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  1. I recently read a really nteresting book called The Unknown Warriors which is a collection of memories of the war from scores of WW2 veterans and also what they think of the UK now, not much by the sounds of it!


    What is interesting is that quite a few veterans say what housing was like when they got back from 5 long years serving the country. As you can imagine, with huge amounts of housing damaged in the blitz, it was a pretty dire situation until the country could start building new homes for all the young people returning. They lived in one room with their families etc and some really struggled to get on their feet. Some even came back to find their family homes were a pile of rubble, imagine that after you have just spent 5 years in a POW camp.

    In my own experience I can never ever recall my relatives from that generation mention anything about the value of their houses, perhaps they were just thankful they had a roof over their heads. From what I remember my granps bought his first house before the war 3 bed semi for £500 on one wage when he was about 26, anyone else got any examples of their family/friends from that era and their housing?

  2. The big tartan clad elephant in the room is how on earth can British citizens living in the north of the island get FREE education but those by accident of birth and residence of their parents get to be lumbered with nearly £30,000 of debt for a 3 year degree!!!

    So a young 18 year old in Carlise or Newcastle for the sake of 50 miles get a debt that will take them years and years to pay back.

    How can it even be legal!!??

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