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  1. I am starting to deplore the media and the way it tried to tell us what is good and what is bad for us. This 'SPIN' government that we have are as close to facism as this country has ever been. I have said this for some months now. EG: The Crown Prosecution Service announced today that it will be tougher on crime and lenient sentences. Government response: This is bad news for the prison service. If we arrest and jail people for committing crimes then we will just get over-crowding in our prisons. We already have thousands of immigrants in there (that should have been deported imho) and we just cannot take a tough stand on crime. Let them do what they want. If we toughen up, then all those Police that shoot innocent people will have to be found guilty of incompetence wouldn't they??? LISTEN!!!! IR's are NOT bad news for FTB's they are bad news for the FAT CATS that realise that their BULL RUN is coming to an end. If anyone says this to you - lay into them with some facts and why they are knobs for being 'sheeple'. TB
  2. Dont underestimate the significance in confidence of a rate rise. RIGHTMOVE (RMV.L) At 4:36PM : 270.00 p Down 16.50 (5.76%) COUNTRYWIDE (CWD.L) At 4:36PM : 387.00 p Down 34.00 (8.08%) Look at the graphs!!! From 12.00 it was a massive drop and a mass sell off - The volume of sales increased throughout the day! I can see this continuing late tommorrow! We wonts see IMMEDIATE differences on the street but you will see the news being far more bearish. To O/P DO NOT BUY - THIS IS THE START OF THE CRASH - Have faith! TB ** Bear in Mind CWD Countrywide was 523p not so long ago and Rightmove was 420p! Confidence drives markets and HPI is definately SPECULATIVE!
  3. Oh its man thing is it???? why are women in denial????? TB
  4. PMSL fantastic post!!!!! Its exactly what is LIKELY to happen, thats what so laughable! TB
  5. To be fair... I like this woman. I have seen here twice on Trevor McDonald and twice she has said it AS IT IS!!! Firstly the HIPS thing when she was challanged about HIPS when it was put to her that MANY in the industry were AGAINST the HIPS. She replied. "Well they would do, wouldnt they. They are VI's and will probably lose a lot of money" Secondly on the one the other night. Talking about NIMBY's and the interviewer said that people who have homes built near them may lose as much as 10% off the value of their house. Her reply was "A lot of the cvurrent home owners have seem MASSIVE increases in the value of their homes. FTB's cant even get on the ladder. Lets get this in persepective. I LIKE HER! SHE HAS BALLS (not literally) AND KEEPS IT REAL imho. TB
  6. The crash is a fantasy????? I am sorry but you only have to read all the VI press releases. They make it QUITE clear in every one that the current CONDITIONS mean we have a stable market. They know and everyone else knows that it can crash as quickly as it boomed. Once the credit and confidence is gone then they are in trouble. The crash will happen! When we do not know! What is a crash 10/20/30/40/50/60%? It could be 20%, it could be 40% but it WILL HAPPEN one day. It happens over a long period of time as well. The current economic climate (next 12 months) points to that day being sooner than you think.... TB
  7. An ASKING PRICE is just that! It phucks me off when knobheads go straight in with asking price! Shows how STUPID a lot of people are!!! This part of the article amazes me!!!! ONLY 27% as if they are disappointed!!! That's Frightening!!! TB
  8. Plumbob - Can you add your location to your profile so we know which area we are talking about? As you may be aware - the market is different in every area of the country. TB
  9. Sometimes forever. Depends on how fast the solicitor puts the information through. Its generally upto 6 months AFTER change of contracts. TB
  10. I could afford to have a prostitute every weekend! I could afford to buy a brand new car! I could afford a Caribbean Holiday! I could afford an XBOX 360 ( I already have the LCD TV ) I could afford to take a 12 month career break! I could afford ALLMOST anything based on savings and credit history! I CANNOT HOWEVER AFFORD A HOME! BUT WOULD NOT BUY BECUASE THEY ARE OVER-INFLATED BY SPECULATION! The point being, JUST coz you can afford it does not mean its a wise thing to do! Thats why we have £1.3trillion worth of debt in this country coz they have YOUR attitude. Just wait. Over the next few years a LOT of these people will regret giving in to temptation, I assure you! TB
