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  1. TTRTR, Nice to see a CONSTRUCTIVE discussion going on. Property Guru is like a little kid that runs up to you and goes "you smell of poo" and then runs away. At least you are answering peoples questions . I am NOT against BTL. But, I do blame it for the rise in prices, well at least taking the bottom RUNGS out of the ladder. I am all for someone making a success of themselves. And I respect the fact that your are proving that, even in this difficult market, it IS possible to make money on BTL. Good luck to you. I think the discount you got could have been better if you had waited till after Christmas (your comments.....) but nonetheless, it IS workable. I also agree that this is GOOD news for HPC members as you ARE forcing the market price DOWN . I dont believe ANYONE on here is under the illusion that you cannot make money in property. I think the main arguement is keeping the figures balanced on your own home WITHOUT any other income (rents). What happens if (hypothetically) in the short term prices of houses drop 30-40% from asking price to eventual selling price. It then becomes cheaper to buy then rent. Where do you stand then? Surely there will always be people who would rent (they cannot get a mortgage coz of bad Credit history) but if your rent market got tighter. Would you just ride it out at a massive (income) loss or sell the property (at a loss) and stay out of the market for a while? In every business there is GOOD and BAD transactions. I suppose BTL is no different? Anyway, my final question: If house prices were 30-40% cheaper would this make your life as a Landlord BETTER or WORSE, and could you tell me why? TIA TB
  2. Well you decide? http://prop.bepropertyservices.co.uk/showd...l.htp?hsid=2717 17 Sulgrave Close, Childwall, Liverpool, L16 3 bedroom Semi-Detached - £179,999 Status: For Sale 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached 179,999 Reduced for Quick Sale to 179,950 What shall I do with the £49? Could upgrade to SKY+? Could fill the car up with Petrol and Get one of those stupid Gift offers in the Garage? Could put it towards the deposit - could make a massive difference to my repayments? ANY OTHER IDEAS? TB
  3. Tim Very usefull program but I feel that its got TOO MUCH information. Can you not just do a simple version showing the PRICE - STREET NAME - EA - URL I need to build a spreadsheet of the basic information for the area I am targetting. Unfortunately the text file is VERY hard to simplify? Any chance? TB
  4. Have to admit - I think October 2005 is an Historic Month. John Simpson ripping into GB MPC voting 9-0 against an interest rate cut The Markets losing 6-7% in 2 weeks (admittedly made up a lot of that the last 2 days) The Map from OS (http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=1792) And finally the John Snow reporting like 'Rupert the Bear" I dont know about you people - but I think the avalanche has started - watch it snowball over the next 6 months. Im so happy - I could have a drink with an Estate Agent!!! And I hate them C***TS
  5. I do hope you keep your portfolio. When the prices drop that much that renting is more expensive than buying. Please come back and visit us. Just bookmark us next to www.samaritans.co.uk Hope that helps (bring on the crash) CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION? You think the crash aint happening, and wont happen in 2006 - When do you think its gonna happen, or do you firmly believe that house prices will never fall less than 93% of asking price? TB
  6. the quote by the public is the best. Got to feel for him only because of his honesty! DAN join us. My house was repossessed a month ago. At the height of the property boom in early 2004 I splashed out far more than I could actually afford on a large property with the intention of selling it on at a profit. It wasn't long after that the property slowdown started but I kept hold of the property and financed the mortgage by getting myself further into debt, I was certain that the housing market would take off again and I would realise my gains. Following two years of quite harsh housing market drops in the south west I have been forced to admit defeat. I blame myself for everything that has happened but I also think there are a lot of companies around who like to put a rosy outlook on the housing market and try to make everyone think it will always go up (estate agents, surveyors, mortgage companies), they should take part of the blame for lying to the public. Dan, Bristol TB
  7. You also have to factor in that some houses are up with 2,3 or 4 different agencies. This is coz the MARKET IS WEAK and they could not sell it at the OVER-INFLATED price they feel they deserve. ARggghhhhhh - My heart bleeds for them
  8. As the market gets worse. Tell them you want a Rent Drop or you will Buy. When prices to buy are more favourable no one will rent - therefore you have them by the boll0x. Cruel I know, but these b*stards have had us by the balls for a few years now. THERE IS NO SENTIMENT IN BUSINESS TB
  9. Never truer words said. Credit is soo easy to get nowadays. Now dont get me wrong I have had my share of using my Credit Card and was 'laughed at' a few years ago when I said I paid it off straight away! Their view was 'well If you die its written off. Dont know if thats true or not but my view was - I use my credit card for 2 things. Internet purchases for the INSURANCE reason and sometimes - I MAY buy something that I want rather than need. If I cant pay for it in a month (Have been known to buy a 32" WS telly a few years ago when I went to get a shirt! ), then If I cant pay in 3 months then I DONT PURCHASE. In OTher words - I live WITHIN my means. I have borrowed all my life to get cars. In the job im at now i NEED a car, so no way out of it. THat was until the weekend. I AM NOW DEBT FREE - paid off my loan with savings as the interest on loan was outperforming the interest on savings. PAYING A DEBT CAN BE A PLEASURABLE THING! Get rid of Debt - Its brings too much misery.
