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  1. £37K - Improvements - FFS thats rebuilding it!!! Its like the other loan shark ads - like the re-mortgage one: "and I even had enough left over to buy a new car". DUH - I need 30K to do house up - - Firm borrows you £40k at 43.9% A.P.R. and you suddenly realise 'WOW! Ive got money left over - cool " shall I pay off what I owe to Dodgy Dave - no, lets buy a car" The problem is, this stupidity is the VAST MAJORITY of this country!! ANYWAY - Went off-topic there. My view on this is simple - If they cant sell their so called £150K house, they sell it to these sharks for £110K lets say - Why dont they just drop the price to £125k - then the buyer and the seller are happy. TB spots FLAW!!! This makes sense - strike the last comment! Let this be a lesson for FTB's though - Get your mortgage approved - show them evidence of your HUGE DEPOSIT then sqeeze them tessies tight. If the loan sharks can get massive reductions for cash deals, then so can you!!!
  2. This is NO laughing matter! This is serious - Why dont we all say sod it - I aint paying anything back and lets see if there will be a 'prisoner housing' shortage? BTL's will move into PRISON property! Hey, best phone dial-for-a-loan now and put an offer in on Walton Prison before the Buy-toilet weekly comes out! on a serious note though - whilst I think that this is shameful to say the least. If people can't manage debt responsibly this will always exist. And whilst 'its SAFE as houses' attitudes exist lender will lend you anything against your property. Let's hope the lenders think twice when making decisions on loans. Their 'prize asset' is a declining market - lets see how brave they are then? I actually seen a programme where someone bought their BRAND NEW car on their credit card at 19% A.P.R. I must admit - I have used mine on a 30% deposit for a new car - but it was paid off before it probably cleared - could not be arsed betting 3k out of the bank in cash!
  3. Hendy's This website is quality!!!! Forget www.digitallaughter.com just read these house descriptions. This post has got to be pinned - this is CLASSIC in its RAWEST FORM!!!! Read em and weep...... ONE OF OUR MOST ASKED QUESTIONS ANSWERED ABOUT THIS PROPERTY: Q. Will they take less than the asking price? A. People are currently making some silly offers lower than the asking price on some properties. The market has definitely "bottomed out" and this is on at a very realistic asking price! Talking of questions we are asked, another is "Is it ex-council?" You'll forgive us, but what the hell difference does it make? Yes, this is and yes the spec the council used when building the Miles Hills was very high indeed. In recent weeks we've seen more interest generally and from first time buyers, in particular, in the Miles Hills than, probably any other micro-location in LS7. We've seen these houses grow and grow in desirability and value and by the way, where else within a mile of Casa Mia, can you find a comparable house for significantly less than £115,000? ______________________________________ ONE OF THE QUESTIONS WE MOST GET ASKED, ANSWERED ABOUT THIS PROPERTY: Q. How long has the property been on the market? A. Several months now! Yes, this is the second edition of our details regarding this property and we at Hendys (who have had countless years of experience in the property game) are in daily wonderment as to why this very nice property in Alwoodley has not sold. There are those paying tens of thousands of pounds more to be within staggering distance of a cocktail or a Greek kebab in Chapel Allerton, so please for the love of Zorba will someone realise that there is possibly, or certainly with some negotiation, a bargain to be had here! We know it would sell tomorrow at £99K, we know the asking price is £110K - somewhere in between? ______________________________________ An excellent template with which to work. Recently upgraded - you know the important things - central heating, double glazing and the kitchen isn't bad either. Yes you'll change some new but dated design carpets and the yellow bathroom suite. BUT, this is a fabulous plot of land offering bags of off street parking if you get the boys at Leeds City Council to lower the kerb of course! ______________________________________ Did you know that?... The electric tram (as it was known) first ran down Harrogate Road and past Hendys office (the building was standing at the time) on August Bank Holiday 1901 It's actually very difficult to find something that's necessary to change at this address, that you can't change. Yes it needs central heating, yes it could do with a re-dec, yes you (or your tenants) might want to wonder about the long term future of the kitchen and bathroom BUT... and these you can't change... it's location opposite Gledhow Woods, it's proximity to both Chapel Allerton village centre - turn left-- or Tescos 24 hr store - turn right and it's exclusive entrance to the first floor. Now about letting