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  1. My methodology is the style of house. I.e. If a terrace house in the street was up for say £140,000 in corwen street than I would look for house prices in corwen street that are TERRACED. The same methodology goes for the semi's. Granted each house is differnt. But there are not many streets I am awar of that have a difference. We have some roads where the odds may be semi's and the evens may be terraced. But they are all of the same spec. I find it disturbing that the difference in prices as SO huge. Yes a house with a conservatory may get a better price than one without. We need to remember tho, that houses are supposed to have dropped for the last 14 months and its a buyers market so why should you pay even last years top prices? Make of this what you will, but I will ask this. If you seen a house you liked for £170,000 and you seen the highest price that ANY house achieved in the same street was £130,000, in the so called boom time - what price would you pay? I personally would match the highest achieved price at a push.
  2. I agree totally the corwen one looks a bit silly but that is what the last house sold in corwen is according to www.houseprices.co.uk. If I was to choose another one - ie the highest ever achieved was £127,000 on 12/03/04 for number 8. The EA's prices were from rightmove. Area was L16 plus 1/2 mile surrouunding. I typed in 3 bedroomed houses from £150K to £180 last night. Type in corwen crescent liverpool in houseprices.co.uk. Try yourselves - I have not botched figures. BTW with relation to corwen it was another property in THAT STREET
  3. I am quite surprised that no-one has commented on this. I think its important to know whether the EA's are reacting to price change or just upping the Asking price to compensate for offers. These are my findings Get the template here HPI_Template.zip Please, in anything else, tell me you think its stupid idea. I think with this information it vvalidates you asking price of less 10/20/30/40%. Thoughts anyone. This file has been virus checked and is clean. HPI_Template.zip
  4. At last - Someone talking sense!!! I had my house on the market for 6 months (since nov) and hardly a sniff. In June I bit the bullet. I knocked off 15% from last years' prices ( based on the sale of an identical property last year in June). Within a week I had an offer and completed 2 weeks ago. At the time it made me sick to my stomach. My neighbour had made £000s more than me was my initial thought. Fairly juvenile I know, but that was the sentiment which had made me obstinately stick to my original price. But I bought in '99 and walked away with a very significant lump sum tax free. Despite selling the house for more than twice I bought it for I still, even now, occasionally regret the reduction. Which shames me given the amount of unearned tax free money I have accrued. I'm not going abroad, but I've gone into rented accommodation. I don't know any of your personal circumstances (apart from what I have read on these boards) and it may be a 15% reduction on last years prices is not feasible, either because of anticipated costs on moving abroad, or perhaps too much mewing or debt, or perhaps you only recently bought. But to those of you who can afford it I recommend you trying it.
  5. House looks shyte! Wouldnt pay £50K for that - I see Shrek has moved into the Garden, it must be a swamp.
  6. I do now!!! Point them to here and a link to a spreadsheet I have just made. I will keep my eye on their forum too. Thanks Libitina - now my sad 'get a life' hobby takes even more of my time
  7. As a result of a previous thread I came up with a simple excel spreadsheet to work out the asking price vs the sold price. It could tell me the average overpricing for a POSTCODE and if I wanted - who was the biggest robbing b******** out of the lot. My results of a small price range of £150,000>£180,000 in an area of L16 + 1/2 mile on rightmove came up with these results. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...st=0&p=181764 Post Number 13 to download the template please go to this link http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=15021# Post Number 10 This file has been virus checked. Please fill this in and post the result back to us. If you want cover a wider area but please try and chose the ones that suit your price range. Mine is a buying price of about £140,000. You woul dbe surprised how much these £180,000 house are ACTUALLY selling for!!!!
  8. Ive just done a database NOW!!! So are prices going up or down? I only found 3 properties that the asking price is LESS than the last sold. Which should be the case since the market is supposed to be in decline. The EA's still seem to be overpricing properties on average 40%. Download my excel spread sheet (above) and please do one for your area - I think it would be interesting.
