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  1. Thank god for that. Now that an expert like you has confirmed the above, we can all rest easy
  2. I'm more interested in commercial property, if its like the UK, that would mean tenant is responsible for repair/insurance etc. Makes life easier, especially when you are in a different country.
  3. WA, I'll ignore your comment as I'm sure you are no oil painting yourself Rachman, I'm not saying you cannot borrow money to buy equity, just that most would not due to risk. FF
  4. Thanks. I was thinking of doing that, as well as Investors Chronicle
  5. It has exploded!! Have you not seen the prices these days? The recent laws now allowing the children born from donated semen to trace the donor mean supply has dried up, hence pushing up prices and and value of companies with large stocks. Malco, I would advise you to get into semen ASAP, but suspect you are already into it in many ways.
  6. Thank you for all the input so far. What exactly is the difference between an investor and active investor?
  7. Thanks Jon, why silver when all the hype seems to be gold?
  8. Many thanks. Interesting comment re Art of War. I've been meaning to read that for years as I love the quotes I've heard from it. So that will defo be one.
  9. Though it may not be the time for an amateur btler there are always oppurtunities for the more canny. The op was pertaining to investment for his kids, so thats a 18+ year outlook, perfect for property. You can also consider commercial property as its cycle differs to residential and involves less work. Lastly, my own personal humble opinion is that when there is a correction it will reverse quickly. The reason? People are sat there waiting for the prices to drop so they can jump in and buy. Owner occupiers and investors also. The mind set of bricks and mortar as an investment will never go away now.
  10. Forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but the loan raised on the ppr though used commercially will be a residential type mortgage. Does that pose a problem? Thanks
  11. ttrtrs, may I ask a quick question? Is the following assumption correct? Mr A owns his ppr outright valued at £200k. He then mortgages it for £150k( normal residential mortg) interest only and uses that £150k to buy a shop that he rents out. Can he write all of that £150k he raised off against the rental income from the shop? Does the mortgage lender stipulate that the money can't be used for a commercial purchase? Many thanks
  12. Thank you. I'm not after share tips, but something that explains investment in general especially the basics of shares, commodities, gilts, bonds, CFDs. What drives things to go up and down. How to analyse a stock or commodity.The effects of dollar/inflation. Basic chartist stuff. Would also like some history of previous bull and bear runs. Would any one book perhaps fit the bill? Many thanks
  13. Thanks for the input so far. I'm a bit suprised that no one has any other suggestions
  14. Anone here buying gold at the current high or waiting for a pullback? If the latter, what price? Thanks
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