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  1. NOW THATS A HALF MILLION HOUSE!!! The original posters example is shyte and not worth more that 150K imho (I am in Liverpool though so cant judge what you guys CANT pay down there ). I thought that was interesting at the bottom of the page though. An EA admitting that they cant get any figures accurate!!! We just based our asking price on (last sold + (my age*2000))*expected OTE ........ * 9 + 5 plus a teenie weenie bit more.... plus 2K - thats about right. I am not paid to give a true valuation! We will sell it - if its a ringer dont blame us - we'll sell anything, to anyone, for any price coz there aint after-sales service! Who writes this stuff? And they wonder why they have NO CREDABILITY!!!
  2. How did you guess? Yes mate - didnt want to cut n paste as people are getting told off for that
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/dmstandar...p%3Fforum%3D101 TB
  4. Thanks for your response CTT. Can I conclude then, that this purchase was made where there is now a new owner? I.E. This house HAS sold for £100K in a market that would normaly dictate 30K more? The thing is, the new owner is, lets say, a bit dodgy. We cannot understand why it has sold for UMV. We think there is something a bit fishy as it never wnet onto the market. Could he have sold it to his missus because his house was secured on a business thats not doing too well? I thought this would not be the case because surely if you are securing a loan a property it is NOT yours to sell? Im confuzzed
  5. Had a cracking discussion/debate with a colleague in work yesterday. He lives in a street in Bromborough which consists of 3 bed semi's with garden. There is one up for sale with SSTC for £150k (been like this for 4 months or more - so could be BS!), and another for £175K. When looking at sold prices the SOLD PRICE for the area PEAKED at £150K. The one for £150k SSTC need a lot of work doing to it. I would be very surprised if that sold above the £120K threshold, but lets say it went for £130? The one for £175 has a garden like a dairylea Triangle!!! Its right in the centre of a bend in the road. Apart from that I am lead to believe its a good house. I think that a house that is £25K Above the best achieved price for the area HAS TO BE PERFECT to achieve anywhere near that. So if they were being reasonable I would say that it would sell for £140-150K. These estimates are based on similar houses that have sold in the past 2 years. As we know, they have dropped for the last 14 months or so, so I think it would be fair to knock 5% off my quoted prices in todays market? BUT, number 9 shows up on the LR figures as sold 27/7/05 for £100,000. I simply pointed out to the guy that a house in his road sold for £100K. His response? - get the f*** outta here! There is no way a £175K house would sell for £100K! I agree, but as I pointed out it was his ASSUMPTION that the houses are worth £175K. When I showed him the LR figures for the area he agreed that £150K was a peak and actually said that he thinks the true value is about £130K. Very honest of him I thought So wher it all went wrong was when I suggested that ASKING PRICES are grossly overpriced, but the average Joe sees the house UP for £175K sees that its sold and PRESUMES that someone paid that price - therefore the houses are worth £175K!!!!! When I proved that the £175K asking price was 25K over valued. If I was to buy the house for £140K its only a 10K discount or 7%. Not a so called LOSS of 35K! I did eventually get through to him, but being the devils-advocate that I am. I agreed that it looks a bit strange that it had sold for £100K? He said - it wasnt even up for sale? Well we know EA's dont put boards up anymore coz we would see how many properties they have on their books and the valuations can contridict another property in that street. We have 3 up fo sale in our street £165K, £200K and £225K. 60k difference in 1 street!! KNOBS!!! I DID AGREE with him that £100k was a small figure. We argued and I said that in the OPEN MARKET it would achieve more. Apparently its extended, conservatory etc and a good solid house. But it was not sold on the open market. So it got us thinking????? Has he sold it to his missus and got divorced? Well if they went 50/50 it means he thinks its worth 200K? Possible but would be a complete knob if he thought that! Has he RENTED the property for the past 4 years and decided to buy it? Can't see it as he must have paid for the house upgrades? The only rational explanation was a MEW> So here's the question. When you MEW do you physically RE-BUY your property at an inflated price above what you bought for. And more importantly, is this registered as a purchase? Answers on a post card, please?>
  6. I agree that Estate Agents dop need to speak to their customers about dropping prices to the market conditions but how hard is it gonna be when get the SPIN/BULLSH|T from RICS, NAEA, Government and VI's talking the market UP!!! Once this government get found out (for the false economy), and it all falls apart THEN we can drive the prices down! They are doing it the hard way and its going to to be all these that will pay the highest price for this fiasco. Plus us with high interest rates and higher Income tax. If you don't look at a problem, its goes away.... apparently!! MY ASS!!!!