  9. Whilst everything you say is true and I cant agree more with your statements. There are better ways of doing things. You need to focus locally. I have spent some time going on rightmove and looking at houses in my postcode of L17. I have got all the houses up for sale and I have put in the asking price and the final selling price on rightmove - shown the percentage overpriced and the percentage achieved in asking price. (I will enclose a template). All's you need to do is fill it in and SHOW people how much the banks, BS, Government and EA's are RIPPING US OFF. Tell them about this site, tell them about www.housprices.co.uk, www.landregistry.co.uk etc. They wont believe what you say but if you show them they will realise - then they tell their mates etc. You have to work locally and hope it speads - which I think it will. The vast majority of people I speak to think the prices of houses is a joke. The way we achieve lower prices is if everyone realises that the asking prices are 30/40/50 Grand higher than the last selling price and thinking - well phuck them, I will pay the same as the last minus market conditions (ie its gone tits up). It will work eventually. We need to educate the sellers who then become buyer that they are not risking their future property because theirs will be cheaper too. HPI_Template.zip this file HAS been virus checked and is safe. HPI_Template.zip
  10. sorry for being a spoil sport here, but have we turned into the weather channel? I suppose the only relevance is it reflects the views of the estate agents on the current downturn - "It will blow over"
  11. I stand corrected - well done 'Take me to the cleaners'. But when I seen the site, all the sales cr*p made me think the buyers must have "Take me to the cleaners"" tattooed on their head. So for some subconscious reason, I thought the posters name was 'too' apt. Ok I made a mistake .... I'm sorry!
  12. Hendy' Price £225,000 for terraced, NETHOUSE PRICES 58, Victoria Street Leeds West Yorkshire LS7 4PB £167,000 Detached Freehold Build status not stated 22 Jul 2004 UP 58K in a declining market!!! I posted in another tthread and was told by IgnorantSteve that Hendy's sell a LOT of houses in the LEEDS area because of their quirky selling approach. I dont believe that getting into £150,000's worth of debt should be a 'quirky' decision. They have one there for £110,000 and he then says "we know it will sell for £99,000 tommorow - I know the asking price is £110,000 - something in-between?" Why not put it on at £99k and get an offer of the £70,000 its worth. I dont know the area but the prices here are pathetic - there is only 1 house there I would say "thats a boss house, probably worth 90% of Asking price" the rest are imho 50% OVERPRICED! I feel sorry for the people of Leeds - I thought Liverpool was bad but we would get a lot more for our money than you guyz do
  13. I am coming to realise that it will probably still be there, years from now, when I finally sell and extract my vast profit from the place.
  14. You dont have to say Im knocking another 20% off. There are ways of doing it. I seen on L*3 someone was looking for a flat and when the viewing was taking place they actually phoned Krusty Allsop and said they had raised the price by 3 Grand, because of market conditions!!! You just need to say - Listen since we have been waiting about - let's not forget it is THEM who are stalling the process "for legal reasons" - other properties have come on the market at more competive prices than yours. Rather than just pull the plug I would like to renegotiate". If they say no - just point out that the market is going DOWN!!!! The house you are buying today will be worth less next year!!! So he NEEDS to sell - the quicker the better, because in 6 months that 12.5% discount will be 20% for sure. I agree - NO SENTIMENT IN BUSINESS. Dont get emotionally involved - think of the seller as someone you hate and want to get one over them. LIFE'S A BITCH - THEN YOU MARRY ONE
  15. where about is this? I do recall over 12 months ago - this happened to my mates MUM. Was selling up to go live with her daughter in Oz. On at £95,000K offer of £93,000, was accepted and surbeyor valued as £88,000. Property back on Market and same scenario but dropped it to asking price of £93,000 F.Q.S. - Got FULL asking price and another mortgage lenders surveyor valued at £88,000 again! The buyers got the £88,000 mortgage and borrowed the other £5,000 off their parents. WHY ARE PEOPLE STUPID - If the lender says £88,000 then thats the max you should pay - you've overpaid!!!! Like Lambs to the slaughter FTB's
  16. So - Homestrack that bases its data on actually sold prices is the only one showing a downward turn, becuase in reality there is a downward turn in the selling prices. Are the rest of the figures 'botched' to try and make it look more promising? The other thing is - that 0.3% fall from hometrack. Is that 0.3% fall on their INDEX or on the actual selling price of an average home? Also can someone please explain the attachment in #1. The prices seem so low to reality?
  17. heres another http://www.hendys.co.uk/residential_sales/.../100003649.html Mystery buyer TOM wants a house in an area for £160,000 so he recommends this one thats on sale for £165,000!!! DUH!
  18. I know there was another thread about this, but Im reading through some of them again and I am stunned. This for example, is irresponsible at best. http://www.hendys.co.uk/residential_sales/.../100003675.html He gives out the FULL address and then says ONE OF OUR TEN MOST ASKED QUESTIONS, ABOUT THIS PROPERTY ANSWERED: Q: Is it fit to move into or will I have to do work? A: Not only is it decent to move into but, as the owner is abroad, there is scope to get hold of some rather attractive furnishings in this deal. I bet that doesnt get trashed now he's publicised the owner aint there! keep em posting guyz and galz - there are loads of STUPID statements.
