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  1. I'm in Liverpool now and unemployment aside, I think this city will be one of the worst hit in the HPC. All you have to do is look at Edge Lane. This is the main entrance to Liverpool and for those that don't know, consists of hundreds of boarded up houses, couple of derelict petrol stations and a few burned out retail warehouses. It looks like armageddon. If they couldn't get that right after 10 bubble years of easy credit and being the capital of culture, they sure won't be doing so when times are hard.

    Oh yeah, and there are plenty of abandoned new builds halfway though development in the city. Some of the prices for these places were/are eye watering.

    There is a reason why they are all boarded up... they were compulsory purchases for this...


    yet again... another ill-informed person spreading the word in a negative way! :angry:


  2. Ok first things first.... TULIP are a packaging company that unfortunately put too many eggs in one basket! M&S was a very big part of their business.... I know coz I work down the road from them and we used to print labels for them.

    As anyone in business knows... don't let any one customer get above 30% of your business, or they will have you by the balls. Not saying its Tulip's fault but the M&S situation had 100% affect on this decision, I believe.

    Also TULIP is over the water in Bromborough. Which, to those who dont know is now part of Cheshire. Up until about 2000 this was still under the LIVERPOOL 'L' postcode. It is NOW the CH - Cheshire postcode.

    Included in this is BIRKENHEAD... one of the roughest place you can go... i.m.h.o. This is on the WIRRAL and also has a CHESHIRE postcode but the amount of crime here is ALWAYS reported as MERSEYSIDE!!!!

    Look at todays BBC ffs...


    Now anyone outside thinks MESEYSIDE is just Liverpool.... IT IS NOT! The fact that Merseyside police cover the Wirral too then makes it Merseyside...

    Now this crime above, if it was reported that man and son stabbed in Cheshire... no one would bat an eye-lid. But coz its Merseyside.. its the usual b0llox about scumbag scousers.

    There are sh|thole parts of Merseyside that I would not send my enemies too... and plenty of them! But you cannot tarnish the whole city. Those ignorant ones out there will know of TOXTETH? Coz there were riots... and i.m.h.o. they were right to riot coz the police force at that time was racist as f*ck.

    So I can't blame the community for it. But I tell you this.... I am WHITE and I would walk through TOXTETH at anytime of night and not feel intimidated. The reality is so much different from the PRESS'S INTERPRETATION.

    Those who slag of Liverpool need to come here... THEN they have a right to slag it off.

    I hear lots of stories about SALFORD but I would not comment on them coz I have only been there once. There are hundreds of bad places but for some reason, its always when its Liverpool that the stereotypical assholes sudddenly find a mouth.

    This is why we are branded with the self pity tag... It's not self-pity.. Its putting the record straight.


    'Jaguar Land Rover was bought by India's Tata in June for £1.7bn ($2.6bn)'

    Halewood is definately the Jaguar part.

    What I do know is that the suppliers to them made 30 staff redundant on Friday and have already changed the shift patterns. So its not looking good for them. They are a major employer, especially in the south of the city, and will be a major blow if it does shut shop.

    Good luck to all.


  3. Did this break up for anyone on the BBC website - half way through???

    What I did hear was Evan Davies giving her a jolly good bashing!!! ;-) She talked so much shite though.... WE NEED MORE HOUSES... WE NEED IT TO PICK UP COZ OUR ECONOMY IS DEPENDENT ON IT!!!

    "As a caring government, we need to build houses for everyone and its not fair that those naughty banks are not offering LIAR LOANS for support this overpriced BUBBLE. It is our job to find any way necessary to fvck the people of the UK over and get ALL THEIR MONEY, so I can have my MP allowance for next year....

    FACIST [email protected] GOVERNMENT... PERIOD!!!


  4. Armed insurrection?

    I recently bought 2500 bullet heads (I make my own ammunition). The price had risen by 75% in 1 year.

    This is a mixture of general inflation, transport costs and poor exchange rates.

    Gunpowder - same story, although this has been getting expensive for several years. Prices are up by about 50% in 2 years.

    It's too expensive for an armed insurrection.

    (do I get extra points for combining guns and hyperinflation in the same post?)

    Arent knives the killing weapon of choice nowadays????

    Looks like your trade has a very bleak future :-(


  5. Bear Food!

    "* Mid terraced 4 bedroom house

    * 2 reception rooms, fitted kitchen, en-suite to master bed, original features

    * Parking and workshop.Sympathetically renovated to a high standard by owners.

    The property has been fully renovated to a high standard by the current owners, attention has been paid to maintaining the period feel of the property, with many original features being retained. The property is within walking distance of the market town of High Bentham."

    Piccie n details here _ Reduced £50,000

    This not a £50,000 reduction... I think it is still OVERPRICED at £200,000!!!

