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  1. P.S. I hope there is a GOD, and this [email protected] gets what he deserves. TB
  2. Nov 2006 Nov 2007 Change Detached £1,344,444 £972,400 -28% Semi £570,654 £917,890 +61% Terraced £468,320 £529,474 +13% Flat £310,635 £397,951 +28% All £449,937 £572,410 +27% Semi +61% RISE!!!! Not likely my son!!! Its a bad methodology for the figures..... Look at the volumes... the figures are high, coz the numbers sold are low... Nov 2006 Oct 2007 Change Detached 9 6 -33% Semi 49 31 -37% Terraced 89 64 -28% Flat 112 88 -21% This works the same with the average asking price... the higher priced properties have still not sold and the lower price ones have. Therefore it looks like a boom... I defy anyone to sell the house for 15% REAL CASH over last year (At this time) outside of London. Impossible i.m.h.o. TB
  3. sorry Eric... didn't quite hear that What did you say again TB
  4. Submitted by Adam Snook – Deadline to sign up by: 19 February 2009 – Signatures: 8 It will be well and truly dead and buried by then... 1year to put a petition through on something that could lose us MILLIONS every day!!! Stoopid fecking government! TB
  5. If this had of happened in Liverpool, then it would be front page news... funny that :angry: TB
  6. Liking this thread!!! Good to have a bullish viewpoint on here... There are a few things that need to be clarrified though... As OP points out 0.25% of mortgages getting repossed is a SMALL FIGURE. where is 27,000 is a large figure. This is mathamatical manipulation and this is the sort of the thing that has worked against us in the past. Especially with Rightmove. The only list the FIRST published price. They could put a £200,000 with an agent for £250,000 and it could not sell and eventually it would sell for £200,000. So this MANIPULATES the asking price index by 20%. This will not be the case now that HIPS are here. I am sure that RM do not reset their stats and recalculate them each month based on has come on the market. If that was the case then you would find that there would be a BIG drop in asking prices as you would have weeded out all the SPECULATIVE sellers. In todays index I am sure that there are MANY MANY houses there that are more than 6 months old with unrealistic prices on them. So to sum up.... A LOT OF THE RM ASKING PRICE IS SPECULATIVE. Let's wait for the HIPS only houses to be on sale and see a m,ajor difference imho... I believe EA's will not try to over-value as the surveyors are UNDER-VALUING straight away. I think RIGHTMOVE should do an index of AVERAGE asking price based on all the houses comming onto the market for THAT MONTH ONLY!!! It would gave a realistic picture of the average asking price AT THAT TIME! We have this arguement all the time about interest rates being much higher during the 80's but the CAPITAL LENT was SUBSTANCIALLY LOWER. To prove this I asked my dad how much he paid for this house we are living in. He borrowed £24,500 (over 20 years) and I worked out interest rates over the period of his mortgage.. came out as 7.14%. Based on HIS wages it meant his mortgage was 22% of his income... I then compared it to today and what it would cost me to buy it. Based on 6.2% fixed for 20 years it came to 87.4% of my wages and at 7.14 it was 93.5% of my wages.... So as I have proved... Interest rates are not as important a factor as the capital lent! Repro's are caused by a number of factors... and those that are struggling now will spend LESS on the high street. This causes recessions and job losses. Which are a factor in falling house prices.... you will find though, that over history. a recession has FOLLOWED a HPC. So even IF people manage to keep hold of their house, they are still contributing to the recession and fall of prices, by NOT spending. Also, in the late 80's... you were scrutinised to get a credit card. You paid 29.9% APR Minimum. And your Credit limit was £1,000 if you were lucky! Nowadays, everyone has about 4 cards with limits that make you puke!!! Paying these cards and STORE accounts eats a lot of their income. Also SKY was not so prevelant then... for some this is a must (£45 a month). The const of living on the basics of FOOD, FUEL, WATER, PETROL (this includes Transport costs if you dont drive) was a LOT cheaper then. This is based on percentage of wages earnt, not physical price. The luxuries of FAGS, EATING OUT, BEER were cheaper.... The likes of clothes, electricals, technology are MUCH MUCH cheaper now! These bring the CPI basked right down, but you dont buy a plasma every week do you??? Anyway, the point is... IT IS DIFFERENT NOW... the odds are far more for a Depressing 5 years to come... there will be tears like we have never seen before. TB PS. OP you said something about immigration and more people arriving for houses that are not there??? Well check the stats... more POLES are leaving Britain, than entering. And as the economy tanks, they will go back home. This leaves a lot of BTL houses without tenents.... what happens next?
