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  1. I am absolutely SHOCKED what has happened this week!!! I think the whole financial system is a total sham - and here's why!!! Companies all over the world are now realising that there is not an endless pit of money in circulation. Profit warnings are coming out every day. So in an effort to try and support the economy. Bernanke dropped rates by 0.75 base points.... This is a MASSIVE DROP... Now unless I am wrong here, I expected the following to happen... 1. Dollar would plunge as they now have one of the lowest IR's.. therefore, global investment will be in the £ as we are 5.5% But neither the DOLLAR has slumped, or the '£' rallied???? Why???? 2. The stock Market would tank... as we enter DEEPER into a BEAR market. Well we had a few days of instability on Monday and Tuesday, with one commentator saying "We are just running round like headless chickens" ;-) But there seems to be some confidence in CONSTRUCTION again. Are we going to flood the market with M4 cash????? I have now come to the conclusion that MONEY TALKS!!! No-one seems to care that we can just print MORE and MORE of the stuff... They just continue on this BINGE SPENDING. The poor, who do the spending, are getting poorer and the FAT CATS are getting richer!!! just read this satiracle news article about Bernanke... I especially love this bit.. This is meant to be satirical, but the truth is, IT IS ABSOLUTELY ON THE NAIL!!! Things dont make sense anymore... we live in a seriously f*cked up world... I can see America and the UK getting out of a recession by pumping BILLIONS and BILLIONS of $/£ into the system and SPINNING the stories. Let's just hope that GB get's on a Boeing 777 and it hits Air Force One mid air.... otherwise, we are f*cked! TB
  2. I think the main thing you have wrong is this.... You have doubled the value.. not halved it!. It is now £21,000 So lets get it right then Money in Bank halves in value in DEVALUATION TERMS. £32,500 - the house you bought, minus depreciation, and then halved = £21,000. What do you think? TB P.S. The figures quoted are based on valuation... you will still have £65,000 plus interest at the end of the year but you wont be able to buy as much as you would have 12 months ago. The important factor is though... you have MORE CASH at the end of 12 months than you did at the start. The house however, that you bought for £65,000 has dropped in value to £42,000. So at the end of those 12 months you sell your house and get £42,000. This still has the same spending power as the £65,000 plus interest. So either way, whether the POUND tumbles or not at the end of the value of the POUND is not the issue. Its the power of the investment. IN this case, the house is BAD BAD MOVE!!! Also, if the pound is dropping (it will never halve) - they would simply put up rates. This would further depress the housing market.
  3. Come on... stop giving him stick! Nobody get's paid for this, its posted FREE OF CHARGE. A lot of work goes into it and people expect him to stay online all day and answer peoples questions, rather than do what he does best... and collate FANTASTIC graphs from real data! Give the guy a break... he does a fantastic job. :angry: TB
  4. Even Rightmove has moved to it's opening value (well nearly) http://markets.ft.com/tearsheets/performan...chOption=equity Down -22.05% YoY TB LOOK AT FTSE for the last 5 DAYS!!!
