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  1. Fine I'll bear that in mind whenever I see you quoting numbers. I happen to think the £1Mish market is not crashing (at the moment). You may think it is. What is certain is that the particular example in question is no proof one way or another. hmmm who was it that was initially making the point "the place valued at £1.3 million in the Grange that sold for £750k" Priceless!
  2. You said it was valued at 1.3M and sold for 750k.You were wrong. It was valued at 900k and sold for at least 775k and we discussed at length how this was likely a steal. Your post taken at face value would indicate that a property with HR valuation of 1.3M sold for 750k. That kind of selective VI reporting is what gets many a HPC loonie in a foaming at the mouth when they read the BBC website Oh, it sold for £1.2M in 2007, not £1.3M. A BIG drop to £800ish nevertheless. You could easily have made your point by accurately reporting the numbers rather than undermining yourself with exaggeration and misrepresentation. And don't tell me you don't have time to check-given your posting frequency we all know that's not true.
  3. Would this be the one with the HR valuation of £900k by any chance and went to fixed price of £775k? But hey what's £400k between friends when you're trying to make a point
  4. I tried the same thing today. The counter staff looked at me as if I had 2 heads, and people in the queue made peculiar gestures with their hand. Not sure what that means but clearly all concerned were very worried!!
  5. Exactly-the headline means exactly the opposite to what it is intended to mean. To use an example, you'd say "stop spending or risk bankruptcy". You would not say "stop spending or risk solvency"
  6. Plenty of mews have been converted over the years so that the stable/garage areas are now living accomm-even in edinburgh (Thirlestaine lane?). May not be your cup of tea (or mine) but they clearly have planning for change of use and it is clearly a mews flat so I am puzzled as to why you think it is mis-described.
  7. But that's what mews are-garages (originally stables) with living quarters above. I don't see what the fuss is about apart from the fact it should be called a mews studioflat
  8. Giving £100k to charity = altruistic Selling £900k property for £800k = stupid. And before you go into more market theory-it sounds like 900k was achievable with little extra effort so £800k is even below the utility satisficing level PS. You have a bizarre definition of "nice" as someone whose action may indirectly benefit yourself. Would you view me as "most incredibly fantastic" if I sold up for £100k less than my house is worth??
  9. Could you enlighten us as to why he is confused? You just state he is confused and offer no explanation. Your post is far more confusing than his
  10. If you want to make money in this city buy some scaffold poles and join the same rotary club as the councillors.
  11. Bear in mind that if something is NOT mentioned in the home report and a subsequent buyers survey picks up a big issue backed up by specialists estimates then an adjustment in the price can easily be demanded by the buyer to take this into account. After all the home report valuation is not taking this issue into account.
  12. Exactly. I'd say that anything that sells in 2 months is sensibly priced in any market. Anything that does not is clearly over-priced. In a bear market is is particularly imprudent to market at non-sensible prices since a few months later the previously sensible price will be too high!
  13. If they truly sold their property for a lot less than they could have got for it with minimal extra effort then they have been naive or foolish or both, possibly badly advised and taken for a ride. If they want to be 'nice' why not go to closing date, get the market value for the property and give £100k to charity? If they sold a 900k property for 800k then all theyve done is hand £100k to some lucky (and rich) buyer. Hardly a deserving cause. It all sounds very bizarre if you ask me. Hell if I was the EA I'd have bought it for £775k. Think about it... And as for this wishy washy notion of not seeing your house as a source of wealth but of happiness-I'm sorry but what planet are you on? What on earth is wrong with trying to get the most for your property? No different from a buyer wanting to pay the least for their property. Any idiot that sells their place for well under market value will quickly find themselves trading down to the arches under waterloo bridge after a few moves. But what the hell-they'll have spread some "happiness" and have been "sensible" in your eyes
  14. Sounds like they have more money than sense. Why are you so effusive with praise-were you the lucky buyer?
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