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  1. C'mon - how naive is that statement!!! Landlords that have seen property prices rise significantly have jumped on the band wagon. Those paying out £300pcm on a mortgage 5 years ago and getting £420 in rent have not just sat on their @rse and be happy with the rent covering the mortgage. Now the average Landlord might be paying out £800pcm on mortgage payments so will charge £900 rent. - those one with their mortgage covered are not gonna keep their rents at £420 are they??? They charge £900 pcm and make £600 (minus fluctuation in IR) p.c.m!!!! So they fact prices are rising are not necessarily due to demand... they are are due to market conditions. Granted, there is a lack of QUALITY!!! properties... but certainly no lack of properties i.m.h.o. TB
  2. Very interesting post.. thank you. I do have one pitfall that I would love you to answer? If we have problems with our planning system, then WHY have house prices rocketed worldwide???? Are their planning systems the same as ours and have gone Pete Tong? I think the global scale of HPI is 'MAJORLY' due to speculation and money supply. I am not saying that your reasons are not valid, but if we mix the two together we could say there is a shortage of housing coz of speculators buying 10's if not 100's of houses. THIS HAS TO STOP. We could also argue that immigaration is out of control and we are letting too many people into the country, making a housing shortage for the British Citizen. These things CAN be resolved.... Unfortunately we have a Government of sh*thouses (no pun intended ) that are too PC. TB
  3. Hee Hee The good thing about Scousers is they can laugh at themselves... Listen my only gripe is there are other areas that are MUCH MUCH worse than Liverpool but dont get the stick.... MOSS SIDE for example... SALFORD QUAYS.. now that is bad for car thieves... I knew people who worked for a company called "Seven" in Salford and the majority of the work-force bought a 2nd CRAP car - coz if you had a half decent one - it would get nicked!!! Visitors to the site, regularly came out to find their car stolen or broken into... So alls I am saying is ... People in glass houses.... Here's one for you.... Merseyside police are said to be closer to capturing their top 4 terror suspects.. they have found Bin Robin, Bin Joyridin, Bin thedole, but are f*cked if they can find Bin working! TB
  4. Why go to Primark to thieve??? It's hard to spend a tenner there!!! I'd work in a trendy store, more value there!!! Harry Enfield made all Scousers thieves... Bet in relation to other cities, we have no more than anyone else. Had this off an Aunty who lives in Derbyshire (ex-Scouser - 55 years ago). Goes on about how rough Liverpool is, yet she has had 3 murders on her Estate in the past 12 years!!! Go figure!!! Some people are ignorant f00kers! TB
  5. Come on guys and gals..let's be fair here. Evan is very much a bearish person because he knows Economics. We all know that the reason why prices must come down is that the numbers simply DO NOT add up? We have to respect that Evan has to remain impartial in the public eye... so it is simply not right that he should reveal himself. Just be happy that a well respected journalist takes this site seriously. TB
  6. I think immigration is not working.... I have been told that the NHS is taking the burden in Liverpool.... There are over 80 nurses from Malaysia working for the NHS and over 80% of them are pregnant and not even been in the country for 1 year!!! These people will be eligable for maternity pay for up to 6 months... how much is it costing us for this.. we are also not even getting anything back becuase they are not working. these people know how to play the system but I dont blame them ... I BLAME NU-LABOUR!!! :angry: TB
  7. Welcome!!! Something you have also highlighted, is the strain it will have on Family relationships. Can't imagine their father to be too pleased when they cant afford to pay the mortgage, never mind their own father back!!! I know blood is thicker than water, but in this world - Money is more important than human life!!! We are a GREED NATION! TB