  11. I think a LOT of established estate agents (Est. 10+ years) are of the opinion that staying in business in the long term is far more important than keeping this SLOW market going. They have experienced LOWS and know its coming. Good on him for having the balls to say something TB
  12. The fact they paid FULL ASKING price for a shithole amazed me. And when they were scared the seller would pull out???? (Proof of being ******WITS) They were advised that they COULD get a briging loan to pay a deposit to make the sellers feel better. Buy at lall costs attitude. Absolute NEGLIGENCE!!!! TB
  13. There is definately a bearish sentiment at the moment. BBC putting Bubble Prickers comments on their pages is a massive start. I think people will realise they have been shafted, and we are now preparing them with the inevitable aftermath. I REALLY DO BELIEVE sentiment has changed from ALL parties. TB
  14. I think this is the KEY. Unfortunately, human nature dictates that we all have greed. It also dictates that most people THINK that the EA's are the experts. So what they say goes. As we see ALL THE TIME on property porn, EA's valuations are as much a guestimate as I would probably do! One programme last week had a valuation of £795K, £775K and £725K. Shows how phucked up the market is really. TB
  15. Good to see a REALISTIC MP!!!! Tell your parents they are messing with your inheritence and its gonna cost you a packet Show them RIGHTMOVES SHARE PRICE TODAY!!! The same tossers that said its the highest HPI in a month for 6 years. You wont sway them, but warn them that it might be a case of told you so later on!!! TB
  16. Can I just say....... PMSL!!!! Print that in your fecking reports you rampers!!!!! Shows how a speculative market can go TITS UP overnight!!!! Wouldnt it be great if they U-Turned the U-Turn and it never recovered TB
  17. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS RUBBBISH!!!! If there is only 7% FTB's when it used to 50% Why is there a such a . high demand???? The demand is LOWER!!!! Its a load of old tosh. Its PR rubbish that has made housing a speculators market. The only demand is greedy LL's buying cheap housing to rent out. Since when have they started building PROPER HOMES? Its all LUXURY this and LUXURY that...... When everything is LUURY it becomes the norm... TB
  18. This story is the biggest load shyte I have ever read!!!! House prices will DOUBLE by 2011 because of lack of homes and then they say that there is affordability issue and only the top end earners will be able to afford them???? F*cking contradiction!!!! If ther are no f*ckers to buy the houses - how is supply not meeting demand. Complete and utter b0ll0x journalism!!!! Sorry for language but this is making my blood boill!!!!! Scaremongering people - thats all!!! TB
  19. There is VERY little proerty in Liverpool that is CARP enough to pnly ask that £400p.c.m. is regarded as fairly cheap. So devide that between the 2 or 3 that will live there and its not far of £50 a wekk but then that DOES NOT include the bills TB
  20. Great Anecdote!!! Repost this in the anecdotes section. It show's stupidity and corruption at its best. Very interesting read!!! TB
  21. This is unquestionable. Watch some property porn the other night. Property Ladder me thinks. The EA's valued it at £720K, £770K and £790K. I think I know which one they went with There should be independent valuations done coz this is taking the f*cking piss. If an accountant submitted accounts and they were down, then they would be looked into for fraud? If a doctor was operating and knew the problem was somewhere in the brain. Could he just cut somewhere and think 'well its ROUGHLY' in this area? EA's are just SALES PEOPLE who imho know as much about the valuation of a house as the local butcher!!! Father Fred (ex-EA) and MILDURA are decent though TB
  22. WAHOO!!!!!!! Let the fun begin!!!! (In a metaphorical sense - I know its gonna be nasty) I can see all the mortgage rates changing today, and saving rates dropping. The banks will be cacking themselves Sorry to contradict myself here, but, as we discussed in another thread. Won't the banks now PROMOTE saving with higher Interest rates in order to improve the money supply? TB
  23. Effectively buying???? You either buy or you don't? You only BUY something when you pay off the capital. As for getting a mortgage at the end of the term? Think average FTB is 34 last time I looked. So 34+25= 59 years old. Would love to see a bank that will lend a 59 year old £200,000 with no security on the loan TB
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