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  1. About time we had someone like him on, the guys a ledg. And if you've taken the time to hear him speak about issues (other than the few he's famous for), the guy is always bang on the money. Go for it John let em have it, tell em how it is. And while I'm at, John for PM!
  2. And so is not building enough affordable housing for all those that need them. But then I suppose it takes a few brain cells to work out that those of us without decent affordable housing and a place we can call our own, might want to actually get back into work and have a go at setting up a small business from a bit of space around us rather than trying to do it from a 6 ft square bedroom!
  3. And then you get the bleeding heart sob stories of "how hard" they have worked for what they've got. No mention though of all the state benefits they received in helping them to get to where they are now!
  4. Trying to make me feel guilty on this subject won't work. I'm not one of those that bust this country with selfish greed and rode roughshod over all those from the greatest generation who fought and laid down their lives for a better country. Maybe the boomers should have thought more about those who never made it home instead of pretenting they care about those who died, and making the younger generations feel guilty about the war and telling sob stories as if they were in it!
  5. Don't forget it's Boomer night tonight, the Boomers are back in town.... Haven't seen much of this hardship they keep on about though (Their parents yes, and the miners not being paid a decent wage). As far as I can see at the moment they've been spunking it up with Access, the flexible friend on the old foreign holidays etc. I'm still waiting to see where they "Worked hard for everything they've got"! What's tonights programme about, here have a free house courtesy of your children then you can laugh at them when they are old enough to vote and tell them it's all their fault that they can't
  6. Seems like they had a lot of fun back then. I thought it would all be quiet and boring as they were to busy "working so hard for everything they've got"!
  7. That all depends when you had your kids. If your from the era of MIRAS, CB, cheap housing and a single wage being able to look after a family, totally different to todays situation. What we have now is the result of the greed and selfishness of the "Never had it so good" generation who didn't want to recognise that fact and stole all they could from the next generation only to give a bit back to a certain group.
  8. It is amazing how in such a short space of time we went from a generation who fought and died for their country and children, to a generation who are so selfish and are quite happy to destroy said country for the sake of their own unearned wealth over their children.
  9. They keep telling us we need those people though, aren't they the investors who create jobs?
  10. Totally agree and the final sentence on my previous post applies to you just as much as it does to those without children "People need to start living within their means, not an expected lifestyle that is funded by those less fortunate". i.e. why should you fund those richer than you. Headache? not sleepless nights? It is amazing how those on £42,475 feel the need to scrounge off the state, yes they pay in and so do all those working without kids. If people only took what they needed rather than everything they are entitled too maybe we would all see a lower tax take, and the many rather t
  11. It is surprising how some can't see the wider damage being caused when a certain group have money piled on them is beyond me. Compaired to those without, those with kids certainly have a much easier ride. Take a look around and what have we got, an economy that's now priced itself to familys with kids which basically shafts those without and especially the young because everyone is aware of the minimum amount of money those with kids have. Tropher Bear and Hellsbells have pointed out how expensive kids clothes are, why is this I wonder? How on earth did we get to the stage where those with ki
  12. Scrap it, along with child tax credits and working tax credits etc. This is why this country is so damn expensive to live in and the reason we have trouble competing with other countries in anything. It's no wonder single people and the young have such a hard time these days trying to get anywhere while those with kids are living the life of riley. As reading through some of these posts confirms, there are those that are prepared to fiddle their income just so that they can continue to receive the benefits even though they admit that they don't actually need it. Then there's that group that s
  13. Over that thing that created cardboard cities, destroyed communities and industry, forced everyone to have their wages paid into a bank account so that the financial sector could gamble with them, slap a tax on everyone over the age of 18 and force them to pay the exorbitant amount or end up in court even if you didn't earn said money or were lucky enough to have a roof over your head (not even mentioning those houses she freely gave away and refused to build more for people who so desperately needed them). And that war mongering liar and his disgusting wife I'll take Benn, he at least is s
  14. And now quickly on its way to being a third world country. Short term gain for long term pain, no thought for the future. How wonderful it's all turned out pricing your fellow offspring out of their own country just so a certain generation/group could feel rich!
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