the majority of the populus!!!! REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH???? Well I am worse off now than I was 6 years ago. Yes I earn more money but it does not go far!!! I am taxed on everything... cant wait for the 'HAVING MORE THAN 1 SH*T A DAY TAX. For the extra burden you are putting on the sewerage system and the environment. Sooner these CROOKS get thrown out, the better as far as I am concerned!!! TB
  7. I can assure you.... its dead in Liverpool - still the odd flats selling to the last of the BTL brigade for City of Vultures for 2008 - apart from that only seen 2 sold signs near me and 1 of them was back on the market within a week. The other is SSTC but 1 sale DONT MAKE A BOOM... We scousers have a bad reputation but one thing I can tell you.... WE WOULD NOT OVERPAY FOR SOMETHING! The HPI for this area is OUTSIDE SPECULATORS I can assure you... our local economy cannot, and will not, support these silly prices. TB
  8. Depending on the type of ISA you have - the one you describe is CASH-ISA. You can put upto £3000 per calendar year into it and get paid interest TAX FREE. If, however you withdraw £1,000 out one year - You cannot put that £1,000 back in!!! The interest that you accrue - lets say £38 pcm on £9k is then carried forward to the next month. then you get interest on £9,038 and so on - so interest ON interest. You could check out a savings account like ICICI or Icesave who pay 5.32% pcm and after tax you could actually make more money than you would with your ISA. I am with natwest and I think my return is 4.1%. The ICESAVE account would pay me 4.6% after deductions I think. Still got to work it all out. Anyone know what the BEST ISA's are, as far as returns???? TB
  9. Resign!!! .. then I MIGHT forgive him!!! No I cant - he has phucked this country for the next 10-15 years imho!!! TB
  10. The media and sentiment has changed there is no doubt! Look at the cover story on the home page. Say's it all - FTB's are being stupid and the VI's are starting to cover their asses!!!! TB
  11. Just been told - I will still be in work next year, but the chances of a pay rise are SLIM at best!!!! The year after? Who knows. Our competition is OUR OWN PLANTS in Bangkok, Poland and Russia. UK PLC is Phucked!!!!! God bless globalisation - it's GOOD FOR BRITAIN!!! - Gordon Brown you are a Pr*ck!!!! TB
  12. Make sure you leave them a nice present in the toilet!!! Not nice - but the people sound like SCUM!!! Treat others as they treat you! By the sounds of it - they will say that you broke things to keep your deposit as well!!! If so leave them a few deposits!!!! TB
  13. Since when has HPI been an FTB problem????? The majority of FTB's have been replaced by BTL anyway!!!! The House-Builders are building SMALLER Apartments F*cking FLATS and there are hardly any new FTB starter homes. This market is built on speculation and profit - NOT HOME OWNERSHIP!!!! My gripe is the SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS of HPI. Average FTB is 34 (far too high imho), Average wage for my area £24,000 Male £18,000 Female. Average price (including crack-dens) £142,000. Now in order to buy, you have to buy together. Even together its only £104,000 at 3.5x + 1x. So a fair deposit required!!! Let say they buy the house? Well now they want a family coz they are 34 and the clock is ticking. They have a baby. She HAS TO GO TO WORK because cant afford the mortgage otherwise. She works and spends at LEAST 50% on a nanny. LISTEN - There was a time when housing was affordable enough to buy on the man's wage. Yes it was a struggle but achievable!!! The mother SHOULD BE AT HOME WITH ITS CHILDREN!!! You only have to see what evil [email protected] we are bringing up in this country! News is now depressing, last night a guy hacked a 77 YEAR OLD woman 42 times with a cleaver!!! She survived!!! But god knows what this country will be like in 50 years time! We get news that immigration is controlling WAGE INFLATION (see front page) and we are supposed to be happy with this? Wage inflation is there because the economy has IMPORTED inflation. So we have GB impoting inflation, letting the economy go tits-up and then cap wage inflation so we have even less in our pockets. And then we embrace our 'foreign' friends becuase I now earn LESS than I did a few years ago. I dont understand why people are not rioting??? Oh yes I do - the majority of the UK are f*cking stupid!!!! And YES! I am one of those posters who has so-called radical views! Shoot them down if I am wrong! this country is worse than it was 9 year ago. Violent crimes are RIFE, CRIMEWATCH website most wanted is MOSTLY foreigners, TAXES are incredibly high, Political correctness has gone STUPID, LENDING CRITERIA is dangerously LAX, TAX CREDITS/FAMILY CREDITS=Bribe, Our Jails are full of Johnny foreigners (deport them FFS). NuLABOUR=SPIN SPIN SPIN... need I go on? TB
  14. Slurms... you are quite new to here. Most people know I CANNOT STAND RIGHTMOVE!!!! Hate them as much as Gordon F*cking Brown Most over-valued company going. I suspect that between them and Countrywide they buy and sell shares off each other coz when one performs the other doesn't and vice versa. Its quite rare that both with fall or rise on a consistent basis. I just think EVERYTHING rightmove is corrupt (but hey opinions are like @ssholes - We all have one). TB