    Do not be surprised of MASSIVE DROPS in the next few months... speculation was at least 20% of HPI imho, if not more. Take out the speculation of'buy at £10 and sell at £12' and it drops 20% immediately!!!


  6. Its not surprising - look at the LR figures for Liverpool flats


    Sefton £140,822 -2.2% 10.1% 138

    Liverpool £123,669 -15.0% -18.9% 284

    St Helens £122,812 1.2% -4.1% 44

    Knowsley £121,593 39.2% 35.9% 28

    Wirral £119,718 -8.6% -0.8% 152

    Halton £113,285 0.1% 11.2% 49



  7. Yes - this is a great site. I reckon you could do a great service to younger members of the UK population by really going out 100% to get them to visit this site -- and to have, say, 6 Lectures on the so-called "housing market" - in written and video [Youtube] form- and really make sure they understand how the VI's TOTALLY manipulate the "market" by all means possible - especially emphasize the dishonesty viz Liar Loans - how these are a cancer on every part of the UK - it just needs a few Liar Loans to be raised and used in a location - and, because of Comparative Pricing - in just a few days ALL the "prices" in that location [and further afield] rise - the result of gross dishonesty, fraud and greed.

    Thus - very quickly, "prices" for everyone rose. This process accelerated enormously in the 2002-2006 time period - and this phenomenon goes a long way to explaining the incredible and ludicrous 300-400% rises in "house prices" over the last decade. This is affecting young and not so young peoples' lives PROFOUNDLY & APPALLINGLY. It is grossly unfair - in fact - criminal.

    And, as we all know, this hasn't figured at all in the official inflation rate! Unbelievable, astonishing...... but true.

    Well done HPC - Onwards and Upwards!!

    Can i just say WELL DONE ERIC!!!!

    A post in the same font size and colour - all the way through!!! A big Up to you ;)

    On a personal note... HPC has been a great thing for me but also a disappointing one!

    I wish I had listened to Bubb when I joined.... about gold :angry: Think it was about $350 an ounce then!!! :blink:

    I am glad though... in the long term... I would have been joining another BUBBLE that is the root of the housing situation worldwide... The credit bubble has ALWAYS been the arguement here. And we were proved right... I love being part of this site and passing on my knowledge to others.. instead of being riduculed, I am now being respected with people saying I am WELL INFORMED!!! :huh: Nice to be right though.

    I have convinced the missus to STR... EA's coming round today. She has a 4 bed detached in Great Sankey, and her location is the best in the area. We reckon it will be marketed at £215K and we will accept anything above £200K. Ideally, If we can sell and pay all fees and have 200K at the end, then we will be happy.... the house we want is being built now, and is £280K. We are gonna sit it out and go in as a CASH BUYER (with a smallish mortgage also, but CHAIN FREE) in 12 months with an offer well below £250K. :rolleyes:

    Without this site, I would not have the confidence to do this... but what we have talked about for years is finally getting through to Joe Public and the only way for property is down!! Going to an EA's today.... (had my JABS last night.. tend to foam at the mouth when near them) ;) .

    Will let you know the word in the office later.

    Well done all... been a great ride..

    Lets hope BRITAIN see's sense and makes property into homes again, and not pensions and investments.


  8. speaking to a lad in work, whose dad is a mortgage broker... and he's telling me that a lot of the lenders are asking for 25% DEPOSITS!!!!

    BTL Mortgages are almost GONE COMPLETELY!!!

    And there are a LOT of people getting turned down for mortgages that would have sailed through at the start of the year!!!



  9. Cameron was excellent, a virtuoso performance IMO.

    But to see Brown grinning, smirking, and sniggering throughout really enraged me. When will this corrupt and incompetent imbecile be exposed for the snake he is? :angry:

    Yes that grinning was doing my head in too.... How rude is that??? It was a nervous laugh though! I just hope a LOT of people saw that, because EVERY UK Citizen in this country would look at both SPEECHES and see that DC came over with sincerity and truth. And the fact GB and AD were talking whilst DC started his speech, shows what SCUM they are!!!

    I DESPISE THIS GOVERNMENT and because of them I will never vote LIEBOUR aagain... they are the most corrupt government in Living memory!

    I know the Conservatives had sleaze, but at least they SACKED the sleazeballs!!! This government just brushes it under the carpet and carries on as if nothing happened... The sooner they are out, the better. the problem is, some poor [email protected] has to pick up the pieces, that they have left. Cameron summed it up well... WE HAVE NOT PREPARED FOR A DOWNTURN!

    We have SPENT, SPENT, SPENT and now its come home to roost!

