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  1. Well, touch wood, we should beat Chelsea in the Semi-Finals (Benitez has proved he is a better tactical manager than 'the special one') and then It would be nice to meet A.C. Milan in the final but likely to be Man United. This is a dream final IF WE WIN!!! Turning over the Chelsea Rent Boys and then the Red shyte (In a football sense - not geographical) would be heaven. However, if we meet Man United and they beat us then it will break my heart Either way, I am confident that we can beat ANY side in Europe and still maintain that we are one of the best sides in Europe! We just need consistency in the Premiership - but that will come.... As far as RAFA is concerned? He has a fantastic relationship with the board. I think that Gillette and Hicks will leave all football decisions to him. They have already stopped plans on the stadium so they can rethink the 61,000 capacity. They want to make it BIGGER!!!! With this enthusiastic backing Liverpool will be one of the BIG BOYS once again. Rafa wants to be part of that.. IF/WHEN we win the Premiership... he may look for another challenge, but until then I cannot see him going anywhere. He is already a legend, and quite rightly so. BACK ON TOPIC.... I think where we went wrong in this country was when we started valuing things by a monthly payment, rather than the cost. The main culpit for this was FORD MOTOR COMPANY. When they introduced the OPTIONS plans some 10 years ago. t changed the way we bought things. Instead of saying a MONDEO was £14,500 OTR it was sold as £222pcm. for 3 years then pay them £6,000 or give it back. In other words we have HIRED the car off them for £8,000+interest for 3 years. THAT IS THE REALITY!!!! In the consumers mind. He OWNS a £14K car for only £222 a month. Credit (no pun intended) where it is due, its a GREAT manipulative idea which others caught on to. If they said that to buy the car its £14K we would say WE CANNOT AFFORD IT... but when they say £222 pcm, we then say its affordable!!! At the end of the day, maybe people on here are more frugal with money. Maybe we are the WEIRD ONES. I just ind it hard to accept that people get ripped off and BELIEVE they have got a great deal??? I am not TIGHT, I am actually one of the most generous people you are likely to meet. But when it comes to WASTE AND CONNING PEOPLE - I would not let them get away with a penny!!! TB
  2. good post - was a very interesting read I agree - people do tend to have VERY LITTLE economic sense. The downside is, we have an in-built obsession with GREED! Housing is a PRIME EXAMPLE. 10 years ago a 3 bed terrace may have been 50K and 3 bed semi 90K. To UPSIZE would cost an extra 40K (less equity 40%) with IR's are at 7.25% (Repo Rate) or 8% bankers rate. Lets say that it costs you £70K on mortgage. This equates to £546.45 p.c.m. and by payment 120 (10 years) you will have paid off £14,596 (21% of loan) Today a 3 bed terrace is about £130K and a 3 bed semi about £200K To UPSIZE would cost an extra 148K (less equity 40%) with IR's are at 5.25% (Repo Rate) or 6% bankers rate. Lets say that it costs you £148K on mortgage. This equates to £964.79 p.c.m. and by payment 120 (10 years) you will have paid off £28,839 (20.5% of loan) You are MORE OR LESS DOUBLING WHAT YOU PAY THE BANKS!!!! But are still at the same stage. Only 20% through the mortgage but on the first example your debt is £55,000 on the second your debt is still £119,000!!! The sheeple of today will look at the second as being BETTER OFF coz they got a better price. Now before you all shoot me down on this. I have assumed that they have at least 40% equity in their property. So the 3 bed terrace that they sold for £50K, they bought for £30K and the £130K they bought for £78K. Economically - the UK population are getting more debt for the same thing!!! The banks are pissing themselves laughing!!! I believe we have turned into a FACIST/CAPITALIST country that will have a MASSIVE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN in next 10 years or so!!! We have never had this level of debt and gone through a MINOR recession, never mind the massive one we are about to go through. TB P.S. The VAST majority of people in this country, are thick as pig-sh*t!!!