it: We're not here to tell you what to do. But our lettings department achieves records month after month, interest rates are stable or falling and sellers are taking offers. On a scale of 10 how shrewd are you? ______________________________________ Dear Steve, I'm after a new build flat with a budget of £135,000. I love Mansion Gate for example but would like a prettier location for the cats and my peace of mind. Dear Reader, Peace of mind is priceless and the Mansion Gate flats are well out of your price range. However Hillside Court might be very 'you'. Stunning lawns stretching down to Gledhow Woods, squirrels playing, birds and wildlife. The flats are big - plenty of storage, large rooms, huge windows and lots of light. A much quieter prettier location than the norm by far. ______________________________________ Dear Inspector, I want a simple central Chapel Allerton flat. Must be quiet - I hate traffic noise and must have a guest bedroom. I don't want to have to decorate or fit kitchens and bathrooms when I move in. And I want all this for well under £140,000. Doesn't Want Much Mandy Dear Mandy, I might have just the thing for you're optimistic requirements. West Hill Avenue is a quiet pretty complex of flats and this first floor secure, newly decorated flat is lovely. A stunning kitchen with real wood work tops, double glazing and a short stroll to shops and bars makes this one of the best purpose built flats in Chapel Allerton. Stainbeck Lane flats will be too noisy for you. ______________________________________ Inspector says...! Hey, this is a cool living space - very minimal with some fab exposed brickwork in the kitchen and bathroom. Decent sized rooms too - you can actually eat in the kitchen which is rare don't you think? You've gotta have some style, you've gotta have some class, you've gotta have some mortgagability and when you see it - you've gotta have this! Not for old giffs, oiks, muppets or rockers. ______________________________________ Q. What's the seller's position - would I get involved in a chain? A. There is no chain involved this flat is ready to go! Can we divulge a bit of confidential information? (wtf!) Hendys letting department has achieved record figures recently. People need to live somewhere and many are choosing to rent rather than buy. The moral of this? This flat (after it has been redecorated and perhaps upgraded slightly) will readily let to produce the desired results on a buy to let investment mortgage. Interest rates are coming down, sellers are accepting figures lower than the asking price. Be shrewd, get the right property at the right price with the right mortgage and sit on it. We'll gladly give you a quote to let and manage this flat and point you in the right direction for a tailor made mortgage. ______________________________________ Did you know that?... The Nag's Head on Town Street originates from the middle of the 18th Century. 250 years later it still forms part of The Village's unique drinking scene! We'll be frank? In the £120,000 to £140,000 price bracket in general and specifically within Hendys catchment area, it's a case of getting on the proverbial ladder. In your twenties you can look forward to promotion, pay rises, parents chipping in and inevitably, good chance and a bit of luck. Then you think of upgrading but with this to sell as a start off point. In the meantime? You'll enjoy living here. In particular the 22' x 10' living room. Way, way above average kitchen and for the kids, a good sized and secure garden to run off excess energy. Go to http://www.hendys.co.uk/residential_sales/...tial_sales.html for more - This is a full nights entertainment - WELL DONE libitina
  4. SITTING ROOM: 5.28m (17ft 4in) x 3.38m (11ft 1in) A nice sized and well decorated light room! UPVC sealed unit double glazed window overlooking rear. Central heating radiator. Ceiling cornice. 'Marble' fireplace with timber surround and Coalridge living flame gas fire. Phone extension point. TV aerial point. Power points. Timber door leading into… Anyone noticed how they describe houses as detailed as possible to make it sound "WORTH IT"? I have seen Sooooo many houses marketed like this one - It has a telephone point...... (wow! I can pllug in my BB) It has Laminate flooring.... (cool can put my PC on the floor and free up desk space) It has power points..... (omfg is this MY dream home or what?) It has SKY TV....... (ooo oooohh ooooohhhh - I can post on HPC AND watch Lost at the same time!!!!) How much dya want... come on how much?????? 110,000?? I'll give you 130,000 if you leave all those extras behind. KISS MY ASS!!!! WHAT A PILE OF SHYTE!!
  5. Are you sure steve is not 'pixiecathrine' at night? They only time I heard lovey dovey ****** like that, was from pixie! This makes her almost tolerable!!! Steve should be writing cards for weddings, birthdays etc. as it sounds like he's a LITTLE feminine!!!! Please dont make anyone else go through this - delete that link immediately - I feel violently ill!!!
