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  1. It used to be the norm to have 5-10% of your portfolio in physical gold and is widely recommended even today (when we have been off the gold standard for >40 years.) But you think it isn't just bad advice but seriously bad to do so. Care to qualify such a maverick statement?
  2. Yep, you too DCA. Something similar needs to be resurrected, especially in the face of how violent the market has become!
  3. The Federal Reserve, BOE, ECB and BOJ (in cahoots with the large investment houses).
  4. I have some filthy fiat I'd like to dispose of! I imagine you are not the only one judging by available physical demand and rising premia! It will be very interesting to see if any major geopolitical events unfold over the weekend. Or perhaps this is just central banks stamping on counter currencies. Or maybe R K is correct and people are selling physical gold into the the most massive money printing exercise in all of existence (with no end in sight).
  5. I am growing a beard. An economic terrorist by not consuming!
  6. I think its holding up pretty well considering they are chucking everything including the kitchen sink at it almost daily!
  7. The price today at its lowest for many months (despite brazen manipulation) is still closer to the all time high than your prediction. What amazing foresight!
  8. Importantly removing the majority of the gold reserves of Cyprus means being locked into the euro, unable to back a new currency with anything of tangible value. Not great news for the cypriot economy given the size of the lending from the troika. Of course the Fed are jawboning about ending QE, and coincidentally Goldman Sachs have come out with another Gold to 13xx call. Hilarious considering the fundamentals. Must. Keep. Gold. Down!
  9. Public fake BOE debt is rising but private debt is actually falling, whilst each currency unit is worth less. Once wage inflation comes after some more tightening of real incomes then the public debt can be cancelled and the credit cycle can restart?
  10. I can't seem any other plan than: QE/deficit fund to maintain nominal asset prices whilst simultaneously inflating the currency gradually over 5-10 years. Wage inflation will appear as monetary austerity bites - the strike talks have already begun. Eventually nominal wages will support nominal asset prices and then the BOE asset purchases can be cancelled quietly. Surely that is the plan? Not working yet
  11. Dont know much about a carry trade. But surely borrowing japanese yen at 0% (being devalued into oblivion) and then buying a productive asset or bond in another currency seems a no brainer?
  12. BoJ has announced a massive printing programme today. Economies are shrinking and the only solution of the central banks and governments is money printing to offset credit deflation. They now cannot turn off the spigots without economic collapse - in fact they have to print more trying to engineer currency debasement and simultaneous stock market highs to try and con the populous into borrowing again. Gold may have a crap year but I wont sell. I view it as a beach ball held under the water. Fundamentals will reassert - and hopefully take a bankers arm off in the process.
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