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  1. i would be worried about corrupt officials on arrival, how many coins? maybe hide them in your butt like they do in P.O.W. movies
  2. http://www.coininvestdirect.com/en/silver_bullion/ 2nd quality is £1053.24 whereas 1st quality is £760.38 why would this be?
  3. where is the best place to buy physical? i got my silver from coininvestdirect not sure if i wanna go with bairds is there a country i can travel to without vat and buy there?
  4. is silver a good hedge against inflation even with the vat on original purchase
  5. i really am a noob and new to markets, im just a simpleton who likes pottering in the garden whats silver doing? from what i can see it going up and down marginally but predictions seem to be that itll go through the roof
  6. hmmmmm i think i may just stick with silver im trying to purchase from coininvestdirect and i can see the bar i want when not signed in, when i sign in it doesnt load the page or any page for that matter , is the site normally like that?
  7. i thought gold was more of a risk as it seems to be in a bubble.....would i be wrong?.. should i buy gold sovs?
  8. so is now a good time to buy or is it best to wait and see?
  9. whens the best time to buy from bairds? the prices seem to be changing a lot but i want to get my paws on the shiney asap
  10. i dont like the idea of etfs or any other form of finacial investment, if it all goes tits up all i would have is paper so i want to buy physical silver as an insurance against this i have about ten thousand sitting in a bank and i feel kinda uneasy about it even though its a decent honest bank (imho) i put an order in with bairds last night and after i filled out the shipping details the price had changed i was a little shocked, also they say you have 2 days to get the money to them and they will hold the price, what is the best way to get the cash to them and what happens if you go over t
  11. i see quite a difference between silver coins and bullion, why would this be?. which would be the best choice for investment also....where do you go to sell your silver back whne your finished with it ,do you simply mail it off to a dealer? ive been looking at http://www.coininvestdirect.com/ but i have trouble getting thier site to load just now...must be a lot of demand
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