  6. I remember when the Internet was for PORN, WAREZ and MUZAX So why am I spending all my time talking to virtual friends? Well the answer is SIMPLE - Since I came across this site my knowledge and optimism has grown at a larger rate than the housing market!!! What makes this site stand out above the rest is the wealth of knowledge amongst it. Armed with this knowledge I have EDUCATED numerous people into the reality of the market and I have achieved that by what I have learnt from this site. Plus the many news and market sites. HOW HAVE I ACHIEVED THIS? Well I simply backed up my arguements with FACTS (like 99% of the people here). I managed to convince my sister-in-law who is the typical "This house is the best in the street I aint gonna accept less than 2% discount" into "well that's just totally phucked me off" I convinced them WITH FACTS from LR Data, Ourproperty.co.uk etc that the house they were selling for £168k would IMHO probably only get £150-155k MAX. But I also reassured them by showing them the house they want for £225K had a LR price of £195k. I explained that they are actually better off. Their views on offers has changed significantly. SO WHAT DOES THIS STORY TELL US AND WHAT CAN WE DO? The sheep all say HOUSE PRICES WILL NOT GO DOWN - In the Long Term maybe not (If they did we are all stupid for wanting to buy one!!!), but in the SHORT term they can, and they ARE! Their arguements correct long term, but not short. This is the area we really need to get through to people. Most people are GREEDY but also THEY ARE RATIONAL (I hope). We need to target the sellers and the buyers but also MARG and HILDA down the street who can start conversations about the madness that is the housing market. I propose the following, please please comment: All's I suggest is to get an A4/A5 piece of paper with this website address at the bottom, and worded a document as follows, or similar. ________________________________________________________________ PEOPLE OF "insert Town or area" ARE YOU STRUGGLING ON THE PROPERTY LADDER? You are NOT alone. House price are said to be overvalued by as much as 40%. "at this point insert statements from reliable sources that people recognise - BBC, REUTERS, CNN, MERV" Next choose a house for sale within 1/2 mile of the newsagent A house within 1/2 mile of THIS shop is on sale with an ASKING PRICE OF £170,000 (if possible snapshot the property website but BLUR the picture so no one recognises their own home, also cover up house number), yet a similar house sold (get as recent as possible) for £152,0000. Then snapshot www.ourproperty.co.uk, nethouseprices, LR or whatever and again just remove the house number). Dont believe me? Well try it yourself. We are all paying TOO much for our housing!!!! Dont be debt ridden!!! Don't pay exhobinate prices. Before putting an offer on any HOUSE check the internet for SOLD prices. The market has had falls for 14months but asking prices continue to RISE. Enough is Enough!!! We, the public are the only losers. The banks, the government and EA's are all laughing in our faces. We want affordable housing. A typical terraced house in this area has an ASKING PRICE of "at this point choose a typical home in the area" £145,000. If a First Time Buyeing Couple wanted to buy this, they would have to be earning £46,0000 jointly. This is based on a managable 3.5x salary. It is improbable that a LENDER would allow this. The Mortgage repayment on this property is £824.45 p.c.m. for a 25 year repayment Mortgage at 4.75%. IF the interest rates were to rise to just 6%, which is likely (look at the way Oil is effecting the economy), this would then be £932.20! The reality is, the Average Wage in the UK is £22k a year. In this area it is a little "less/more". In order to buy this house at the 3.5x salary 1 person would need a deposit of £68,000!!! With a partner earning £13k a year they would need a deposit of £55,000. THIS IS IMMORAL AND UNACCEPTABLE. If you are selling and moving UP the ladder. A 20% drop in prices across the board would help YOU!!! Your next house is 20% cheaper - You borrow LESS!! And average terraced house for THIS area cost £48725 in 1999 It now cost £148000 Visit the following websites and make your own mind up. Shall we continue this madness or shall WE do something about it? www.housepricecrash.co.uk www.firsttimebuyerhelp.co.uk www.landregistry.co.uk www.ourproperty.co.uk www.nethouseprices Together we can make a difference - See reason!!! ________________________________________________________________ Now put this up in your local newsagents window! It will cost you about 50pence a week. Then wait. See if public opinion changes - ask the newsagent IF anyone complained or dont get involved at all. If we educate our own to come to this site and see the SPIN that the media feeds us. Let's show people the reality and convinve them that dropping prices now may be a good thing becuase they are dropping all the time. If they believe they will get their FUTURE home cheaper they will go for it. DROP THE PRICES AND THE SHEEP WILL FOLLOW Anyone know of any legal issues here? I think this is a CHEAP and powerful way to educate the sheep. Lets be honest I WAS BUYING before I read this site - Now there is not a chance for at least 12 months!!! We are the border collies - lets turn them sheep!!!