    Glad that DC laid the blame at Gordon Clowns feet though... I sorta feel sorry for AD... but respect to him, he takes the flak well. Unlike GB, DC at least had the decency to say it was not AD's fault... bet Gordon is blaming him though!! <_<


  10. RIGHT!!! I am the Lemming that said UP 0.25%!!!


    Well quite simple really... I think sentiment in the housing has changed and nothing is going to stop that. There will be a correction, and this is something that Merv expected, and is probably pleased about.

    The housing market is not that important to a LOT of the populous, but their mortgage payments are. The rise of 0.25% might make an increased cost to some, but not all. INFLATION however, is geting worse EVERY DAY!!! People are seeing petrol at 1.02 to 1.15 a litre! Bread going up 20P a loaf, Water up, heating up... it goes on.... THIS AFFECTS EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN UK

    These rises are causing a lot more PSYCHOLOGICAL damage to people than their mortgage payment. IF, we can get the cost of living down again, and the things that people spend money on EVERY DAY is seen to be lowering, then the populous would be happier.

    I also think MERV wants some SHORT PAIN for LONG TERM gain...

    Lots may not agree... but I really believe that INFLATION is the key to this.... FALLING HOUSE PRICES and HIGH INFLATION is a lot worse than falling house prices and STEADY INFLATION.*


    * House prices will not hurt most people as they are gaining if prices drop. It will only affect the banks and lenders. Well their f*cked anyway, may as well kick them whilst they are down!

  11. Brilliant sums up what is happening at the moment. :lol:

    If we are using football to sum up the economic climate of the Uk under the stewardship of Gordon Brown I think Kevin Keegan would be a perfect example.

    ******ing useless and sinking fast.


    The difference being - Keegan will walk - he always has....

    Now if only we could get Gordon Turd to do the same....... ;)


  12. Listen, I am far from being bullish but there will NOT be a total stop on lending.

    The death of the 100>125% is long overdue, but this is a phenonemon that is exclusive to this Boom! What we are seeing is things going back to kilt. When the banks are lending ONLY to the 3.5 or 4x income and NOT A PENNY MORE.. then it is a time to get excited.

    The withdrawal of the High LTV is a great thing. Also factor in that that these people would have been charged a HLC (Higher Lender Charge), so they are even deeper in the [email protected]

    We have seen IR's go out of kilt of the BOE, and they are doing everything possible to KEEP lending. But doing so at MINIMUM RISK and they are FACTORING IN - HOUSE PRICE FALLS!!! This is the BIG ONE!

    Speculation has now LEFT THE MARKET as far as the banks are concerned. This is great news. But with banks having high SVR's (7.2% is about average now :unsure: ) then a Tracker MIGHT be the best oiption for people as the BoE and ******wit Brown will probably drop interest rates regardless to make us spend more on our CC's.

    Things are looking up.... the bears are winning 5-0 with 10 minutes to go... But we are playing at Old Trafford and who knows how many minutes the referee will add on before we get our victory?


  13. do your own. or critique others

    1: There is no shortage of property.

    2: Our current debt system is ebil , ebil bankers are printing money and laughing at us. Ebil ebil ebil.

    3: CPI/RPI is fake.

    4: this country is over populated.

    5: if we make planning laws a bit less stringent quality will go down.

    6: the green belt is important

    7: global warming / peak oil is happening (so what, that's not the question you should ask yourself. It is more like… what will it cost to tackle, who will pay for it, how will they pay for it. Is it worth the money? What's the cheapest option? Is it really a good idea to leave this to government? If not them then who? Ect ect ect)

    8: Black Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun

    9: there is nothing we can do

    10: The government has no control

    Wheres "Gordon Brown is a k*nt"????

    Number 1 for me :P


  14. Just like to say WELL DONE to all the HPC posters over the years... If you look at our pinned topic on CREDIT TIGHTENING you will see that it was started on December 8th 2005!

    More than TWO YEARS ahead of the general public, and the Government! So anyone that says we are nutters!!! Just go to this thread and see how f*cking stupid we were...We were ridiculed by Millions, we are made to look like DOOM mongers.... BUT...We seen it coming ages ago!!!!

    We are far smarter than we get credit for!!

    I just hope all those people that wrote us off as NUTTERS eat their words.... The credit crunch is HAPPENING now and its probably a lot harder than even we expected. With no money to prop up the market, then the falls are going to be huge. In the past, rates and sentiment dropped prices... the money was *FREELY* available, although expensive. Now the money is NOT *FREELY*available and IS EXPENSIVE and will likely get worse :blink:

    Oh and by the way.... IT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME - ITS MUCH, MUCH WORSE!!!


    *Had to amend - had an OXYMORON there NO MONEY AVAILABLE and EXPENSIVE!!! :wacko: wtf! :D

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