  5. yer [email protected]! ;-) hee hee As others have stated, there is nothing wrong with a persons profession. AS long as they are truthfull and ethical. Would I trust an EA? - NO Would I trust a Car Salesman? - NO Would I trust a Utility Salesman? - NO Would I trust a MOBILE PHONE SHOP? - maybe... if they are not stuck to one network. Would I trust BANK? - PROBABLY NOT. They only work for THEIR profits. Thats their job. OK a few examples there... but the point being. A BANK IS OUT TO MAKE THEMSELVES MONEY.... of that there is no doubt. But if you are in a financial pickle. They are not concerned about getting you out of that debt, coz they are making plenty of money out of you through FEES. So any bank that says they will give you a financial review. Are not looking to organise your finances better... they are looking at what they can sell you... The Car Salesman will try and flog a ringer, coz if he doesnt then the kids arent eating tonight. Looking after his own family. This is ethically correct. So he was ethical to his family but not to you... desperate times, call for desperate measures. The Utility Salesman who comes to your door, must have lots of 'LOSS LEADERS' to start with that ON PAPER... will show to save you money. Mate of mine signed up to NPower coz the bird was FIT and the figures added up... this was 3 months ago. Dya not think that NPower knew they were putting up the price THEN?? Of course they did... sign everyone up on a cheap 3 months and then get the KY out and lets f*ck them over!!! At the time of sale, the person WAS doing him a favour, but in the long run, he was shafted. The EA. Well this one is a weird one i.m.h.o. We are ALWAYS lead to believe that the Estate Agent will do everything they can to get the best price for their client. But by doing this, across the board. It means their client is going to pay more for their next property. So in essence, they have only helped their FEE and the BANK. Not you!!! But my main gripe is the terminology...... or BULLSH|T, as I call it.... Why is everything LUXURY?????? Luxury modern flat... Well its only just been built... so yes ... It's modern, BUT WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY????? Pi$$es me right off that.... Then you go to a total sh|thole and what do they say????? It has GREAT POTENTIAL!!! Arrrghghhhhh..... AN EMPTY FIELD HAS GREAT POTENTIAL!!! The truth is, it will probably cost you to DE-CONSTRUCT the site... so in essence, its a bad investment!!!! I could go on, but I will burst a blood-vessel.... KEEP IT REAL - BE TRUTHFUL and REMEMBER... You get nothing-for-nothing and NO-ONE IS DOING YOU A FAVOUR, If they say they are.. then tell them to fook off!!! TB
  6. I'm a professional thief... as soon as it goes dark.... I rob everyones house!!!! - NO NOT REALLY... but I do know what its like to have a stereo-typical view of oneself. I work in reprographics working for Blue chip clients like Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate, Texaco, BP Castrol....\ The coming slowdown will DEFINATELY hit us... With the majority of our sales based on home products LENOR, FABREZE, PERSIL, BOLD, FAIRY LIQUID, LIQUID TOOTHPASTE etc I can see people changing their shop for the 'OWN BRAND' in a lot of these areas. This will affect volumes substancially i.m.h.o. Anyone who knows anything about printing, knows that the set up costs are the main costs, so large volume orders are the most profitable. Not only will our turnover target suffer, but I expect the profitability to drop too.... Alls I can do is be better than the man next to me.. I dont worry about these things.... sh*t happens... Deal with it when AND IF it happens. TB
  7. Has it really turned though??? I am from the North West... did you guess???? ;-) But as we have seen, the Rightmove figures really are a crock of sh*t... as demonstrated here the figures are so UP AND DOWN that they lose all credability... Anyway... On the subject of how it has turned... I think Northern Crock has really opened peoples eyes to the reality that the banking system is starting to own us... money is tight, and this Government are useless ****s (make your own word up there). People have always thought that house prices were too high... and the figures, sorry OFFICIAL Government figures were a load of [email protected] but I think the people have lost confidence in the Government and see them, for what they are... there is all kind of dounbts in peoples minds about the validity of their statements. EG: 8/10 of new jobs were taken by immigrants. So the 80% of the BRITISH people cant even be @rsed to claim dole then??? Why are un-employment figures not higher then.. if we are not taking the jobs??? It's all smoke and mirrors... Also, now that every excuse has been used... and now people are questioning it, this has led to sentiment swings both about the financial crisis and also about where we are heading. Gordon Clown has always stated that we have a strong economy.. the best for 10 years apparently... Well I had a discussion last night with