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  1. Take out I/O Mortgages and I guarantee that people CANNOT afford to buy. I/O is NOT BUYING!!!! A lot of people can only just afford the I/O payments on a house that they probably DONT LIKE. It's all's they can afford for their £450 p.c.m. When interest rates go up, I can guarantee you that there will be hundreds of thousands of people that will be saying - I cant afford my mortgage. TB
  2. Have to say, although 'OFFICIALLY' Gordon Brown does not control IR's. I think behind closed doors HE DOES. Here is a man that sets his own FINANCIAL RULES and then BENDS them coz it makes him look incompetent. This is a man that says NO MORE BOOM & BUST and will do everything to stop the inevitable BUST! I think this government are corrupt and are masters of SPIN! Look at the health minister? The NHS is better shape now than in 1997. Then a few days laters THE NHS IS PHUCKED and in £600m worth of DEBT!!!! I would not believe a WORD that this government says, they have proven time and time again that they are full of sh*t. I DO HOWEVER agree with FP that RB's posts are fantastic and this 'OFFICIAL' anomoly does lose him some credability. TB
  3. I would agree wholeheartedly with this comment. Dya not think the timing of the MPC results and the biggest mortgage lender saying that prices are starting to reverse at the current rate a bit coincidental????? I certainly do.... I reckon they will back up buy 0.7% at least next month. TB
  4. Good to see an EA with a sense of humour, but it does show how pathetic Rightmove are in filtering out anomolies!!!! :angry: TB
  5. This is what absolutely drives me mad!!! It is very unlikely that you could get an investment programme that works alongside your I/O mortgage for LESS than the cost of a repayment! You have to take BIG RISKS, why not take the safe bet?? Also an I/O mortgage is more volatile to IR rises as its 100% of your repayment that is afffected. When you are repayment, you pay the interest on the outstanding balance WHICH REDUCES whilst an I/O is interest on the FULL AMOUNT ALL THE TIME!!! I obviously HAVE NOT had an I/O mortgage, or seen the paperwork, but can someone tell me whether the lenders show you the costs in comparison to a repayments mortgage WITH AN INVESTMENT PROGRAMME RUNNING ALONGSIDE? I somehow feel that they dont! These are gonna make endowments look like pocket money!!! Find this part fascinating! How do the lenders expect the borrowers to afford to go onto a repayment model AFTER they have taken out the mortgage and had a review. This shows that they should have been ADVISED to do the repayment mortgage in the first place. IE This COULD have been mis-sold!!!! Bet these lucky fookers get away with it. Can see Gordon Brown writing off all I/O debts to sta popular!!! (OK maybe not but I would not put it past him!) TB
  6. Spot on post imho. I think that borrowing is the key here! The banks are starting to get stung with lots of BAD DEBT. So I would like to add that there is also another factor here. I know of people who are IN EMPLOYMENT who cannot sustain their debt levels. There is talk around NOW about this. People will GO OFF BORROWING. Banks will GO OFF LENDING. TB
  7. Why is anyone questioning what RB posts????? His articles are always accompanied by the source. What little bit he adds to the end is HIS OPINION and he is entitled to it like everyone else. By all means question his opinion, but dont tell him what his oopinions should be!!!! I listen to all arguements and I will only rubbish them if I have a counter arguement. I recommend others do the same. TB
  8. BaB, you have to realise that the forum is going through some change at the moment. Also, the WORLD CUP was a massive distraction to this site. By all means post data that you feel is relevant to a HPC in the UK. As they say, when "America sneezes, Europe gets a cold". I personally don't understand how house prices in relation to gold are correllated??? That may be me being thick, but you need to explain why it's important? TB
  9. I dunno about other people and their upbringing, but I was taught at a VERY EARLY AGE.... there is no such thing as a free meal! I do agree with the Jenkins guy that when you got a PLAATINUM card years ago, it was a symbol of good credit and stature. Nowadays, every TOM, DICK and HARRY can get one. The problem arises when these people forget that you actually pay it all back with LOTS of interest. I used to believe that consolidating a loan was a clever thing to do but now, in hindsight, its the worst thing you can do. Yes you can make your payments more managemable but its going to cost you more. My advice to anyone is IF you get debts that are caused by overspending then the only way out if it is to STOP spending! All your money should then go into clearing the debts. TB
  10. Little OFF-TOPIC but media based... On our local news GRANADA there was a story about one of britains oldest schools shutting down in a small village in the North West. It will close down is a few weeks with only 11 Pupils attending!!!! When they spoke to a local they said the reason why the numbers have dwindled is because of HIGH HOUSEPRICES in the area. He argued that any new people coming into or surrounding the village cannot afford to have children so the population has dwindled. he said that the tradional family lifestyle of 2.4 children is not possible because of spiralling costs in housing and maintaining a home and families are sufferring. And guess what they are going to build when they knock it down?....... AFFORDABLE HOUSING! in fairness to the programme, they did say "heaven knows who is going to move to the village when they hear that the nearest school is 6 MILES away!!!! TB
  11. This is the one that was on at 9:55am about 4 weeks ago!!!! Maybe, they have just had the guts to show it at a decent time!!! TB
  12. This programme showed how naive people are. The statement at the end... it doesnt matter that we have lost money... we wanted to create something spectacular and we have achieved that!!! What a tit!!! It could look a complete shithole, but if it made 1p profit it is still better than what they had. Alls they are saying is that someone will but the flat at a market price but we have paid an extra 40K to do it up for them. Fooking muppets!!!! And all these things on loans and credit cards????? Let keep it till the spring Yeah another 6 months of CC interest on shitloads of money!!!! UN-FUKIN-BELIEVABLE!!!!! TB Did laff me c*ck off though - what muppets!!!