  7. Casualties of war I'm afraid. I dont agree that 2000-2001 were at unrealistic prices - they were high, but not unrealistic. Therefore I will base my arguement on 2003/4. I will use myself as an example. Based on a joint NET income of £2k If bought a terrace in 2003 for £100K - This is near enough 3.5x wages. (3.5 x me and 1 x GF). This would be (roughly £576 on 100% Mortgage) this is roughly 25% of our wage. After paying bills, insurances, running costs, food etc., (35%) the bills will amount to roughly 60% of our wage. I think this is quite high, but achieveable. 40% 'float/leisure' To go up that one step nowadays to a semi - I would probably sell for about £118K. this is a GOOD RATE of growth! To get the semi that was £135K, at the same rate of growth would be £159K. I reckon that I would have paid about £2k OFF the first house, if im lucky, leaving a profit of £20K. Which means I need a mortgage of £139K to buy the semi. That means that my mortgage would shoot up from £576 to £838.62 (based on 23 years repayment). That's an increase of 45% on my previous mortgage. OR Our debts would be 76% of our income. Mortgage £838 = 41% of wage Bills £700 = 35% of wage Gas, Electric, Water, TV Licence, Household and Building Insurances. Running costs Car (insurance, petrol, tax, service) Food, I also have to pay £50 a month to go through the Mersey Tunnel £700 IS realistic To me, 76% of income is UNACCEPTABLE and IMHO these people CANNOT afford to move up the ladder anyway coz they are mortgaged up to the hilt. Yes - you can reduce bills i.e cancel Gym, Sky, Internet etc. But that is getting paid out of the paultry 24% that left to spend on leisure goods. All's Im pointing to is the percentage of INCOME. That one step up the ladder will be 16% out of the initial 40% Float. Almost halving it. I work to LIVE, I dont live to WORK. I would not stop holidays, things for the house, clothing, car issues and basically LIVING a little to upgrade a house and worry that If the cambelt went on my car, and there is a £300 bill, that I didnt have that little pool of money. FANTASY SCENARIO - I know but I believe that the ones that have bought in the past 12-24 months CANNOT afford to upgrade anyway so dropping prices will put them in NE but they will have to ride it out anyway. I think the only problem they have is they are stuck where they are, riding out the NE. BTW I am not callous, and I am not saying 'hard shit - deal with it'. I sympathise with all in this predicament, but I dont think a lot of these people intended to, or could move in the next 4-5 year anyway. I could be wrong. <Edited for typo's - AGAIN>
  8. sorry, Maybe I was being a little too presumptious of your knowledge of area. Basically, terraced houses in Liverpool have shot up sooo much that a lot of them are more expensive than semi's! Flats or 'luxury apartments' are selling for even more. My point being, if Im gonna have to pay £130k for a terraced in a GOOD area I would sooner pay £150k for a semi in an OK area. If I buy a terraced for £130K now with houses depreciating. I believe (and I could be wrong) that the terraced houses are gonna suffer the biggest fall. i.e. prime FTB property. If I then have a negative equity house and then sell at a loss and buy a semi - I think the difference will be more than £20k. 1. because of Negative equity and 2. Semis will fall at a slower rate. YES there are some terraced with gardens but certainly, not in my locality. A lot of ex-council have gardens but that opens another can of worms. I would want to live in a semi at some point anyway.
  9. thought I did equate it relevance with the last 2 senstences? Newcastle paid £4mill more than the seller wanted with no competition!