someone in the building trade... he's a foreman. He was saying that Labour were pretty poor, but who isn't? and then said that the Economy was sound... I just said, "How can an economy of DEBT be a GOOD ECONOMY??". The example I gave him was inspiring... god knows where it came from.... I said to him... so let's say that I bought an apartment off you for £200K and said "I'm a bit short at the moment, I'll pay you back £50 a week, what would you say???? [REMOVED BY ME - EVEN I WAS EMBARRASSED!] I then said that YOU CANNOT possibly run your business on I.O.U's... you need hard cash. To which he agreed. This is my point... Our economy is weak, becuase we have all bought our things with I.O.U's and NOW its time to pay back... and guess what... there will be a HELL OF A LOT of people that will fail to pay it back. Needless to say, I won the arguement. But my point is... he listened to the government without really questioning them. Now that I pointed out something, he changed his mind. ITS NOT TURNED.. DOUBT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE... now the British Public have woken up!!! BYE BYE LIE-BOR!!! TB
  8. I actually seen a dirty white van today on the way to work.... instead of the usual "Clean me" or "I wish my wife was as dirty as this..." it had in big letters. "DOWN WITH BROWN THE CLOWN!" - Laugh? I nearly pi$$ed myself TB
  9. All the figures will differ and bear in mind that LR is lagging by about 4-5 months so in December 2008, we are getting August figures (which are in the mid-summer). Which is generally a good time for property. Unless the figures are bad and they say the reason is because everyone is on holiday (Summer 2006) . So for this reason I am going for -5.8% When the figures for December are published in 2009 - I think the real figure will be more like -7.9% TB
  10. And that is the most valuable asset that anyone can have.... you cant buy that! TB
  11. This is absurd!!!! Talk about trade descriptions!!! How can someone do a f**cking extension and call it a 1 bed semi-detached??? Yet another example of a government that does ABSOLUTELY F*CK ALL to protect it's people. The supermarkets price fix, the stock market tries to control our finances, and Estate agents can totally re-define the dictionary!!! We live in a world where everything is 'LUXURY'... even down to @rse wipes!!! But as we will see over the coming days with the fuel protest.... WE ARE SHEEPLE! WE ARE STOOPID! Come on Britain... wake up??? TB
  12. Good to see the BBC keeping up their reputation for accurate journalism!!!! Tossers!!! TB
  13. Just gonna put this in simple terms for you... We import inflation as follows. £1= $2 _ so if we import a $100 barrel of oil it costs us £50 £1=$1.75 - so if we import a $100 barrel of oil it costs us £57.14 We are still buying the same $100 but coz the pound is not performing against the dollar, we actually pay more.... This is partly why oil has shot up... When America was getting £1 for $1.75 they could sell oil at say $80 a barrel (£45.71) But when they weakened the dollar that $80 actually equated to £40 - so they lost £5.71 a barrel. So what they do is UP the price per barrel until they get the £45.71 that they want. So in this case they UP oil to $95.99... therefore getting their £45.71. HOPE THAT MAKES SENSE???? LIBOR is the rate at which banks lend to each other. So even though rates have been at 5.75% the mortgage companies have been upping their rates to around 7% because there is NO MONEY in the pot to lend. IE the Credit Crunch. So dropping rates does not mean that the mortgage companies will drop theirs.. significantly... its wait and see time. http://www.economist.com/images/20071208/CBR457.gif Also, coz funds are RARE.. they will be careful who they borrow to... And I dont think they will lend it to a BTL'r who is going to buy a property when the market is dropping!!! Would you??? your third point about stimulating growth??? Well its a sentiment thing... coz the direction is down.. people might go a bit mad on their spending coz they THINK they can now afford it. IT WONT MAKE A DENT ON WHAT PEOPLE SPEND AT CHRISTMAS. We ALL are poor till February Hope that helps TB
  14. People have protested today! From BBC website The marchers took to the streets after Friday prayers to denounce the sentence as too lenient. The protesters gathered in Martyrs Square, outside the presidential palace in the capital, many of them carrying knives and sticks. Some news agencies reported thousands of people took part in the protest, but a BBC reporter at the scene said up to a thousand marchers turned out. According to some agencies, some of the protesters chanted: "Shame, shame on the UK", "No tolerance - execution" and "Kill her, kill her by firing squad". Hardly rational for someone who was not as au fait with Sudanese culture as she could have been.... bear in mind (no pun intended) the Kids were none the wiser too... She never... the kids did. She didn't object. That was her crime. Blatant harassment.. report him! Maybe to help the children???