  7. Subscribe brunopowroz Joined: 01 February 2008 Last Login: 4 hours ago Videos Watched: 42 Subscribers: 5 Channel Views: 666 Name: Bruno Age: 23 Country: United Kingdom HOW WEIRD IS THAT!!!! Channel Views: 666 << The number of the beast!!!! And if he's 23 then Im 6!!!! TB
  8. Been saying this for years!!! Family Credits, Pet tax credits.... all a load of b0ll0x!!! I know lots of people who get family credits are on GOOD MONEY and not struggling.. They haven't a clue why they are getting it but just take the money and run... like anyone would do... ITS CALLED A BRIBE!!! Pre-Nu-Liebour I ABSOLUTELY DETESTED Maggie Thatcher... being a scouser and all that... she did do some serious damage to this city. But as people point out, the docks were our core business and it was a dying trade. ANYONE could have been in power then and been hated for it. Are Labour to blame for ROVER closing down in the Midlands??? Probably not (I resent saying that!).. it was gonna happen anyway... You could argue that Liebour dont make us competitive in a world market??? Well this is probably true.. We look at finance as our main offering. Dangerous stuff! At least with Maggie we got the YOP/YTS training programme. THIS WAS A FANTASTIC INTRODUCTION imho... Many people looked at this as CHILD LABOUR.. but in fact it was a great way of training people in construction, computers, office skills, gardening, cooking.. it goes on. And you got payed for it!!! (£26.25 for me in 1984/5) After your year was up... If you got taken on by the company you were on placement with, then you got £60+ per week minimum. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this was the richest I have EVER been... £60pw does not sound a lot but my housekeeping was £15 a week. No other bills to pay and beer was about 70p, fags about £1.10, petrol about £1 per GALLON!!! not litre!!!.. bus into town £0.50.. that £60 went a Looooonnnngggg way!!!! So here I was, proud because I was supporting myself, rich to my wildest dreams, educated in a trade.... so what was wrong with that then??? NOWADAYS, with these f*ckwits!!! You leave school... pay to go to university... get a student loan that is to be paid back at RPI rate and not CPI rate... Fags £5.50, Pint £3.00, Petrol £1 per LITRE, Bus into town £1.80... and you leave the University with £18K IN DEBT!!! Got no chance of getting a HIGH PAID SALARY that you were suckered into believing you could get.. coz the immigrants have taken them... coz we dont have the skills... So in hindsight, and a little maturity and education, Maggie Thatcher DID make some really hard decision... It did make her un-popular. But I believe she did a lot of good things (as well as bad). And more importantly it take a man to admit he is wrong... well Maggie wasn't a man, but she had 'balls'! Look at these t0ssers in now... all these scandals of false accounting and that, and no one really took the fall for it.... I do recall a TORY guy doing it and he was SACKED! Can't recall which one, but there was a LIEBOUR guy sacked for this, and then taken back on a month later!!!! I would take 1000 maggie's than 1 BLAIR/BROWN! The worst GOVERNMENT IN LIVING MEMORY but a country MILE!!! TB
  9. Not in a rush are you? Let is stall on the market for a while... 6 months maybe...??? If you DONT think its worth £250K now in its shoddy state then in 6 months time people will think its not even worth £200k... so hold fire and wait for 6 months... then go in with a £195K cash offer and let him know that if he waits any longer it will go down more... I think this is MORE THAN FEASIBLE. Explain that it wil need £30K plus doing to it and get examples of other houses in the area for sale at £250K (NOW) and £200K (THEN). TB
  10. They spelt RECTUM wrong!!!!! He was a Rectum wasn't he??? TB
  11. C.9 acrea with future development potential, approx.40 miles west of Dublin. Good road frontage to R393 Mullingar - Ballynacargy Road
  12. So basically... £7,000,000 for an advertising hoarding
  13. Can tell you now mate... Liverpool will go the way of Glasgow when they had CoC... downhill fast!!! We will have a decent year... maybe... coz of the Liverpool Echo stadium on the Albert Dock. The new shops will force the OLD shops to move and close down and when CoC is over. The local economy will not sustain the speculative market. Take the Met Quarter... fancy designer shops... It is EMPTY all the time... the locals know its just overpriced "DESIGNER" labels and dont fall for it... Liverpool will be great till 2009 MAXIMUM - then its downhill from there onwards.. I can assure you... TB
  14. I think that despite exports being at an all-time high, as far as costs are concerned. Bread, Milk, Gas, Electricity, Petrol, Mortgages, CC APR's all at highs..... Wage demands in the 4% barrier coz no-one is fooled by the BS that these [email protected] pump out... CPI 2.0% RPI 4.1% I think the downward pressure from toothpick sales will outweigh all the above... And bloody right too!!! TB