  10. I think the fact the Real Wanted £12 million and Liverpool made is quite clear that they WOULD NOT pay more than the £8million they sold him for shows that Newcastle has just overvalued a player. There is no doubt in my mind that that Owen is a great player. Hand on heart as a true red - I think rooney is a more complete player. (god that hurt)! Transfers (chelsea aside) have dwindled because they were overpricing players. A player of Owens quality would have got us £20-25 million two years ago, but today at HALF that price no one - except Liverpool (who actually had the clause in the contract that they got first refusal) wanted him. Then Newcastle pay £4million MORE than the asking price when there was NO COMPETITION. If the general public are Freddie Sheppards, and want to pay more than its worth for houses, then were all phucked!!! It goes to show - theres always 1 arsehole that will pay over the odds. Luckily, they are getting few and far between
  11. The problem I have, is my boss is a NEWCASTLE fan and he's a complete TIT! If Owen scores a winner against us Ill have to have banter with the ****!!!!
  12. Off topic I know - but BOY WONDER going to Newcastle before coming home to the reds has taught me that there is no justice in the world. Not being able to buy a house is insignificant to this terrible, terrible news. Lets hope he does a Stevie G and change his mind last minute..... If not Im gonna break his legs. This is a SAD SAD DAY. /me cries buckets
  13. Here's my predicament! I earn £24K plus overtime (2-5k a year) - GF earns £13K. Want to start a family - Im 37 GF is 28. There is NO POINT buying a terraced FTB home as we would want to start a family PDQ! So we need a semi - with garden. Depending on area anything from £120k to 5 trillion!!!! We have £22k deposit and are not intending to buy until Summer 2006 at which time we should have about £32k deposit. FFS I could have bought my MUMs house CASH!! We project that the houses we want are around £160k as it stands. IF they were to drop to £140k minus £25k deposit (leaving money for fees and renovation) that will give me mortgage of £115k. 3.5 x my wage = 84k plus 1 x GF 13 = 97K Thats still 18k OVERBUDGET. or 4.3 times my wage alone. This I could afford at this moment. BUT, the job Im in REPROGRAPHICS. There are jobs - few and far between. Where I work now - £24k for Days is a good rate. If it closed down then the chances of me getting a similar job that pays 24K are virtually NIL. If im lucky 16>18K. In this scenario - the GF either goes on the game, or were in trouble. If we wait, I believe that Interest rates will go up - cause the prices to come down but the actual mortgage payment will be the same. Coz Im a FTB I would hit Negative immediately. If I lost my job with an asset that is negative im completely and utterly phucked!!!! The economy is in disarray - I forcast lots of job cuts and I think inflation will rise. I just need to get the balance right - I will go for the £160k houses (todays ASKING price) and offer £140k If they accept - great - if not - phuck em! I think that people who REALLY want to sell and move on, will negotiate - I think a lot on the market today are people trying to cash in on high prices. I take great pleaseure reading C4 forums with people so called 'OFFENDED' at silly asking prices. Well ****** to them - I am gonna put in offers of 10-20% OFF asking price and I will force it down - If someone takes me up on my offer then fine I will get the house I want for the price I want and Im happy. I will still campaign here and all over the city to NOT pay the silly prices the EA's (god rest their souls) are asking. EA's if you want sales - make the property marketable - Outprice yourselves and phuck off down to the DHSS!!! Good riddance!!! ALLS I WANT IS HOUSE I CAN AFFORD AND BE ABLE SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!! Yes there is an option of a cheaper house, but I could not upgrade because in 2 years its not gonna be worth what I paid - so I have to jump to semi straight away. BUT - These houses I want were £100K 2 years ago so they have still made money - there is not point having equity if you cant sell it. Bit like If I stole the Mona Lisa - made be worth millions but if I cannot sell it - it aint worth a [email protected] <rant over>
  14. What a crock of shite!!!!! Havent been able to sell property in my street coz the last one sold in March 2004 for £155K - they have been put on the market starting at £275 and reduced to £215K and STILL not selling so how the phuck does Yahoo predict a rise. BULL Attitude = BULL SHIT!!
  15. This is copy of a post I have put on the CH4 forum - I just want to get a balanced view. Just watched L*3 about a young couple who were fed up renting and wanted to buy. They had £11,000 deposit and then got an interest only mortgage totalling £225,000. Now call me stupid here, but after the 25 years they DO NOT own that property - what happends next. Do they get evicted - does the bank sell it? More to the point isn't an IOM the same as renting? But paying a bank or BS instead of a Landlord? I'm confuzzed!!! P.S> Just noticed No of people online on Ch4 forum was 8 on HPC site 124!!
