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  1. This tactic doesn't always work. A friend at works mum sold her house a few months ago and before it was advertised had a few people look at it. One person offered full asking price. His mum then rejected this on the basis that if she got full asking price without it being advertised then surely its worth more on the open market. Needless to say she ended up selling for about 5k less than asking.
  2. +1 I personally know at least 4 couples who have had the deposit bank rolled by parents. One couple never even dealt with the estate agents as the girls dad did the entire thing! Another couple gifted the deposited as an early inheritance. Then one of the other couples saved for a wedding but the parents paid for it instead so they used the saved money as a deposit for their house.
  3. Chelsea and Man City are both owned by billionaires, few million pound loss is a drop in the ocean for them. Chelsea have been loss making since Abromovich took over.
  4. Thanks I did think they couldn't force a professional clean but was unsure of proof of this. Thanks again for your help
  5. Hi everyone Our tenancy is coming to an end and I've moved out already. The house has been cleaned top to bottom and is the same if not better than we moved in (we even added a minor improvement of a mirror and shelf in the bathroom). On our tenancy inspection report it says 'carpets were professionally cleaned prior to start of tenancy and proof required to confirm they have been tended to at the end'. Now if they were professionally cleaned it was a poor job as the smelt of old dog (previous tenant had a dog). We put on our stock list when moving in that this was the case so they knew about it. Now my concern is we've cleaned it to a professional standard do we still need proof? Because to hire a professional seems a waste of money when we know they wont make much difference.
  6. Yeah its rare you hear about people losing money on housing as people only ever talk about all the money they made on it. Although this isn't directly from the sellers mouth so they may spin it a different way.
  7. As mentioned in one of my previous post one of the guys at work is buying a place with his partner using the money from his parents as a deposit. Turns out they are now buying a place owned by his partners parents. From what i've been told and checked for myself the place was bought by the parents and the parents friend split 50/50. It was bought for 104k in 2011 and they are selling it to the guy at work and his partner for 90k. The parents are taking the full hit of the loss and the friend is getting their half of the money back. The place was being rented out and the tenant has now had to vacate (i've no idea how much is was being rented for). But still its quite a loss for the parents, they spun it as being an early inheritance. So not only have they stumped up the deposit they've sold the place at a loss as well. Apparently they are also selling their main residence and moving to cornwall. Shows how bad it is though when they have to stump up the deposit and sell the place for less than they bought just to house their child.
  8. I recently had a conversation with someone who is an immigration offer. He said even if we closed the borders today and didn't let a single person in there would still be an several years worth of backlogged work to get through. He also said a lot of illegals get into the country, then give themselves up when they want to go home so they get a free ride back to their home country then come right back over again. Apparently only 1 in 10 cars at the border are checked so getting through is quite easy you just have to be unlucky to be that 1 in 10.
  9. Its probably just the journalist not knowing the difference, in the same way they all confused national debt with the deficit.
  10. Not sure what you mean buy buying, i'm puting down a 10% deposit then mortgaging the rest if thats what you mean. Interest rate is 3.85% 2 year fix, a bit of a gamble but then so is buying a house full stop. Not sure I want to post links to similar houses as it might give the location away as there are not many houses in the road and they don't come up for sale very often.
  11. I've bought because needs must, I know the current situation is crazy but i've factored in interest rate rises etc and know I can afford to pay the mortgage if rates went up. I also have a girlfriend who's nesting instincts are going through the roof and I wanted a place to work on my car as its a hobby of mine so needed somewhere with a decent sized garage. This has been the main factor in buying a place. I've been looking for about 2 years and seriously looking for about 18 months before find the current place. As for my feelings on the market I really don't know, i've been following this site since 2008 (didn't register until a few years later) and I am just a bit fed up of waiting for crash that always seems around the corner but never comes. As for my work colleagues, I think they are naive and have fell into the housing propaganda of "you cant lose on houses" so they have no fears like we do. Hence why they are ready to accept htb etc. I could educate them but it usually falls on deaf ears and I like to keep my nose out of other people's finances. If they get burned then thats for them to deal with (harsh I know).
  12. Firstly the gold thing was me just getting a feel for it I only invested £20 hardly bank breaking. As for house buying I'm not using help to buy and would shy away from using it. The reason I never mentioned specifics on the house I am buying is because it wasn't ment to be the focus of the topic. Since you asked for it here it is. The location is Bedfordshire and its about 7% under the last sold price for the same house in this road which was 2011, which was lower than the 2007 price. All in its about 14% under 2007 prices. So I'm hardly stoking the bubble. Its also cheaper than houses of smaller size in worse areas which is why we went for it.
  13. Thanks, I didn't think me buying a house a house would this much controversy it wasn't even ment to be the focus of the thread. As for visiting this site its practically part of my morning routine so I will still return. I enjoy reading reading the comments on various posted threads. I might stick to lurking though.
  14. It does seem like anyone who even mentions they are buying a house is now classed as hacked or a VI. I visit this site every day (its my morning read during breakfast) and have been on this site for a long time. I can assure you its not been 'hacked'. By right price I mean its cheaper than anything we've looked at for the size. Also its just outside the south east where prices are not as mental as in London. We all want cheaper houses and its not that i'm fed up of renting its just I need something more suits my needs. This house is also in my home town which was out of reach until this place came along. Its a probate as well and is several thousands cheaper than the last sold price in the road which was in 2011. I have nothing to gain by trying to make people buy. Besides there can't be a crash unless people buy houses for less than the previously sold ones.
  15. Ha ha its not in spain (I wish!) its in the uk but is close to both our work places and we can walk to both our parents in 10 mins plus decent schools in the area. Its taken us a year of looking to find it but was worth the wait. Its funny cause the earlier in the year I was talking to some other colleagues who are more my age and they were all agreeing about how insane house prices are and how they will be unlikely to ever buy a house. It seems the only way to buy a house is to be gifted the deposit or use a government scheme to fund it.
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