  7. Well after a quite a few replies - thank you all. It looks like there are a lot more people joining us. I think its true that the sentiment in this county is "enough is enough". :angry: This is good! I, like others, get a little down/dispondent because the tide doesnt seem to come in FAST enough, but the like of Bubb and Co get me enthuised when the FINANCIAL reason why there will be a depression/recession/collapse is pointed out in BLACK and white. Well in the case of the markets on BBC its more Black and RED!!! We all know, whether you are a trader or accountant, that we CANNOT sustain housing at these prices. The average JOE BLOGGS (or sheep) hears "house prices rose this month" and thinks SH[T best get into debt quickly and get a house before I get into a sitiuation where I cant afford one! THIS SITE GIVES YOU A KICK UP THE ASS AND SHOWS YOU THE REASON TO SAY NO! Its unlike the bull sites because every arguement on this site seems to be backed up with evidence. The opinions on this forum are sometimes very funny, but on the whole (R_F_D - fill in your Double-entendre here __________) I think there is a lot of interesting and educational stuff. I have started watching the markets since BUBBS market crash prediction and found that he seems that have caught something before everyone else. I heard/read today that Tony Blurt has been questioned my Michael Howard about the economy getting botched, and rules changed to suit the election. GREAT PROGRESS! MPC saying a categorical NO to IR drops. GREAT NEWS. Finally, closer to home. Tony Blair getting criticised for pulling down 450 homes and businesses in the Edge Lane area of Liverpool to widen the road and build new houses (City of Vultures Culture 2008). His explaination was was not focused on the fact that they were pulling down some FANTASTIC victorian houses. He emphasised that the Government was funding 'Affordable housing'! What? You've just destroyed hundreds of peoples homes - where are they gonna live? Or are you gonna sell them for £50K more than you paid the residents for the CPO, thenforce prices up in the area, and then say its regenerated? I despair. They will all get found out - Roll on that day! * BTW dya think Google make sure that this site comes up first in their search? Very "for the people" company Google - would not be surprised!
  8. Just seen this on e-bay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SONY-PSP-MEGA-BUNDLE...1QQcmdZViewItem The reason for selling is remarkable. Reason for Sale: This item was reclaimed after customer could not keep up payments, so all items are still packaged and more or less brand new. I just hope it aint true coz if someone can't keep up repayments on a £250 PSP, then they are fooked on a 250K House!!!!
  9. Hi All, I know a lot of you think these polls are a waste of time, but I am genuinely interested in what bring people here? I think there are lot of new members lately and I want to know why. I am hoping it is sentiment changing but its still interesting why over the past few months people are getting more bearish. With this weeks SPIN on house price rising again it would be interesting to know how many people believe this spin also? I will start with myself. JOINED IN AUGUST 2005 WHY? - Well to be honest - bit of an accident. I typed in google 'house prices in Liverpool' and 'first time buyers'. If I can recall I went to www.firsttimebuyerhelp.co.uk and read the article on WHY NOT to buy a house at this time. Merv became my NEW hero I read almost everything on the site (it was works time so wasnt too bothered ) and it lead to to this site. I read just a few threads and thought -thank god someone is thinking like me! - I aint looked back since. I dont look at porn anymore, I dont play games, and I stopped looking at EA sites. This is now my life!!! YOU BA$TARDS!!!!!!! Please tick the relevant radio button and explain how you got here, and why you stay on this site? Also, if you can be bothered, are you MORE confident of a crash (if so how much over what time), or 'weary' and bored waiting?
  10. This was a quote on thisismoney - not from someone here. WHAT A KNOB!!! He suggests that someone mortgaged to the hilt should then find another £30 a month for an insurance! Whilst sensible in theory it is totally impractical. I hope it goes tits up and when there are mass repossession the banks get stung!!!!! Liam Neeson where are you when we need you?
  11. Yer Bugger!!! Just been reading this on the bog and now youve pi$$ed on me chips In relation to this article. Why is this not being mentioned on national news? The FSA are saying that its scandelous but this Labour Government seems to have a cencorship on the mainstream TV press! GB has been battered by everyone on his 'false economy' but do we hear about on the 6 O'Clock News? They seem to find something else to shadow it. Take Bird-Flu for example. Sounds a load of crap to me. Only 60 people have dies from it world-wide. It cannot be contracted by humans BUT it MAY be able to mutate. It is in Turkey but it MAY come to Britain. It MAY kill from 50,000 to 2Million people. What a load of scare-mongers. If China wants it MAY throw some Nukes at us. Al Qeida MAY attack a petrol tanker. Bush MAY attack anyone he wants. IF's and BUT's!!!! So our response to Bird Flu is "we havent got enough medicines and IF it mutates we dont have the antidote. So lets spend the last 5 days putting it on mainstream TV and everyone will forget what a useless sod GB is, and the state of the economy. As per usual the MAIN story about the POSSIBLE recession we are heading for is brushed under the carpet. THE DEBT IN THIS COUNTRY IS OUT OF CONTROL - THIS SHOULD BE HEADLINE NEWS BECAUSE WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! BIRD FLU WE CANT. 'Que Sera Sera'
  12. All the homo jokes are out so I will pass on that one. I did find that the article was both beneficial but disappointing. Looked to me that it was a FREE advert for Mandleson. Why did they have to say in the article: The period property, which is described as "elegant" with "well established gardens an dimpressive original features" is a local landmark in Hartlepool? Was a bearish article overall tho - Well done EXPRESS!!