  16. Let's put loads of HPC doom and gloom on 4homes so pixiecathrine wakes up to a BAD day
  17. This one has been on sale for over 9 months. Started on the market at £275K changed EA to BE 4 weeks ago and put it on at £225K Last week it was reduced again. http://prop.bepropertyservices.co.uk/showd...l.htp?hsid=2624 Could argue that there is nothing really wrong with this house. In a good area - Only problems seems to be the price when you look at the actually sales figures for this street. 27 Feb 2004 39 Elmar Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L17 0DA Semi-Detached £153,500 7 Feb 2003 44 Elmar Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L17 0DB Semi-Detached £130,000 16 Sep 2002 9 Elmar Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L17 0DA Semi-Detached £115,000 26 Oct 2001 8 Elmar Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L17 0DB Semi-Detached £75,000 Now I dont know about you, but Feb 2004 aint too far away from PEAK time. So why the phuck have the estate agents being upping the price to £275K when the highest one has EVER sold is £153,500? answers on a postcard please
  18. According to a new study carried out by the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR) on behalf of the Woolwich, the average price of a house in Britain will rise by 112 per cent to £333,000 by 2025. Andy Gray, the head of mortgages for the Woolwich, says: "Whilst the future looks sunnier for first-time buyers, it's increasingly looking like they won't have a garden to enjoy it in." The future looks brighter???? What a pr*ck! dont believe it anyway SPIN SPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPIN puncture deflate scrapped!
  19. Situated in a cul de sac location OMG a shed in a cul-de-sac!!!! Whatever next - an up and coming area?
  20. First and foremost - thank you FF for your honesty. I think the problem here does not lie at Front of shop. Whilst FF has quite clearly stated - his employer i.e. the owner of the business is too tight to employ enough people to service the requirements of the business. In the position of FF can you blame him for not working an extra 2 hours a day if his employer is not prepared to pay him for it? I think the EA where he works will end up shutting because any other business with this ethos, will surely fail. I got loads of phone calls from an agency similar to "Wykes Slaughterhouse" and they DID phone me a lot but they had 6 staff in the one branch. The downside to this was I quite clearly stated '3 bed semi with garden' but they were phoning me saying one had come on to the market. 'mid terraced but only 2 bedrooms'. We have a situation where FF had more work than time and Wykes had too much time on their hands coz they could not sell. Dont care what anyone says, I think the likes of FF, who comes across as a straight talking guy, know that the industry is changing. I fully support his view that there should be better regulation, but we need to aim our anger at the owner of the EA's. The hidden guy with his PORSCHE who does feck all but rake in money. Im not saying I take the side of EA's because I think FF is a rarety. I believe that it will sort itself out. If employers insist on their agents to keep prices high then we all know - they are NOT selling. They will eventually go bust. If common sense prevails and there is a correction you MAY find agents who price realistically are the only ones still in business. I'm with Dr. Bubb on this - FF has voted with his feet and got out of the business in hand. Good for you - no matter what job you in - employers should not treat you like shit! A word of encouragement tho - FF stated quite clearly that in a bouyant market an agent could/would price a proprty 10-15% AMV. I still think that some agents think its a bouyant market now so go in with offers up to 30% off!!!
  21. I am of the view that 'what will be - will be'. And I DONT listen to the EA's, Channel 4 etc. I simply look at myself. I earn £24,000 per year, so slightly under the so called average wage. This makes me an 'average' person. On my own to buy a terraced would mean 4.5/5 times my wage. A semi would be 6 times. In theory, the banks SHOULD NOT lend me the money but in the past they have. And IMHO got away with it. This is irresponsible lending!!! I dont believe that they will do it nowadays tbh. My G/F earns £13,000 p.a. so jointly we are £38,000. so that semi for £150k that I want is roughly 3.9 times join income. So what am I complaining about then? The truth is, it would be 5.5 times my income plus 1 times my GF. It's still 6.5 times our incomes so to speak. The point I am making is, I am in a decent position compared to others and LOGIC tells me that "the average person" cannot afford a house. This site has educated me beyond belief and this is what WE need to do. Promote this site and let people make their own mind up - either bulls or bears. There is one common denominator we all have - COMMON SENSE!!! (well the majority anyway). The government - VESTED INTEREST The Banks - VESTED INTEREST The Estate Agents - VESTED INTEREST Property Devlopers - VESTED INTEREST Solicitors - VESTED INTEREST Can we beat these guys head on? NO... or can we. The Buyers and the sellers are US - the general public THE BUYER - Loser (paying far too much) THE SELLER - Loser (getting better price but paying higher price) If we can educate the sellers and the buyers, then the drop in house prices WILL hurt the vested interests. I am sure you can convince a seller that a 10% drop across the board will BENEFIT them. Spread the word and if we can get the sellers to accept a price drop then WE control the market. FORGET THE MEDIA, EA's, BANKS, CH4 etc Convince your neighbours, friends and family and together the PUBLIC can make the difference!!!