  8. Must admit... this is the thing that p*sses me off about Kirsty. Over the years, Phil has negotiated to get a better price for the buyers.. and played the game "Asking price.. is just that!" There are many situations where Kirsty just had a view of they want this, give it too them... Everything is ALWAYS rosy..... House is a sh*tholke Kirsty!!! ... No you see, I have a plan.. knock that wall and that wall down (dont worry about the cost) then move this to there. Good idea Kirsty.. we shall put in an offer Well, you can see the potential of this, others will too. I think we should go in at full asking price and secure the property Are you sure?? Suppose we will just find the money ourselves for all the work and the seller gets a top price for a sh*thole. Aren't we clever little bunnies!!! PHIL AND BEENEY - ANYDAY!!! Even Scottish Widows girl... AMANDA LAMB on "a place in the sun".. does highlight some negatives. And she would get it... well before Krusty All-Crap!!! TB
  9. To be fair FACISM has many meanings... there can be suppression economically, lack of civil rights etc... I think when you talk about Asia. this is the highest form of FACISM. The people there are under a dictatorship!!! At least in this country we are not that bad. We do have freedom of speech. So when you voice it, Nu-Labour spin it!!! I have called this government FACIST for some time... I think people are starting to realise that! The Labour MP was f*cking Tony Bliars love child... every other sentence was "whats important is...." "mistakes were made but we are rectifying them... right now". I was actually impressed with the Liberal Democrat guy.. was absolutely spot on with everything he said. Even Douglas Turd impressed me with some honesty! He made the statement that after 10 years, governments go stale and do not have the ideas or committment, that they had in the early years. He then went on to say that it happened to the Conservative government... they got stale!!! Now, Nu-Labour are at this point. I was VERY PLEASED that the whole lot of them thought Gordon Brown was a tw*t... apart from the Labour @rse lick he was criticised by all I think its quite clear that the country is turning on Nu-Labour... I can honestly say that there is absolutely NO CHANCE that Nu Labour win win the next election. Gordon brown will hang on to the very last minute when calling an election, coz he knows they are phucked!!! I think, as some on the panel, that Gordon Brown will do harm to the party as a whole in the two years or so before a GE.. this will make Nu-Labour very unpopular. Not to worry though Nu-Nu-Labour will be a breathe of fresh air!! TB
  10. ABSOLUTE PROOF THIS IS A SPECULATIVE BUBBLE!!!! The prices are rising becuase of demand.. people need somewhere to live. So IR's go up and suddenly THEY DONT need somewhere to live???? The truth is, the SPECULATORS YIELDS will not be worth it so they wont INVEST in property!!! BUBBLE if ever I saw one!!!! TB Whilst on this rant!!! They say, GOOD NEWS FOR HOME OWNERS prices are rising... So is their F*CKING mortgage payments because of it!!! :angry:
  11. Nice to see a Government trying tto protect their own, tax paying people. Unlike ours!!! If I was as patriotic and supported my own people I am RACIST!!! In my own country!!! Tell ya IMMIGRATION is going to cause MASS RIOTS... I can see it!!! Not really up on my terrorism, but isn't 'ETA' a splinter group that does terrorist attacks on Non-nationals? Can see more of them starting up! TB *PS TB does not condone terrorism - Thats Teddyboy, not Tony Bliar!!!
  12. Love this quote.... Good news.. Buy a property off another English guy, coz its losing money hand over fist!! REALLY.. that's how thick people are!!!! For those that say, they might want it for a home and not an investment??? Fair does, why not wait until it drops more and more money, and then buy it??? The good news is.. these stupid people that are keeping this bubble afloat, are the ones that will take the biggest hit. Stupidity can be very costly!!!! TB
  13. Agree wholeheartedly, We have the passport office, Immigration and Tax office.. All public sector employers that employ a lot of people. My Ex-GF was in immigration and she was only on 13.5K at 28 y.o. The managers were on less than the 20K indicated by CL. I earn £25K on the Wirral.. this is a good wage for the area!!! TB
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRMmafNRAGk&NR=1 Quality!!!!!! hee hee TB
  15. Just watched it... that first guy is a pathetic.. the same old thing IMMIGRATION and he 'KNOWS' that IR's are low and will stay low for the foreseeable future.... he know something we don't???? FP came across well and Evan Davies is a HPC god.. very neutral in his views but he knows his stuff. Well done all involved.. great coverage! TB Strange thing.. only today was talking to someone and said there is NO WAY I would put 50%+ of my wages to a mortgage. She said 'she would' Unfortunately, this is what we are up against!!!