  13. Let's have a heated debate!!! Firstly, I find the initial post as purely a gauntlet thrown down and then he ran like ****! Yet again another example of "views without substance". My view is "A house is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it". And today we are all saying "Feck that for a game of soldiers - I aint paying it!". This DOES NOT make is us the "want all for nothing brigade". It means the asset you hold has reached its peak <period>. It is now on the slippery slope and declining. This is the way it goes - what goes up must come down. I personally am pi**ed off with EA's still pricing properties up to 40% more than last sold price. It used to be last sold plus 5%!!!! Why is this not frowned upon? Ill tell you why, because you are a greedy bast - who wants money for nothing! You need to look at yourself and not judge us on our so called attitude to this. I expect to pay for my house, I expect to struggle and I expect to pay the current MARKET value. That means the last sold! Heard the phrase "your only as good as your last job?" well it applies here. EA's still up the houses 40% because they know we are gonna knock 10% plus off. You are still making 30% on last sold. I REFUSE TO PAY EXTORTIONATE PRICES FOR SOMETHING THAT IS WORTH LESS AND DECLINING. If you think this is a good idea - then buy shares in All-Sports!
  14. You cant beat the start of a relationship can you On a serious note though. There was a house 2 minutes away that was a divorce case. Was on the market for a while. The husband - who had left wanted it sold and the wife was still there and was obstructive towards the sale. It was originally on for £230K (way overpriced anyway) and as time went on, the EA's dropped her as a waste of time and she went with others. Time passed and I think the husband has got on her back so much she now WANTS to sell just to get him out of her life. ITs now on for £180K and cannot give it away. So as the post starter said - It is not cruel but wise to hit these people as they are the main ones that are DESPERATE to sell. There is no sentiment in business. (I am a nice person though).
  15. could you post the English version of this please????? bps - thats beats per second - are you a DJ? BTW Welcome aboard!
  16. I think tbh it would be great if they said 50% for BTL. Ive always liked the saying - "put your money where your mouth is!". Then the true BTL's out there would think twice about buying up all your property in your area. As it stands - if anyone saw the article about the 3 entrepreneurs that have £9m worht of housing stock in 9 months and had one boasting "whats the worst that can happen... you go bankrupt - ah well they say its best to be bankrupt before your 30!". This is irresponsible lending. I do feel though that if you have a good credit rating there would not be a 50% down demand. I went to my bank in March to enquire about a mortgage - at the time we were looking at borrowing £108K which was the max. 3.5 +1x GF limit. I enquired about borrowing more BUT maintaining a 90 LTV. They said they could not forsee a problem with £127 based on affordability. I didn't follow up the enquiry. A few month later - I phoned my bank to see someone about the best place for my savings. When I phoned they said "Hi, yes Ive got your details here and your MORTGAGE APPROVAL!!! Well unless you sign for it its not worth anything, but I told them that I would not be buying in the near future. The popint being - based on my credit score they approved a mortgage more or less straight away! If things do go tits up - my credit rating is STILL the same unless I borrow and default. The fact the the amount borrowed would be less also makes this a SAFE bet for the lender. Lets hope they do tighten up lending. Then everyone who wants to stretch themselves to get on the first rung will be knocked back on finances. This should mean that the houses would have to drop to the affordability otherwise they will simply NOT sell. TB
  17. I think Bubb has a good understanding of the 'crash' and his prediction of the stock market slump was absolutely spot on. Names not 'Nick Leason' is it Bubb? There is one area that worries me though. I can see a lot of housing selling for a lot less than the 1% per month drop. The question is then: When you say 1% drops p.c.m. are you saying Reported drops of this amount - or real term drops in selling prices? TB