  22. cant believe the future of the housing market is lying on the shoulders of TTRTR property portfolio!!!
  23. I am with everyone else here, and think this is a great post. The estate agents thing... I cant quite forgive them as much as I would like to. Yes they are salesmen/women and they have a job to do. But it is the tactics that I resent. Out of 16 houses we went to see from March to June 2005 only 1 house was there an agent present. His contribution was "feel free to look around" and when I asked him a question about a cupboard I was told "you cant go in there", "Why?", I asked. "You just can't". His final contribution was "The couple before you were keen on putting in an offer - we close at 4pm" - this was 3.10pm on a Sunday. When we arrived, the young couple were just leaving and said "Its far too small for us, but thanks anyway". BLATENT LIE Not only a liar, BUT STUPID TOO!!!! I take this as an insult to my inteligence and integrity - if it was any other profession, i.e. a car salesmen then my thoughts would be the same. Lying scumbag! The second area of discontent is the marketing. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-887...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy A Public Toilet for £100K - if thats not bad enough - it is marketed as a STUDIO! There is another one which I cannot find the link to which is the right most GARAGE. Which is marketed as a "End Terraced Studio" - what a pile of shite!!! It's a garage FFS. This leads me to my questions: Whilst it was a strong market and people paid over the odds to buy property - the prices rose. Fair play - there were people queing to buy houses. But this market has been declining for over 12 months now - based on volumes. Yet prices have gone UP in my area of Liverpool about £30K. I KNOW that the Esate Agents realise that the parties over - but we are getting no indication of price correction due to "market conditions". Why is it the buyers who make "silly offers"? I think the asking prices is "silly". Also, with you being an EA can you answer me the following question honestly. The price to asking price is about 93% at the moment. Do estate agents overprice that property knowing they would not get asking price, and hope the best offer is 93% of the asking price? to simplify - If houses in a street are selling for £93K would an EA market it at £100K, expecting 93% of the asking price? I honestly believe that most people of these forums are amazed at the rate in which houses have risen. They are NOT affordable and this is very frustrating. The last thing we need is some - PORSCHE DRIVING estate agent taking the mickey! Let's hope common sense prevails and agents reduce the properties - If they reduce 20-30% this market will start to flourish. I actually blame BTL as the main cause of this situation. BAN THEM NOW!!!!!!!
  24. I live in Liverpool and our commercial Radio Station is RADIO CITY. The last 3 weeks the types of adverts on there have changed!!!! 1) The Mortgage Point - Was hammered 3-4 years ago and disappeared. Now its getting hammered again. A friend in work went there and they asked for a fee to get them a shite mortgage - they said ****** to that - if you get us a good deal and it goes through - you can take you fee. They offered £75,000 over 35 years with an APR of 9.9%. Although this is loan shark proportions you can get next to feck all for £75K. 2) Think its called LOAN SOLUTIONS - basically what it advertises is as follows: "Monthly outgoings a strain, feel you cant cope? Then loan solutions is for you. Just pay a fixed payment that you can afford for FIVE YEARS and then you are debt free - whether the outstanding debt has been paid or not" I think this is a government or charitable organisation IMHO. I think the lenders realise what a big F*CK UP they have made borrowing money that they are shitting themselves that they will declare themselves bamkrupt. I believe its their attempt to try and recoup as much as they can. 3) Property Investments - goes something like "ohhh 3 bedrooms, lovely kitchen, and the bathroom is charming - this is the right house for me" but is it the right INVESTMENT property for you - call some nobheads on this number 9999999999 and we will show you the secret to getting the right investment property. We are also getting the usual BLAH HOMES - get 5% deposit paid this weekend only. I was just thinking - is this a local thing or are people experiencing this sort of media swing? Comments please....
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