  19. I have a plea! - been on this site about 3 weeks. Learnt LOADS, looked at data, absorbed financial projections - but to be honest I aint got a clue what MOST of it means. I know that Rightmove bases its Av. Price on asking prices and Hometrack on selling prices. So what are we to believe. If someone can explain the front page of this site. Financial Times House Price Index Jul 05 £190,783 Down 0.3% Hometrack - Monthly National Survey Aug 05 £161,000 Down 0.1% Halifax House Price Index Jul 05 £162,994 Down 0.3% Land Registry Quarterly Report Q2 05 £184,924 Up 0.4% Nationwide House Price Index Aug 05 £157,310 Down 0.2% ODPM House Price Index Jun 05 £184,152 Down 0.8% Rightmove House Price Index Aug 05 £196,282 Up 0.2% Now I know they all use this buzz word of 'Seasonally Adjusted'. So can someone explain why these are SO different, Whats do Seasonally Adjusted' really mean and more importantly why the **** are EA's putting prices up when the selling prices are dropping, or is that why they are raising them, so I looks more of a bargain when you know £20K off the asking price? The reason why am asking these questions is because of the hometrack data. Please look below for the so called prices in Liverpool. This is nonsense! If house were this price I would not be campaigning here. WHat are these figures? Why are they saying that these are prices when you could not even get a terraced in my area for less than 100K? I AM CONFUZZED!!!$%£"^"^ Please help me!!!!
  20. done 5 times - had to reset my ip address to fool it - I voted -20%. I think it will be more like 5-10%. But if EA's can over value properties ICAN OVER VALUE my opinion. phuck em all
  21. IgnorantSteve, I cannot dismiss you opinion, you are entitled to it. The point I was making was the LEVEL of detail they go into lately. Pointing out things like "newly decorated", new carpets etc. These to me are NOT deal-breakers to make me want to view the house. D/G, new Central Heating etc are. I think the phrase is "mutton dressed as lamb". As far as Hendy's is concerned. Yes there is a different approach but first and foremost, getting yourself into £100,000-£200,000's worth of debt, is NOT a tongue in cheek decision. I agree, I find it quite funny - the pathetric selling ploys they use, but If I was looking for a house that was marketed by Hendy's, and an estate agent starting talking that shyte to me - chances are, I would deck him! But that me. My view is different to yours and I agree to disagree.
  22. I love the way these threads go off on different tangents. From property programmes to what legal right ot the TV licensing people have. Shows what an interesting bunch we are. I agree with one of the posters that its not the programme makers its Joe Public who are to blame. We all start out as sheep and unless we SEE THE LIGHT we are pre-programmed to follow the crowd. The housing thing actually started off with the likes of Tommy Walsh - the DIY'er that went along with Alan Tithead and Big Nipples. He made DIY Fun and fashionable. Anyone remmber Ken Hom (that sparked of WOK sales). The galloping gourmet? Made food fashionable. People seen DIY - made their first mortace-and-tenon joint. Seen Tommy making decking area, odd-jobs on the house and then said. Bugger me thats really easy - lets buy a wreck do some poor DIY and sell it at huge gain because property never goes down. Then the flock followed. You only have to looks at the celebrities that ARE 3 rate celebrities because of this; LL-Bowen -did a few nice design but majority were hiddeous!!! Yet he's looked upon as some guru. The two camp scottish guyz - Colin and someone? Famous for what - never seen then do anything> Million pound house experiment. They got a project Manager in to do coz they aint got a clue, but they are famous for being "property Experts". Kirsty & Phil (fill in insults here....). BUT the flock LOVE EM!! Unfortunately, there is an area where the bulls were right. 3 years ago or something. I remember a house selling in our street (3 bed semi with garden) with £100,000. This was a landmark figure which I found amazing. They were saying BUY NOW but my tight **** instincts told me "no way! Thats silly money". I stuck to my guns and never bought. If I could buy it today for £100,000 I would bite their hand off. So at some point these people were right. The problem I have is they cant see the trees for the woods. And still maintain to talk up the market. I would like to see some programmes changed CH4 schedule. Location, Location, Location renamed to 'Going, Going, Gone (opps sorry they've just pulled out)' A Place in the Sun to 'A place with me mum' Property Ladder to 'The Market gets sadder' How to be a property expert to 'How to get a BTL mortgage' the list goes on as someone said in here - BUILD AND THE SHEEP WILL COME. This also applied to the programme makers. If theres anymore typo's I dont care - Im tired.
  23. They tend to the price per square foot when it suits them. Based on this theory how the hell did a garage for 1 large and 1 small car sell for £240,000???
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