  18. I am very worried. Just found this on a website. What worries me is quote 4 - dont know how I missed last time? "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" "My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all" "Our initial assessment is that they will all die" "There is no HPC - sales are at record levels all over the UK!" "God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis." "They're coming to surrender or be burned in their tanks." But joking apart - I too welcome EA's views as long as they are constructive. There are many points but to comment on just a few. + The comment of joint income roughly £37K makes it just about affordable for couples? As mentioned - not if you want a family. I am in this bracket and DO want a family so I am saying no! + The buyers expectations are to high - I want a nice detached but I just aint gonna get it? The problem with this is for basic terraced and semi properties the prices are too high - no one is looking at all this out of our reach houses - We are talking basic housing here - there is NO bottom rung! Another point on this - I think the EA's who in turn advise the vendors are setting their expectations too high. A LOT of property in my area for let say £150K are selling for £120-135k. And have been for 2 years but the asking price have still been rising!!! EA's need to market to conditions. + The LR data is NOW in question to some This is supposed to be the de facto of price structuring. Depending on what Indices you look at. My faith in a crash is based on Bubbs - real lif data that is not directly linked (i.e. no VI spin) and common sense. I also look around me at the houses that are changing agents and reducing all the time. It is true that some houses are selling, there will always be people that will NEED a place to live. Whether they rent or buy is their own personal slant. There will always be sheep who are ignorant of 'last sold prices' and if they see something for £215K they will say - offer £199,950 we will have a bargain! And buy. If they would look on the LR figures they might find that on in that street sold in the same month for £195K. EA's overprice properties expecting at least the 7% off asking price. 40% may demand that reduction (and more). but unfortunately 60% dont and overpay. We want people to buy houses. We want Estate Agents to have good month. But we want them to buy the houses at MASSIVELY REDUCED offers to FORCE the market down. So if an EA says business is good - they may be pricing realistically, or advising their clients correctly. I miss Father Fred - good honest banter and discussion. Lets not lose anyone else. CAN WE HAVE MORE EA's, EX-EA's on the site? I think so. Its beneficial to them to hear from us to what sentiment is like. I have noticed over the last few days A LOT of new members. WEBMASTER do have any data on how many new members in the LAST WEEK?
  19. :angry: First things first! I am ALL FOR Free Enterprise - Good Luck to all that have the balls to do it. I actually read this article, not so sure you have. The gist of the arguement was the fact that people this young can borrow as much as £9m in 9months in a market that has been in decline for 18 months. This is a jibe at the lenders! These same lenders would not take the risk on someone that it is unlikely to move and fight tooth and nail to pay for their house. When one of these 'success stories' makes such a flippant remark as 'what the worst that can happen?'. If I was the lender I would be shitting bricks now! I am not jealous of them AT ALL!!! Your remark that was not backed up with a contructive reason, shows its shallowness. TIP: Read the posts carefully! Engage brain, before typing!
  20. First and foremost - Welcome to HPC! Its good that you are looking at LR data as the asking prices are still a joke to the selling prices. Its hard for people to comment on these houses as there is no link. You should look at the houses and post a link of the website showing it. A lot are listed on rightmove. If the house you are talking about is not on a WEBSITE - then look for one in the same street for sale, or similar. You will get a good response, if you post links. TB
  21. What complete and utter shyte!!! We need to keep an eye on this one. Check out those LR figures (not upp at the moment). Already some contridictions? From the article: "Prices for the first phase, which was due for release at 11am tomorrow, range from £123,000 for a two bedroom home, £130,000 for three bedrooms and £199,000 for a four bedroom villa." On Persimmons website: 2 bedroom Houses available: Prices to be released soon 3 bedroom Houses from £118,950 Prices subject to variation, please check with relevant sales office. £99 and move in available on selected plots. up to £2,000 discount and carpets on selected plots PR STUNT IF EVER I SAW ONE!
  22. Where dya get that quote from RFD? Would like to see the whole article. Or are taking the pith again?
  23. Ramp the price up and say YOU CAN AFFORD IT!!! Just get an Interest Only mortgage over 30 years. With interest rates this lower there is not a better time to buy. If it was me I would probably think he was conning you. See Daily Mirror - Thursday gone. The OFT are investigating EA's who are telling people their house is worth £100K - getting their mates to buy it and then putting it straight back on the market for £140K (example). If they done the valuation - and it was recent - be very wary!
  24. I can see where your coming from mate. Its similar to BBC today. Rates on hold was nowhere but houses up 3% YoY was a front page headline. The fact that it was roughty +27% this time last year but they dont say -24% down do they? It a typical example of - glass half full/half empty syndrome. OASIS ALBUM NAME IS GETTING MORE APT BY THE DAY "Dont Believe The Truth?"
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