  3. You may laugh but this is not a pi** take!!!! When they are lending you the money and wanting your business... then run the PROPER advert. When things start to default??? then this advert is 10000% accurate to what HAS happened/WILL Happen and DOES Happen!!!! TB
  4. Liverpool has had a 'Cop Shop' for many years now! It seems to have been a success. All the store detectives are linked to one another and they regularly catch any thieves AS A TEAM! Must be honest, I think theft from the city has dropped significantly over the last 5 years or so.... hardly anyone comes in the pub with 'robbed' gear. looks like Liverpool is doing a 'Rudolph W. Giuliani' and cleaning up the City. TB
  5. Good, well balanced arguements.... Did not come across as a DOOM-MONGER (hate that fecking word!). Like any arguement though... depending on sentiment, one stands up more than another. Mr SIAD has a weakish arguement, but as prices are STILL rising then HIS is the stronger of the two. Bit like when Chelsea beat us 4-1 or Man United beating us 1-0 the other week. WE ABSOLUTELY BATTERED both of them, but the scoreboard DOES NOT LIE! When it starts being mainstream that its going 'Pete-Tong' then FP's arguement will kick his butt!!!! TB
  6. Do people who have I/O mortgages... 100% or MORE mortgages... people on LIE TO BUY. Do these not qualify as RISK? Or are you saying they dont exist??????? The mind boggles!!!! TB
  7. Not been the same since they SHAFTED Virgin media. I think everyone should cancel their SKY for what they have done to the British people. I for one, when I eventually move out of my parents, will get FREEVIEW and go the pub to watch all my FOOTBALL! - Sh*t, I do that anyway Paying SKY and the brewery... no wonder I can't afford a house TB
  8. I think your right RFD.... this is what has totally pissed me off about these muppets. I hear day-in, day-out that the government cannot get involved with a Free Enterprise Market. Whilst this is true, to some degree, they can make it a market that is for the people, especially the young! Take the speculation out of housing and it will collapse - I CAN ASSURE YOU!!!! Cant wait - hope all these MUPPETS lose their own homes, and then STRUGGLE to get back on the LADDER. Now that would be a result!!!! TB
  9. I have not met one person who has come to Liverpool and NOT CHANGED their opinion about the city. I am BIAS, but stick to the south and city centre of Liverpool and you will be amazed. Even TOXTETH is an amazing place - some amazing buildings. The Nightlife is AWESOME - girl's dress so skimpy that a designer dress would dres 4 women down here!!! The Culture and people are 24 hour comedians. yes, we have our fair share of scum, but I bet that it is no worse than any other city. It's just the press only use Liverpool as an example when its bad news. If you come here, and say you didn't like it - I WOULD BE AMAZED!!!! TB
  10. THERE IS ALREADY OVER 1,000 EMPTY NOW!!!! FFS!!! What a waste of time and effort - bet these will sell for less than 50k in 5 years time! Not even worth that!!!! Liverpool plus Capital of Vultures and European Funding is VIABLE - when 2008 goes and the LOCAL ECONOMY picks up the pieces, we go to shit again!!!! TB
  11. In fairness, he is not saying this is a trigger for a HPC. He/She is simply stating that the FUNDAMENTALS show that Monday COULD be a dire day for the markets. I think money supplly from Asia being withdrawn WILL DEFINATELY have an affect on IR's/Credit Tightening in this country. Anyone who believes otherwise is MILES SHIPSIDE! TB
  12. 16 properties and only 3 available????? MY @RSE!!!! Any Estate Agent with that success rate would be in-undated with sellers!!! TB
  13. I know someone who works for the CSA. She was NEVER there.. probably 25% AT MOST turn up rate.. the rest of the time on the sick. Whilst on the sick she got a BONUS for meeting targets even though she was not in ONCE during the period they were rewarding. Then she takes maternity leave and a CAREER BREAK. Whilst on a CAREER BREAK she gets a BONUS!!!!! Speechless..... TB
  14. great post RSF!!! I totally agree with you - there is no wonder we are all cynical. This country is full of selfish people, and tbh a lot of them are of the older generation. You don't get a chance to judge the younger ones, because they stamp on your head before you get to find out if they are cheeky, arrogant little [email protected] LOOK AFTER NUMBER 1 PEOPLE - IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE* TB *PS contrary to some of my posts - I a am actually a kind, caring, generous guy. Just this government that has made me a cynical pr*ck
  15. At 16 you should be looking for p*ssy... not becoming one!! TB
  16. Its recovering - how the f*ck can a market be soo fickle and change in a matter of 20 seconds???? TB
  17. DJ INDUSTR AVERAGE (^DJI) At 8:06PM : 12,131.96 Down 500.30 (3.96%) http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=%5EDJI TB Let's not forget people - this was 11,500 about 8 months ago!!!