  15. Cool!!! Get me a mortgage where they dont want the interest back!!! I WANT ONE NOW!!! All the figures given out are bull sh*t anyway.... In the REAL WORLD I would say 40-50% was a fair assessment. But where do you get this DISPOSABLE INCOME FROM? Is this after bills? If this is the case then after the bills are paid, I would say that 50-60% is a GENEROUS estimate! FORGET ALL THE FACTS AND FIGURES - IT'S QUITE SIMPLE!!! HPI DOES NOT MAKE YOU RICHER, IT MAKES YOU POORER!* * With the exception of Old people selling up - but then it costs them £25K a year for a nursing home... Why not just get £50K from your house and then let the GOVERNMENT who you have paid taxes too ALL your living life pay for you! * Unless you are a 'flipper', Mortgage Broker, Bank, Estate Agent, Surveyor, Builder, government or Solicitor. So the Average MAN/WOOMAN in the UK... don't believe anything... you are getting shafted! MY GOD I'm on a rant today!!!! Must be that School teacher story, where they want her SHOT for a mistake that the KIDS made... Why aren't the kids getting shot too???? They were the ones that named it???? RACIST???
  16. THEY DO MAKE A 2-3% COMMISSION ON BALANCE TRANSFERS!!! You get nothing, for nothing... but you do know that Laurejon TB
  17. Laurejon, Most people don't buy handguns.... coz all the kids have bought them!!! This is Blairs Britain I'm afraid, and no different than Manchester, or any other major city. Anyway, I would not like to own a handgun at the moment........... I'm more an Uzi 9mm guy TB
  18. Fair comment crashmonitor, but what galls me about this property is the fact it is in an awful state... still 30's electric and needs serious modernisation. AND ON A BUSY MAIN ROAD!!! Some of the best houses in the area have only sold for £200-230K (Cul-De-Sacs)and yet this guy wants top dollar for his... thinks its gone from £250K to about £230K now... Sorry but I think its nothing but greed! The guys in his 60's FFS... take £180K and have some fun for gods sake!!! TB
  19. Think I know this property... been with nearly every Estate agent and think its been on the market for well over 18 months now!!! http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/site/detail/8399951 So what would you do with the extra money you've saved? Has the reduction enticed you? OK joking apart... it's coz of tax reasons why its BELOW the £250,000 threshold.. something the EA's should have known from the start!!! But it shows that some people are still trying to get the MAXIMUM out of people. Even though this has been on the market for so long now that no-one wants to touch it!!! There is another by me - been on the market for over 2 years!!! And what has he done to sell it???? Upped it everytime the markets gained... I can see the house falling into dis-repair... Its on a busy main road and he wants top dollar.. Apparently he is living in Spain (another story i'm sure). If you want top dollar in todays market and wont budge... your house will just drop in value and there is nothing you can do about it. Chances are you will lose more money. TB
  20. As usual, when the BoE are due to announce interest rates, we get all this 'The Market is slowing' [email protected] And in this instance I believe its a case of covering ones bottom, and also talking the market down to try and influence the BoE. There is a flaw in their plan though Let's say the BoE DID drop interest rates 0.5%? THIS WILL NOT INFLUENCE THE BANK LENDING RATE SUBSTANCIALLY! The banks have been upping their interest rates REGARDLESS of the BoE decisions. If the BoE UP them they do it immediately... Free money to them. But when they drop, they may take a few weeks to re-introduce their new 'BoE Rate'. This does not, however, affect what THEY BORROW AT. It is this rate that is most important to them. That's why you are seeing offers now with 2 years fixed at 5.89%.. then SVR of 7.9% with an average of 7.6%. This is available for a whopping £999 set up fee. THIS IS AN OFFER!!!! So the banks have done their own thing.. I think the BoE will have very little effect over mortgage deals. Yes they will all offer 5% 2 year fixed.. but their fees will be £1300. They will juggle the figures so it makes NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever what the IR is.. they will balance it with a FEE. CML are the biggest VI out there.... without people BUYING property.. THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS!!! At least EA's can do lettings.... TB
  21. Just got 1.965 from www.saga.co.uk/travelmoney Cant argue really ;-) TB
  22. Not too far I hope - going to Vegas in 10 days!!! Should II buy my Dollars now - dya think? TB
  23. Makes me a Northern c*ck then ;-) hee hee TB
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