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  1. Fair comment... it's my scouse nature. I have to think of something witty for a headline. FACT is boring TB
  2. Was reading, with interest, the letters page today in the TIMES. Evan Davies (of the BBC) wrote in complaining that is his comments were misinterpreted with the 'Housing is a good Investment' statement! He strongly denied that he thought it was a GOOD TIME TO BUY. He said that his views are the opposite, and he expects prices to fall... Dunno if the letters are used on the times online? Nice to see Evan make it clear, he is BEAR and not a BULL TB
  3. This was one when he was younger TB
  4. I noticed that all the fraud was committed by 'ethnics', and we also send a lot of our jobs AND DATA to these countries. Just an observation, based on FACT, but I best stop, before I get called a racist???? So its OK to commit crime as an ethnic, coz our political correctness system is is far more powerful than our law!!! Un-F***in-Believable... Im sorry but my stance is this... If we are good enough to allow people to have ANOTHER chance in our country then YOU ABIDE BY OUR LAWS. If not DEPORT ALL CRIMINALS!!! They had their chance and blew it!!! TB PS ALL BANKS ARE THIEVES... JUST BARCLAYS GOT CAUGHT! EDIT: My point is... we open the flood-gate and employ a fair amount of CRIMINALS over honest British Citizens coz they are cheaper. Yet, we allow all we own to be open to them to exploit. The one where the guy can get into ANYONES account by their name and Postcode is CRIMINAL ITSELF. What happened to security access to these accounts??? EVEN WORSE!!! How many are SLEEPERS and possible terrorists??? The mind boggles!!!!
  5. He'll probably end up selling for less that 250K!!! - With any luck.. the c***
  6. That looks like the Disney castle from a distance... another miracle of nature!!!
  7. One where nobody farts???...... Obviously a house full of women then TB
  8. Ahh the [email protected] they didn't print my comment.... basically said that if the Government knew about it, and then bought property... did I say Tony Bliar??? ooppss.. I then suggested that this was 'inside-trading' and was infact fraud. We should lock up this corrupt government immediately!!!!! Dya think coz I spelt Tony's name wrong, they did not publish it... Can't see anything else wrong with it myself TB
  9. Liars!!!! There is property shortage... its 107% of asking price!!! You cant fool us Hometrack, we all know that houses are undervalued!! TB
  10. Your not wrong... beggers belief the prices they expect people to pay..... The SM is the same mate - we are in a MASSIVE liquidity BUBBLE. When it bangs its gonna go BIG TIME. To those that say drops of 40-50% are not possible, you would be surprised. There will be a massive credit crunch when House prices are dropping and unemployment is rising. Hang in there mate... it HAS to burst TB
  11. An Anti-Gordon Brown Website??? Reckon you "might" get some response to this... As far as I know.. we all hate the ****!!!!! TB
  12. Hello!!! Hello!!!! Hello!!!! Let's get one thing straight!!!! If anyone thinks for one minute that the banks will not make a lot of money out of ANY financial agreement, then they are stupid and deserve what they get. I'm not sure whose signature it is, but there is quote from Mark Twaine, I think, which goes..... Ooohhh please!!!!! When I was growing up I was taught 2 things. You get NOTHING for NOTHING, and If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. I do feel for the guy in the first clip... £30K which cost him £217K.... nah... only joking... I don't!! His words were... It sounded like a good deal, I could not lose. At this point before you start calling me a callious ***** please see my sentence above. The second point was he was unlucky. He borrowed the money in 1989 just before Black Wednesday, which was 1992, and then dot.com in 2000. For those that never seen the programme. They lent you a lump sum and invested some of it into stocks and shares. Let's say £30k to him and £30k in shares. Total of £60K borrowed. The idea was that the shares will make enough money to pay the INTEREST on the loan and give him a little extra cash. At the end he would only pay the bank the £60K he borrowed. [callous mode/ON] FFS!!! The bank say to him - you borrow money so WE can invest in the stockmarket. If it goes tit's up, you hold the liability. If it goes well then you pay us the interest back on the loan and make a bit more. If everything goes wrong you still owe use the £60K - even though you only wanted £30K plus interest!!! If it was such a good plan - why did the bank take you money to invest and not use theirs, where they keep 100% of the profits!!???? I honestly cant believe how stupid some people are... You tell them anything and they think that people WANT to help them.... listen if you bend over today... there is a queue of institutions waiting to butt-**** you!!! [callous mode/OFF] The guy who lost the bungalow and lives in a mobile home... well this guy is Mr. Fu*kwit??? oopss sorry [callous mode/ON] Yeah, he is dead clever he is.... signs something that he does not have a clue about, and then laughs about it! His scheme was that the banks would take 75% of any future profits in equity. On top of them getting back what they lent him. They were in a win/win situation. So as his house went from £120K to £380K (I think) it meant that the bank, when he sold, took £210K plus the initial loan of £20K plus interest. Total £290K. Guessing here - but he only got £90K out of the sale of his house. He then complained coz he could not afford to buy a house ... thats HPI for you buddy!!! Nice to see someone of the older generation getting f*cked over, rather than the the young - at the expense of the baby boomers!! So what about this scenario then peeps?? The majority of the population DID NOT MEW! They bought their house for '2 and 6' and now its worth £650,000. They wont move coz it's their home. They are soo clever - they made all that money .... BRICKS N MORTAR - you cant lose!!!! Meanwhile, their grand children are stuck on CRACKDEN ESTATE, selling drugs and dodgy DVD's in the pub. Like any respectible 13 year- old should be nowadays. Their life is poor.... Meanwhile, Grandad Selfish and Gran Designs live a wonderful life.... going on holiday 5 times a year. Things are soo rosy..... then disaster strikes.... Both grandparents DIE whilst at a swingers party in Amsterdam. The children are devastated and organise the funeral and house sale....... OMFG!!!!!! Unbeknown to them... the soft [email protected] had MEW'd to pay for their SEX and DRUG Binges. The children realise that they don't even have an inheritence!!!! WELCOME TO BLAIRS BRITAIN!!!! TB
