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  1. Strange isn't it!!!! The Germans invade Poland and ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE! The Poles invade the whole of Western Europe, and feck all happens?? How times change TB
  2. RULE 1 Nu Labour are the most corrupt government that this country has even seen. I have never been so wary of a government as this one. They can spin like a spinning wheel. Is the figure fact?? Probably not, keep it low whilst wage negotiations are going on and then in April/May I bet it suddenly shoots up again??? TB
  3. Dya think they would take my Calvin Klein undies??? Talk about kicking people when their down! Lenders are nice as pie when giving out money, but comlete [email protected] when reclaiming it! TB
  4. Have to say, from what I have read DAVID MOORES made is clear that he could NOT fund the future of Liverpool in order to compete at todays level. There seems to be a distinct lack of 'Scouse Billionaires' in the city so we had to look elsewhere. This really sums up Britain - we cannot compete on a global scale. WE as a country are not worthy. Gillette, has stated that part of his funding will be on the youth side of things. They seem to be focused on a long-term thing rather than make a quick 'buck'. Luckily, unlike the Mancs (sorry, but I'm talking 'soccer' here) our club was bought without debt. The deal involves paying off our debt £80m and paying towards a Stadium £200m - the sale of club is rumoured to be around £170m. There is NO ONE in the UK that would be able to offer this deal with REAL MONEY! GB calls this globalisation - I call it 'being uncompetitive'... Liverpool has always followed continuity. From the Shankly days all the way up to ROY EVANS. The staff were always from within. Time change though... and we got foreign bosses and foreign players. Yes, this has made this the most exciting league in the world but at what cost??? The fans paying at least £32 a game (I know this is cheap to the maority of clubs) to watch some player take the money and run. You can see the desire to wear the red shirt from Carra and Stevie G. You see much of it from other players Crouch is a fine example. But you also see Harry kewell who was one of the HIGHEST PAID PLAYERS at the club, who is always injured and does not seem to give a flying f*ck. And the fans are paying his wages!!!! I can see everything being sold off soon. What I would say about the Liverpool deal is that these guys seem to be real winners. They like winning and then making the books roll in a profit. They know that in 'soccer', winning pays dividends. £50million for the premier champs next season!!! Tom Hicks has paid a player (baseball) in the US $260m for a 10 year deal. Soo this guy WILL speculate to accumulate. I like what I have read up to now, but only time will tell.... /me crosses fingers TB
  5. I thought SARS was gonna wipe out the world along with AIDS???? I dunno - cant create a decent disease nowadays. Sick of hearing about bird flu - I think Man Flu is FAR MORE DANGEROUS TB
  6. And one of the rooms - Pic 3 I think, looks like a padded cell!!! Ceilings are far too low for my likings though... but each to their own! TB
  7. Don't worry - people in the UK are thick as pig-shit. They will only look at the £295 pcm figure. They will think they are getting a bargain! ******wits!!! TB
  8. Ahh... that explains why that guy was scratching his b0ll0x this morning TB
  9. Good for you buddy!!!! I hate the way it says "5x your income making it EASIER to buy the home you want"!!! How is getting into shitloads of debt easier for you? :angry: Tell you what - Lend me 200K and I will pay back £100K - see, now that's easier for me!!! Its like saying to all the women - come round to mine and we will [email protected] all night - it will make it easier for you to be sexually satisfied!! I'm sure there was a typo when they named them BANKS! TB
  10. You WORK to LIVE you should not LIVE to WORK! TB
  11. Jeeez mate.. she must have been a great [email protected] coz I cannot see anything appealing in her at all!!!! Good riddance I say!! TB
  12. This is a valid point, but the trend based on WHAT IS IN at the moment shows PRICES ARE DROPPING in the flats market (ie BTL)!!! I think this is key to the downfall. Take the specuulation out of the market and it will be hard to support. Only my opinion of course!! agree? TB Just took an price sample for October/Novermber 2006 - The latest data http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_...mp;endyear=2006 Average Property Selling Prices in Liverpool (£000's) Oct 2006 Nov 2006 Change Detached £235,143 £299,333 +27% Semi £150,397 £146,081 -3% Terraced £99,411 £91,304 -8% Flat £146,544 £116,437 -21% All £134,281 £126,008 -6%
  13. Jesus!!!! It's all sales of FLATS!!!! NO wonder there is a strong rental market and immigrant CAN keep it going there!!! If del-boy had only stayed in 'Nelson Mandela house' he would be a millionaire now TB