  16. Admittedly, you looked fantastic tonight.. think you have ALL season to be fair. But Liverpool Man United is one of the games that can go ANY WAY! In europe we have proven we can beat anyone. Our defence is solid and midfield is strong. Where we lack is the strikers When you have a side that has Rooney and Ronaldo in, then you always have a chance to win a game. If our strikers are on form then we WILL beat you. Unfortunately, that's my achillies heel Dunno if I want a Man Utd v Liverpool Final... both sets of supporters realise how devastating it would be to lose and how orgasmic it would be to win... Bit like putting everything you own on RED.. if it comes in... HAPPY DAYS!!! If it comes in BLACK... then you are ruined and suicidal. Que Sera Sera TB
  17. We only took 1 game to secure a semi-final place.. You got beat in your first game My biggest fear is still on course.... reckon we can beat Chelski though... we have a psychological advantage.. ie Benitez is the special one.. not Jose! Oh btw.. think this is off-topic? Well I can assure you that both Benitez and Jose have a house. Therefore... ON TOPIC TB
  18. Living with 2 hotties and your thinking of travelling????? Are you %$^&*£( MAD???? Your in heaven mate!!!! OMFG!!! Some people just don't know their born! TB
  19. 1) What's your circumstances? I'm a 37 year old male, living with parents, after splitting with long-term GF. hoping to rent somewhere at the end of the year when I will totally DEBT FREE (Just car to pay for) 2) What do you think will happen to the market? Depends on the economy really... if the credit is still lax then I see stagflation. If the banks sh*t themselves and start to Credit crunch, then I see drops of between 20-50% depending on area over 4 years. 3) What's your biggest fear? Liverpool get to the semi's and then beating Chelsea to meet Man Utd in the Final. Then the Mancs beat us!!! OMFG!!! I would emigrate Really though? That the banks do not credit crunch!!! Whilst there is easy credit, the chances of huge HPC are slim 4) What's your 'Confidence of a Crash' level at? hard to define a crash - what is a crash??? Well I am confident there will be negative HPI for some time... but these figures are published by the VI's. these can be manipulated as and when they please. When the public think HP's are too high and not a good investment. then I will become, more confident. Adversely, the banks would start to offer GREAT mortgage deals if the number of transactions get too few. Like it or not - The banks own this country and have us by the short and curly's!!! 5) What will interest rates be by Christmas? 6%
  20. With Liverpool on Sky Sports at the same time??? I know what I will be doing! Watching the reds march forward, instead of some 'dumb f*ck' who thinks he's a property investor because his house has made money via HPI. IF, in 2 years time this programme is still about? (I doubt i somehow) and people are astute and make money, then I would consider watching it. It's the same old story though, they **** it up, but luckily HPI is soaring and they make some money - THROUGH SHEER LUCK!!! Bores me sh*tless tbh - Grand Design's Anyday!!! TB
  21. Well my 15 minutes of fame, will be me shoving that stupid red briefcase up Gordon Browns @rse!!!! Bet the BBC, would not make that a headline!!! DEATH BY TAXES!!!!! * Forgot to add: Of course I meant sideways
  22. I'll bet a few grand there will be no change today! The decision is tommorrow isn't it??? TB
  23. Can I firstly say... I love the way they present that report.... it quite clearly shows, where's HOT and where's not. Good to see Liverpool with only 0.2% growth, the 3rd WORST performer. This is on the back of the city being rebuilt!!!!! Don't care what ANYONE says... the arguement in this city has been that HP's will rise COZ OF THE CITY OF CULTURE. I really don't believe this... we have far TOO MANY apartments in the city centre and the speculators have bought the majority anyway. When these bugger off - 2009 and the local economy has to support the prices, then there will be a 40-50% drop in prices for this region (City Centre) and at LEAST 30% in surrounding districts... Personally, I would buy shares in Liverpool Football Club... now they are going places and look like they have a good future (3 CLASS GOALS LAST NIGHT!!!) TB
  24. I have seen quite a few references here to 'inflation eating into the debt', wage rises covering interest rate rises etc.... In the REAL world of NuLabour... Inflation is 2.8%/4.1% but we all know that the true rate of inflation is 7-10% and that is being REALISTIC. So every year you are getting POORER!!! I'll say it again... POORER!!! Also in an economic downturn, your chances of even getting a wage rise are REDUCED SIGNIFICANTLY.. So you could be poorer still!!! So talk of 10% to struggle is actually only based on you keeping a job and getting a pay rise of 4% p.a. EVERY YEAR. Most bulls/Neithers would agree that IF the housing market get's into difficulty, this will have a MASSIVE effect on the Economy, as a whole. Which then has an effect on HP's etc... This then has an effect on Unemployment. Company's need to tighten purse strings with redundancies and NO PAY RISE.. and so it goes on.... The point being... depending on the scenario I think THE VAST MAJORITY would struggle at 10%... if you bought in the last 3 years or so.. that's OO and BTL. TB * I do realise that my point is as hypothetical as the others, but I get the impression from their posts, that the economy DID not take a downturn
  25. OMFG!!! WHATS GOT INTO YOU ALL!!! We are all showing compassion!!!! What are all the bulls gonna say on Shagging Pig and MSE???? WE ARE DOOM MONGERS!!!! More doom and less Tricia FFS This site has a gloomy reputation to live up to. I am sorry but the OP must be a plant TB Only Joking... Just wait till HP's are plummetting and people are stuck with this DEBT around their necks. That's the time when you will cheer up. As for your 'slutty' friend? She has a husband, House and Children and still the GREEDY bitch wanted more? Well she will end up with nothing.. that's where GREED usually leads. Feel more for the kids though, their mummy's a slut!!!
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