  13. When are LIVERPOOL gonna win the Premiership???* * might not be important to you... but it's everything to me
  14. I also noticed when seeing an Abbey advert for MEW that it said something like, releasing equity from your home could take all the inheritence from your children. In other words - its a loan that is culmulating interest daily with NOTHING being paid off!!!! So by the time it get's passed on the ABBEY COULD BE OWED THE FULL VALUE OF THE HOUSE!!!!! And your kids get FECK ALL!!! They are starting to cover their @sses now coz they KNOW what is coming. It's called CYCLES! TB
  15. Hee Hee... When I seen her picture and then seen her name... helpubuycouk I thought it said helpubuycock!!!! Does that make me a pervert??? TB
  16. CPI will be 0.1 % - showing Nu Liebour as the best government in the history of the world. RPI will be 1% and show Nu Liebour as the fairest government offering public sector workers a higher than inflation payrise. GDP will be at all time high.. our export of American Idol - the USA's MOST WATCHED SHOW will mean Britain is GREAT once again. ... or they will tell the truth..... Nahh... come on America - keep phoning in your votes (LAKISHA to WIN) TB
  17. 50% of 2 is 1 10% of 20 is 2 think about it!..... TB
  18. To be fair... whats the point of having a site with JUST BEARS??? They come here coz their beliefs are BULLISH. Let's not forget... whilst we have a good arguement, the simple fact is HP's are still rising.... so there is good reason for a bull to be here. When prices start to drop and there are still bulls here then this poll, might be useful. As it stands its quite clear why there are BULLS here... coz they are WINNING!!! TB *PS I'm bear, but Fair or is it Fur?
  19. http://uk.tv.yahoo.com/tvpdb?d=tvp&id=...00&.intl=uk that's the link on Yahoo listings... Its about trains!!!! Could be wrong though??? TB
  20. Crash - they stopped referring to Rightmove when they floated the company on the Stock Market. Not sure if it was BBC rules or they realised they are rampers TB
  21. I think that there is NO REASON whatsoever why we should not raise interest rates to 8-10% then. it's obvious, that people have FAR TOO MUCH MONEY and they would not be hurt by it. Come on Britain!!! Let's save the pound and increase. It wont hurt anyone!!! TB ** These reports are complete and utter shyte imho... Why don't they get their head's out of their @rses and realise that GB is NOT JUST LONDON and SE!!!! I do not for 1 minute think that the average properties per agent, the asking prices and the time on market, for my area of the North West, are true or representative. The last 5 months or so I have seen more properties for sale - A SUBSTANTIAL DROP in sale agree signs and EA's windows JAM PACKED with properties. Rightmove seperate london and the South East in their report because its not a true representation of 'Real World'. It's a different beast! But when it comes to their asking prices its allowed in there to skew!! Since they went SM nobody tends to publish their reports and have moved to the ONS or whatever they change the name to... The conflict between all these reports shows what credibility they have!!! Its all SPIN and made up data imho.
  22. Nice one - will look forward to seeing it unfold over the year ;-) TB
  23. I know we can ALL be selfish and want our area, but I think Liverpool is a good candidate. Manchester has definately been the area that has made the average price for the Northwest so high. Manchester is about 5 years ahead of us as a city, both in size and infrastructure. So it IS a great indicator. However, Liverpool is a good example today! It is WITHOUT QUESTION a city that has been invaded by the SPECULATORS for the last few years since winning the Capital of Culture Bid. Some areas of the north BOOTLE FOR EXAMPLE. Have risen by 300% plus!!! £40k to £120K. Now I don't want to offend anyone, but there was a reason why the houses were £40K 4 years ago!!! Also the city centre has FLATS Apartments in abundance with more and more being built. We already have over 1,000 empty! Now disagree with me if you wish, but I believe this boom in prices as driven by speculation. And I think Liverpool and some areas or London are the 2 prime areas where "Events" are being used to promote an area. Up and coming areas - so to speak. When this speculation dies, thats when we will see our drops. I think becuase of the amount of speculative buyers in the area, there will be enough properties here to start a PANIC sell-off. I think this will filter through to surrounding areas. The crash as I see it has started, slowly and I think in the peak of its momentum it could be 2008/2009. So let's see if Liverpool can ride it out with their CoC status for 2008. If it goes tits-up here (which I hope it does), then it will everywhere else. My second choice would be Manchester though, its a good indicator of the North West imho. I think Liverpool is a prime one to use though TB
  24. Cant really use Scotland as the way you purchase a house in Scotland is a LOT different, than the way we do it in England. Not being Nationalist btw, but It really needs to be in England or Wales. Ireland is difficult to as ECB set their rates. TB
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