  15. What the hel has caused Rightmove to soar up in value by 10.78% in the last hour?????? And when are the BBC going to make it their f*cking headline Business news? TB http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/fds/hi/...382/default.stm
  16. I have always found in life that the ones who are shouting about things tend to have something to hide. I remember as a child when my mum's dressing table got carved by myself or my two brothers. When my mum got in (we were in bed by then) she seen the vandalism on her dresser. She immediately came into our room and put the light on. I woke up and said "It wasn't me!!!" - "What wasn't you?", she replied. Well as you can imagine, I squeeled because I knew something was up. This wasn't the main reason I was gripped. I had carved my INITIALS into it!!! Doh!!!! The relevance is the VI's are bringing out loads of SPIN as to why the market is still fundamentally sound. Why? Scared of something? We all know that this cannot go on forever. Bear or Bull we have to accept this. But the VI's are trying everything now and they are running out of idea's. This new 5x, 6x, 7x salaried mortgage is actually making the average man and woman in the street think "This is getting beyond a joke now!" THIS IS MAKING THEM BEARISH!!!! I have a reputation of taking on 10 or 20 people with my arguement about fundamentals and I am winning a lot more than I am losing at the moment I tend to throw in the odd comment and let the listener respond, and control the conversation. That way I can shoot down all his/her theories with a good aruement. I have found that IF YOU control the arguement you tend to get "House Prices will NOT drop, even if they do it wont be much". And this is based on....???? "They just wont!". If you're in a conversation and no-one can give you a reason why - you are wasting your time! Sit back and listen around you.... people are starting to come to me and say "Did you see that on the News last night about houses set to fall " I just explain to them what the Miles report was about. They then agree whole-heartedly because the report is absolutely SPOT ON imho. Any reasonable person would agree. I live in Liverpool and accept that the City of Vultures for 2008 will make our city a little bit more robust than other cities. I am certain though, that 2007 will not be as strong as the thought. We have LOTS and LOTS of city centre apartments for sale and the prices are a JOKE. Starting from £175K in some places!!!! FFS! Could buy out of town and get a CAB into the CITY every day for that money!!! So my advice is - let the fire spread, you just add a bit of fuel to it once people realise the fire actually exists. It's smug, but at least the person who is conversing has finally let the penny drop!!! TB
  17. Not a direct response to your quote Eric but I have made it clear that I recommend that we keep our mouths shut! I know we have been here before and as I said, Until the stupid sheeple of this country see the wood for the tree's we have NO CHANCE! My reference to 2007 being interesting did not indicate a crash or a boom - I just said it was interesting.... With reference to Stevie G? I have amended my signature below - got more chance of Gordon Brown getting the economy right!!! TB
  18. Yes! You are correct but we have to remember that not everyone is as 'knowledgeable' or aware as ourselves. The general man and woman in the street is still BRAINWASHED into property always rises. The penny IS starting to drop, but until I hear people in the pub talking about people struggling to sell, dropping their price AGAIN and other so-called DOOM-MONGERING, its best to keep our mouths shut All the so-called fundamentals that were propping up the market are starting to crumble away. Unless of course your an estate agent or money lender. In which case - now is the best time to buy! Sit patiently.... 2007 will be VERY VERY interesting! TB
  19. Its pretty obvious that they are coming up with more and more ways for people to buy into this bubble. It used to be a proud thing for a man/woman to own their own home but this is just silly!!!! You own the least part of the house (25%) and I can bet that the rent on the other 75% would be more than your share of the house and you own 25% of it. If anyone thinks this is a good deal then there are thick as pig sh*t! I/O Mortgage is nothing more than endowments under a different name. We know what happened there!!!! Shared ownership is Renting/Buying. The problem is, the mortgage for this is £115K which is affordable on paper. Read somewhere else that the banks do NOT look at the interest payments for the rented part when deciding whether you can afford it or not! To have an I/O mortgage on a pittance of shared ownship is the most stupidist thing I have ever heard. If someone goes for that I will sell them my ZX Spectrum for £950... this week only. Special discount just for them!!! TB
  20. http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/fds/hi/...578/default.stm No.1 Drop today of 100p or 11.05% is the Kensington Group. looks like this is what they do - Mortgages!!!! Coincidence after todays news? http://www2.kmc.co.uk/HotHouse/investor02i.page TB OK I know they are not going to go bust because of this, but an 11% drop is an 11% Drop. It's the sentiment thats important about this!!!!