  15. I am with you 100% on this A.Steve... My step-daughter is 7... when I have gone over her spellings (yes I know its not math's and slightly OFF-TOPIC ) she generally gets 10 or 11 out of 12 correct. When someone else goes over them with her... she has been getting 2/3/4 out of 12... Now the point I am making here is that I am not a better teacher, but where I excel is KEEPING HER INTEREST! I KNOW that she is capable of 10+ out of 12 EVERY TIME. I know that she knows HOW to spell a LOT of the words... But if you allow her to go into her 'Can't be @rsed' mode, then she performs badly. I LOVE maths... was my favourite subject in school BY FAR and the one that I excelled in most... the main reason is... rightly or wrongly, I had a teacher that spent A LOT of time on the ones that could be @rsed learning and didn't waste it on the disruptive ones. In other words... used her resource well.... She got the best out of 4 or 5 of us... and we were constantly TOP OF CLASS. The same 5 EVERY TERM with 90% to 98% (thats 90/100 and 98/100 for you fraction freaks ). So to back up your arguement.... ATTITUDE to learning is HALF THE BATTLE.. It has f*ck all to do with intelligence... people play thick a lot of the time... TB
  16. I like you already!!! If more people did this.. then they would get the message quicker!!! Its a BEAR market! TB
  17. Use This Mortgage To Make Free Money Over 15 Years - It's A Great Trick April 2006 This trick looks like a real winner for those savvy enough to take it up. But hurry up and do your research because we wouldn't be surprised if the Northern Rock try and close the loophole. A Clever Way To Use 15 Year Fixed Mortgage Deal At 4.99% The Northern Rock Building Society is offering a 15 year fixed mortgage deal at 4.99% What makes the deal so attractive is the mortgage is very flexible For example, you can borrow and pay pack any part of it (up to the mortgage amount) at anytime So if you have no mortgage or can borrow more on your house then do so and immediately repay the amount keeping a small mortgage balance of £100 Let's say you borrow £100,000, repay it which means you'll have put in place a borrowing facility of £100k for 15 years at 4.99% Assume that interest rates stay low for the next 15 years then there would be no point in using the facility But imagine if interest rates move to 7% or perhaps even 10% then you can borrow £100,000 place the money in a high interest rate savings account and earn the difference in pure profit In effect you'd be borrowing at 4.99% and lending at say 8% so making £3,000 a year in risk free money Summary It pays to keep abreast of the Personal Finance world because juicy products sometimes come along. But these for obvious reasons are not heavily marketed or promoted. On paper this Northern Rock deal looks like a real winner but as ever make sure you do some further research with the main emphasis being on exactly what fees are charged because that may be the sticking point. http://www.investorprofit.com/mortgages/mort-24.html TB
  18. Found a previous link on here.... Gordon Brown OUTED by Ryan Air Boss Video can be found here Hee doesn't mince his words... TB
  19. In fairness to the LR... as stated in the programme... they only log what the BUYERS SOLICITOR tells them it sold for... those figures are accurate to what they were told. It was the solicitors and the house builders who are corrupt... It's a non-starter. TB
  20. OK nothing to do with HPC but just seen it on BBC - made me pi$$ myself!!! Anyway, back on topic!!! Great programme!!! I think JD is starting to get respect from the journalists now, and he has lost the 'DOOM-MONGER' TAG! This is excellent news.... I buzz off telling people that he is OUR spokesperson, when he is on the telly... Its that smug... Well I suppose you were right feeling... damn.. it feels good!!! SO INTERESTING TIMES AHEAD..... What willl the indices show this month... and how much credability will they get??? Anyone want a bet???? I reckon they will show down a couple of % and the sheeple will say "Nah.. they havent... those figures are all wrong anyway... seen it on Panorama" Well done JD!!! Came across so well... short interview, but by the far the most POWERFUL one to date.... said enough to convince people that the indices are as corrupt as the VI's... let's hope the sheeple wake up to this. TB
  21. Can we get rid of the stupid DIAMOND with a ? in it... think its on £ (pound)signs and some apostrophe's TB Otherwise, working ok if a little slow.. sure it work itself out pretty soon...
  22. Absolutely SPOT ON!!! Prices are OVER-INFLATED at the moment by the suppliers coz Bricks & Mortar ONLY GO UP. Well now its tough, the EASY MONEY is over... its just going back to what it was.... I think the House Builders are WELL within their right to demand this. BUT... they should take SOME of the hit of dropping prices and not pass it ALL on to the suppliers. TB
  23. THE WHOLE THING IS FLAWED!!! Sorry to pi$$ on your chips, but if you put deposit of 0 and price of £125,000. It says your deposit is -£5000 and your mortgage is £130,000. Now I know we hate to admit he have sub-prime. But this taking the piss!!!! Mortgage company charging you £130,000 for a £125,000 mortgage!!! Also, on the calculations that you leave in - at default no matter what you you say for the liquid cash it ALWAYS adds 10K to your mortgage... your 10K savings get transferred to the mortgage people. Try doing it with a lump sum of £120K and buying a house for £250K. Rent should be about £800 for that sort of property??? Good efforts though, and I am sure you will resolve it, but as others have posted... If your NOT going to show the formula, then the integrity of the whole thing falls down :-( TB
  24. In fairness, I think he is actually pointing that out. He's saying that the VI's (HALIFAX) are talking shite... and rather than support the data... the other VI (EA) is saying its bullsh*t! The EA's need to keep reality ion the market or the falls will be hard and fast! And experienced ones know that! TB
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