  14. Wallasey WIRRAL http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_...&lastyear=1 Birkenhead WIRRAL http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_...&lastyear=1 No matter where you look - (APART FROM THE BIG SMOKE) both sales and prices are down YoY!!!! Interesting times ahead..... TB
  15. OK Guys just go to the link and see the diffecence that 12 months have made based on data compiled by www.home.co.uk http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_...&lastyear=1 Please change it for your area and lets see the truth!!! OK HERE'S LIVERPOOL - Go to link for full outcome, but here's a snippet Number of Properties Sold in Liverpool Nov 2005 Oct 2006 Change Detached 100 82 -18% Semi 404 316 -22% Terraced 611 417 -32% Flat 197 96 -51% Average Property Selling Prices in Liverpool (£000's) Nov 2005 Nov 2006 Change Detached £249,260 £299,333 +20% Semi £138,276 £146,081 +6% Terraced £89,598 £91,304 +2% Flat £129,282 £116,437 -10% All £122,715 £126,008 +3% Looks like flat sales are... well... FLAT!!! TB
  16. Yeah but it was other customers - If I banked with them I would DEMAND that my bank account number and associated DD's be changed at their expense!!! TB
  17. Sorry ... but 'build me up, buttercup' has not even been taken out of the record sleeve yet! This was a 0.3% INCREASE! When its down and does it for 3 months or so THEN its... Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still.... TB
  18. Monopoly.... I am British through and through and have to say that we are the most ignorant people on this pplanet. The majority of nations can speak 2 languages or more. I am impressed when I see reports from poor nations and there are people there that can speak english as god as the reporter!!! Don't let any English person take the p|ss out of your grammar or spelling.. coz uz inglish R ignorint [email protected]! Ho ave truble spekeing won langwige!!! TB * PS - grammar and spelling mistakes throughout post are 'meant' - waiting for some other ignorant sod to pull me up on it
  19. Dinsdale... I have seen worse from NATIVE ENGLISH! Please submit your next post in German, with correct grammar and spelling........ me waits patiently............. TB
  20. Isn't this the same guy that is 'advisor' to Gordon Brown??? TB *PS Great thread... best one for some time and not 1 'bitchy' post!!!
  21. Sam, take a chill-pill!!! It does NOT just stop! As they state London data has distorted the National average. If your in London then I can understand the distress. Dont worry, this data will be showing bad (good) news in the coming months I AM SURE OF IT!!! TB
  22. Isn't it 'WHAT THE PAPERS SAID' you are looking for in the Wiki??? http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Read...ast_time_around or this one http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=41276 TB
  23. As title says!!! Looks like the Estate Agents have been busy adding properties. Now I know the Bulls will say - it's busy this time of year but 1713 properties added in 72 hours!!! I am gonna split this into flats, terraces and semi's and watch it for a month or so. So I will keep you all posted! Now I am NOT calling crash, but I think a lot of people think IR's are gonna continue to rise, and with HIPS due also, they are panic selling. I think most believe this is the TOP of the market. the other little rises that may show over the next month or so, are just PUTTING the brakes on!!! We have over 1000 city flats EMPTY because of over-supply and speculation. I can see these getting instructions very soon! TB
  24. Totally agree with this - Big Brother is a fine example of Political Correctness gone wrong. OK there are some things that were said that were out of order. She was criticised for mimicking an indian accent and THIS WAS RACIST. So why when they mimic 'Dirky baby' in an American accent is this NOT RACIST. The same for Ian - I have heard them Mimicking a Welsh accent (very poor efforts I must say) - why is this not RACIST against the Welsh??? I am sorry but Shilpa was given a hard time in there because of her class and bossiness. She has come out this as a FANTASTIC lady that has her dignity in-tact and has my up-most respect! those that have watched the show will know that Shilpa has started letting her hair down and not putting on loads of make up and she looks as happy as a pig in sh*t! I honestly believe that Shilpa taking control in that house was more to do with what other people expected of her, and I believe that she has finally found herself. She has enjoyed her time here and I am sure that she will spend some more time here. Good on her, she is a credit to her nation. Back on topic - I have no issues with an advert being Polish but if Natwest think that the money earned by the MAJORITY of these poles is staying in this country - they are mistaken. I do not know for sure but I would guess that a LOT gets sent back home to their families. My issue with this thread is that PP decided that this was racism and it was obviously not. TB
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