  18. Typical BBC - having a headline that conned me yet again!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6399725.stm Shame... maybe next time we see Brown jailed it WILL be the [email protected] I was thinking of!! TB
  19. Ahh I see... I do have a neteller account which is linked to the credit card... Good spot my friend.. learn something new every day!!!
  20. Not quite the same my story. However, I did a balance transfer from Sainsbury bank to Virgin money and paid the card off in full. Yet when I got my statement it read that I owed 6p... which turns out to be interest on a CASH WITHDRAWAL!!!! I have never, and never would, drawn cash on a CC. So these have made it up!!! What's the best course of action??? Call them up, or report them to the FSA for FRAUD? TB
  21. Just spent the day in Liverpool City Centre. Looking for a jacket that I seen on Ugly Betty (TV Show). So I have been to a load of shops. TOP MAN - BURTONS - JOHN LEWIS - H&M - RIVER ISLAND - ARMANI - HUGO BOSS - TIMBERLAND - TED BAKER. I must say, River Island was as expected - not booming but there were customers. In the MET QUARTER - where all the designer shops are, the busiest shop was the COFFEE SHOP!!! Hugo Boss had 1 member of staff for BOTH FLOORS!!! and there were NO CUSTOMERS!!!! Armani had a few windows shoppers (myself included) but had more staff than customers. All the other shops were fairly empty, and it looked like a week day, rather than a weekend. I split with my GF after 6 years in June so I had money saved and bought with cash. It looks like the debt junkies are at the end of their credit limit because I have never know LCC to be this quiet on a Saturday for many, many years.... Granted Liverpool were at home today, but to be fair, I don't think this affected how quiet it was. MEN DO NOT GO SHOPPING WITH THEIR MISSUS ON A SATURDAY!!! Its the Law!!!! TB
  22. DOG - My thoughts exactly!!! The selfish f*ckers dont weep when they publish that houses are going up £50 a day are they. Two faced little sh*ts!! CML - are complaining because there is potentially £700 that could be spent with them. A lot of people will borrow on the mortgage for fee's. This way - the seller will pay UP FRONT CASH. So they are losing money. GREED is the cancer of this country! TB
  23. I would not worry... within weeks of these thing entering the market - the software with be cracked/hacked. Then we will release all the paedophiles/murderer's and rapists to make room for this hideous crime. Think BLIAR will bring back the death penalty for this, becuase saving the envirnoment is IMPORTANT! PUT THE F**KING MONEY BACK INTO SAVING THE EVIRONMENT YOU THIEVES. Car tax is supposed to pay to FIX the roads - They have NEVER BEEN WORSE! Just thought.... what happens is some toe rag robs your car? Does that mean I also have to pay for his joyride? I have said it for ages here.... this government is facist beyond belief. TB
  24. Prices are speculative - when prices continue to rise and are seen as 'continuing to rise' then a lot of people PANIC-BUY. They don't buy because it is 'worth the money' They buy, there and then, because it will cost more a little later on. In order for the market to keep its momentum - the EA's and VI's have to show (a lot of time through manipulation) that its a healthy market. When prices are dropping and being reported as dropping you will see the change in sentiment. Those wanting to buy will wait a bit longer. This gives them more time to save. These savings are in an account that has seen the highest rates for some time. These IR's mean your affordability is stretched, so credit gets tightened. then prices drop more to compensate... blah blah blah...... It's simple human behaviour. If I said but this bar of gold for £3000 and it will be worth £4000 next year - you will beg, steal or borrow the 3K to buy it. If I said buy this gold for £3k and it might make about £50 in a years time. You will NOT beg, steal or borrow. If you had the cash you would leave it in a savings account because you would get more than £50 in a year. If I said buy this for 3K - it MIGHT be worth about £3.5K in 12 months but it will probably only be worth £2.8k - it's a gamble but there COULD be big gains. Then it will sort out the real investors with the novices. the point being - A LOT of people think you get money for nothing and very rarely look at the risks. These are the same people who say prices only ever rise. This is true to a degree - ITS CALLED INFLATION!!!! TB
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