  10. http://www.estateagencynews.co.uk/columnis.../mgood0905.html TB
  11. Now I know who Peter Kaye is on about when he speaks about Uncle Knobhead! Well first and foremost - Price MAY have rose in the past year - ASKING PRICES certainly have. But LIKE FOR LIKE Sold prices have changed very little or have dropped. Look at house pricing as an Elastic Band. EA's pulled on it so hard and are still trying and get the final peice of stretch out of it. WHAT HAPPENDS IF YOU PULL IT TOO MUCH. (No mastabation jokes please) Does is flop back? NO IT GOES "SNAP!!" My moneys on it snapping within 12 months. I am 100% confident of that. The booms over!!! Once the THICK people of this country stop buying the SHITE houses that are left at silly prices, and the Banks tighten up - you will be eating your words.
  12. Right, Im the only one who chose "Study reports, surveys, charts, MPC minutes etc." The reason behind this is simple. The crash is coming/happening not because I want it. Its because it DOES NOT MAKE ECONOMICAL SENSE that prices can be sustained at this level. I strongly believe that we are heading towards a recession/depression and this is the MAIN reason why prices are going to fall rapidly. In history, its always been a FINANCIAL reason why property crashes. The same way that it was a FINANCIAL reason that property rose. If the banks stuck to the 3.5 time rule THEY would not have got that high!!! They didnt so there was NO CEILING price. Every sucker in the country got credit - coz they could - without thinking about the paying back? The reason retail sales are down is because EVERYONE has ran out of CASH and now RAN OUT OF CREDIT. If spending stops (as it has) we have NO ECONOMY. The option of trusting judgement goes out of the window. FOr every story of a house selling for 10/20/30% lover than asking price, there is another showing some KNOBS paying full asking price. My bro just sold his house. A TERRACED house in an OK part of Liverpool. The EA said £168K - he dropped it 3 weeks later to £165K as there were others in the street for that. A woman called and said "I cant go above £150K", my bro said "Well we cant accept that". Two days later she came back with an offer - ONLY THE FULL ASKING PRICE! Thats why I DONT trust instinct - there are still TOO many KNOBHEADS about
  13. Paul MASSIVE RESPECT!!! HARD BUT FAIR! I think your not the only one who thinks they are taking the piss. Sentiment is changing WAHOOOOO! TB Said my piece - prolly wont get posted as its VERY VERY Critical - basically said that they are not interested in selling - they are in the bulding trade and trying to make a killing. The know the markets gone tits up and they are just GREEDY!