  21. Ok now I have had time to get over my teams DISMAL PERFORMANCE and shyte defence!!! First half we were the better side but as always we seem a little unsure in the middle. I can say that our teams performance in the big games. EVERTON//MAN UTD/ARSENAL were extremely disappointing and defied what we wanted to achieve. On the housing front, It still beggers belief that this HPI is carrying on, but as I have said for many a year THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN THE UK ARE DUMB!!! Whilst prices rise people jump on the bang wagon knowing that their £10 will be worth £12. Now its their £20 is worth £24. Stakes are higher but their gains are actually LESS!!! The point being, they are still making money. When their £20 becomes £19 then the majority will bail out but there are still enough STUPID people here that will stick with it belieing that prices only rise. Now I LOVE THE REDS but I am not stupid enough to believe that they will win the league. So I am using my head based on the facts put before me. I think that the sheeple of this country when it starts to have a downturn will not use their heads and will believe tha prices will rise and its only a blip. There are the people that will get stung BIG STYLE and then moan about it!!!! OK I'm rambling now but the point is.... There are enough stupid people that will hold onto the belief that any downturn is a blip, that this could take some time to unfold. But imho I think this CREDIT BUBBLE is gonna screw a lot of people and people will be in some deep 'do-do' before they realise it. Call me callous but there are too many stupid people in this country to make a crash EASY. It will happen though, and those that are stupid are the ones that get burnt the most. TB
  22. I stopped reading here!!!! FFS its only been 4 days since the decision and 2 of them were a f***ing weekend!!!! Talk about a hasty SPUN assumption!!!! Fooking hell - everyone got through the weekend without declaring an IVA or Bancruptcy!!! We are all saved!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!! What a fecking bell-end!!! TB
  23. Dya know what!!! I have bit my lip too much!!! This f*cking clown needs hanging by his knackers!!! HE STOLE MILLIONS from pensions and would probably sell your f*cking children!!! Why on earth is this guy not imprisoned for embesilment (think thats how you spell it). And why do people tolerate this MODERN DAY robin hood [email protected]!? ANY EXCUSE TO F*CK OVER THE BRITISH PUBLIC - If this **** get's in power I will leave the country for good! His is a ****! TB *I cannot stand him - If I ever met him I would kick him in the nuts so hard, his b0ll0x would be earrings!
  24. Good job you acknowledged the ©Teddyboy - Was gonna get Rex Makin onto you ... Its interesting that the North West had been lead by Manchesters Growth for some time.. HPI in Manchester has been ahead of Liverpool even though we have the Capital of Vultures. Excessive HPI in Liverpool has been in the City centre living and new builds and also the "less desirable areas" (No Offence intended). Bootle has seen HPI soar to something like 400% over the past 3 years. This is due to 'speculators' coming to the city and seeing property that was cheap (for a reason ) and paying FAR above what a local would. These properties were of low value so did not affect HPI in the Liverpool area (average) as badly. I still see some nice houses in nice areas that are sitting there and not selling. I feel this is because they are houses for living in, and not for speculation. The locals WILL NOT pay the silly prices. I am proud of my city but f*cking hell they are destroying it. They are changing the WHOLE infrastructure of the city centre and its damn near impossible to know how to get somewhere now! One way systems turned into dual carraigeways and VICE-VERSA!!! Was stopped by a tourist in a car outside Lewis's (Adelphi hotel) and a woman asked how to get to MATHEW STREET (Beatles fans im sure!). I thought about and said "Sorry love but I aint got a clue anymore! Park your car in the Car Park on Mount Pleasant and I can direct you by walking, but in a car you have no chance!!!! Anyone coming to this city now and looking to buy city centre would be absolutely crazy! The city centre is a mess and it does not look like its gonna get any better... I would NOT live in the city centre and OWN A CAR - Its futile!! TB
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