  13. Banks are scum!!! They only see money and people are just account numbers to them. If they are making £1.8 Billion profit they want £2.8 Billion profit. If it means putting the loyal staff, who have EARNED them their profits, out on the street then so-be-it. Its sickens me when companies make such radical reform that they are maximising their profits whilst all the people are made redundant and the bank can no longer offer a decent service becuase they are UNDER-STAFFED!!! TB
  14. Making people think does not come into when it comes to todays society. If they say £82 a month then whether this is for years of 50 years the majority of sheeple just see the £82. That's why, when people add up all their debt they are shocked by how much they owe!!! TB
  15. Heard that one a few years back.. an absolute classic. It is a shortnened version though it was a lot longer than that
  16. It's laughable.... On SKY it says a £250,000 house has been wrecked by a man in a digger but according to the owner there is £500,000 worth of damage. That's some f*cking serious HPI..... PS I am aware of the cars being wrecked too but it aint double!!!! TB
  17. It needs updating.. I think its as low as 7% now!!! TB
  18. Have to agree with you here Charles! I think WM's remark was a bit 'hasty' and without thought. TB
  19. I cant understand WHY people are saying this site is censoring??? It is BLATENT advertising of a rival site. I dont recall Windows asking me to download Firefox? Or the Sony Rep telling me to buy a Toshiba? I think the choice of people to move is THEIR choice, but to then HIJACK this site and tell everyone to move over there is like 'industrial espionage'. Of course they should censor it! Those people that got their PM disabled was 'probably' (I dont know the facts and wont pretend I do) because you were slagging off this site and asking them to move to the other site! I got some PM's myself so I know it happened. The work of GENIUS was the google advert. This was a fair way of advertising the other site. To come on here and try to destroy it is VERY VERY SAD imho. I will post on both sites, now there are 2 sites, but I certainly WONT be using the forum as a 'slagging off' board! TB
  20. Nice cartoon Clangnuts. I personally think he has both hands on each button. The guy hasnt a clue what he is doing! I have read a few things lately where he is being a bit bearish... applying the KY Jelly to the sphincter of the UK public, me thinks...... TB (Teddyboy not Tony Bliar )
  21. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like this. We have a buy buy buy attitude nowadays and b0ll0x to tommorrow. There are signs of credit tightening though and when people CANT buy things, even if they want to thats when things will change. IR rises will have a SIGNIFICANT EFFECT on housing and RETAIL. TB
  22. If we had a government that was NOT renowned for LYING constantly, its no wonder we have suspicions???????? TB
  23. I DO AGREE with the death penalty when it comes to acts of PURE EVIL like this. I seen the clip on BBC news a few weeks back and was appalled on how MOTIVELESS the attack was. I would stone these EVIL BASTARDS to death. You cannot call their a human life as they are NOT HUMAN. Lock them up and hopefully they will get bum-raped and show some remorse!!! BASTARDS!!! EVIL BASTARDS!!!! TB
  24. I hear what you are saying Sledge but what if his family or friends read this.. they certainly wont dismiss it as 'satire'. I am sorry but this is terrible bad taste. I think the post and all references to should be removed at once! TB PS I have said some nasty words in my time but when it comes to a death, I do have a sensitive side to me. This is in-excusable imho
  25. I know Berkin'ead quite well. I think the stats show 2 things. For a start JUNE is far busier than January so I would expect at least a doubling of available housing. Secondly, From looking at Liverpool there are SHED LOADS of properties for sale. This talk of 'shortages' is complete rubbish. Sutton Kersh and Sykes Waterhouse on Allerton Road in Liverpool have an average of 330 properties PER BRANCH!!!!! So this is a culmination of the 2 imho. A good Judge will be NEXT JANUARY - Try and look at the data then. With possible IR rises on the cards I can see the EA's getting realistic about pricing. They will end up with too many properties on their books. TB
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