  14. Hee WHAT A ******! Hope he enjoys his retirement in that home.
  15. Just an update on the www.ourproperty.co.uk offer You have 999 price searches left A man true to his word THANKS Paul
  16. Marina, I am not a `BULL' and it wasnt meant to be a bullish statement. I was mearly pointing out that I was enthralled at the rate at which the stock market has dropped in the last 4 weeks. Alls I was stating was the falls of the past week or two have been wiped out. Which I am quite pissed about to be honest. I dont want a crash in the STOCK MARKET or HOUSES. I want CORRECTION in housing. It needs that hand to push it over the edge and the STOCK MARKET is probably the best thing we have to bring on CORRECTION. I am not investing in either stocks or housing. I just want something to bring on the 'correction' a bit quicker. TB
  17. OH dear! All that Doom and Gloom about the economic market has gone tits up. FTSE 100 5207.6 UP 65.50 Dax 4901.8 UP 63.39 Cac 40 4422.0 UP 55.45 Dow Jones 10385.0 UP 169.78 Nasdaq 2115.8 UP 33.62 Think this is the reason why http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4372562.stm What do we know about him? Is he GOOD for the chances of a HPC or BAD NEWS? Answers in PLAIN english please TB
  18. To all, I have had a monthly report off www.ourproperty.co.uk and its very useful: Copy below 7/10/05 Hi Teddyboy, Just a quick note to let you know we have updated the site with this month's Land Registry and Registrars of Scotland data. You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to www.ourproperty.co.uk Sales recently added within 500 metres of L17 0DB: • 29, Birchtree Road, L17 0DS - Sold for £130,000 on 02/08/2005 • 22, Briarwood Road, L17 6DH - Sold for £120,000 on 01/08/2005 • Flat 6, 41 Gorselands Court, Aigburth Vale, L17 0DG - Sold for £148,000 on 01/08/2005 • 42, Briarwood Road, L17 6DH - Sold for £70,000 on 29/07/2005 • 1 Apartment, 201 Coniston House, Mossley Hill Drive, L17 0EW - Sold for £490,000 on 28/07/2005 • 50, Lugard Road, L17 0BB - Sold for £138,000 on 22/07/2005 • 9 Apartment, Bridgemere House, Mossley Hill Drive, L17 0ET - Sold for £260,000 on 18/07/2005 • 62, Rundle Road, L17 0AQ - Sold for £133,750 on 24/06/2005 • 12, Aigburth Vale, L17 0DF - Sold for £210,000 on 27/05/2005 Sales recently added within 500 metres of L21 5HN: • 49, Osborne Road, L21 9HN - Sold for £110,000 on 03/08/2005 • 9, Thornbridge Avenue, L21 5JU - Sold for £159,000 on 29/07/2005 • 91, Bark Road, L21 7QW - Sold for £70,000 on 29/07/2005 • Flat, 23, Thackeray Gardens, L30 9SA - Sold for £64,000 on 29/07/2005 • 17, Opal Close, L21 7RE - Sold for £130,250 on 18/07/2005 • 41, St Philips Avenue, L21 8PB - Sold for £183,000 on 15/07/2005 • 33, Thackeray Gardens, L30 9SA - Sold for £55,000 on 29/10/2004 By default, every month we will notify you of new sales within 500 metres of your home postcode, but you can also watch up to 10 further areas of your choice. To do so, simply click here and log in. The fact you can have 10 areas is cool. Very nice feature that I believe a great deal of people would find useful. /me removes tongue from Paul's ass NO SERIOUSLY. Got some good features that no others have. Try it! TB
  19. On the back of http://www.andrewsonline.co.uk/images/ads/searchgen1.gif and http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...pe=post&id=1774 I awoke this morning to a Radio advert on "Radio City" for the Mortgage Point. The advert went as follows. (Ed Byrne I think does the voice-over) 100% Mortgage - What does it mean? Well exactly what it says, It means you can borrow 100% of the value of the house. Its advantage is, you can borrow 100% of the value of the house, even if you find it impossible to get a deposit... WTF!!!! If they cant save a few grand for their deposit how the Feck are they supposed to pay the F***ing Mortgage!!!! :angry: :angry: KNOBS!!
  20. Great Post! It has always been at the forefront of my posts. I have just posted a thread on CH4 asking why defend high house prices. All what you say is true and this is the arguement I put across when I say drop them by 40%. Most 'sheep' 'people' say - you can't drop prices - what about the poor people that have bought in the last 2 years? Well as much I sympathise with their predicament they will HAVE TO ride out negative equity. This means they have to stay where they are until the get enough equity for their next move. Now lets assume that prices ROSE. These people STILL cant move up the property ladder because of the theory you are explaining. My situation has factored this. Terraced in my area are anything from £80k in OK area and VERY VERY small. To £180K in nice areas. Scandalour price for a 'so called' first time buyers house! Semi's are from £120K (needing modernisation) to 350K in good area. Yet again scandelous. I wont pay 100K for a terrace, dont care if its next door to Jennifer Ellison and it has glass walls!!! Its a RIP OFF. I am saving to get a 20% depost and WILL buy when my purchase price is about £135-140K this means a Mortgage of £100-110K - Our 3x joint salary is £108K. This makes it affordable and to factor IR rises. Mortgage about £650. I will wait till the semi thats asking 170-180K (but selling price now is only £150-60K) to drop to this level. I aint going up to the price they want, If they want to sell they drop to what the customer can afford. Can you imagine how long e-bay would have lasted if ever product has a reserve NO ONE will pay? They are coming down and will continue to come down - we have to be patient. Good things come to those who wait!
  21. Their Q'ing up to buy one of these! * All credit to DAMES for finding this Beauty!
  22. Why didnt you add that earlier you selfish b*******, they are limited stock!!!! Moderators: Delete this post immediately I dont want them all to sell - I owe 40K on CC's so Im buying 4. Thats if they havent sold by 9AM And they say British comedy is dead /me despairs
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