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  1. http://amalgamator.co.uk/2011March7th.aspx Silver should read up to 125$ before it peaks
  2. Depends on the measure. by salary do you actually mean salary, or income? The median income, factoring in benefits etc, is roughly 25k, gross. BUT! this is based on those actually paying tax (ie on the taxmans data that is used to calculate this). Housewives etc not included, or young Xavier who has just come back from travelling and doesn't want to work in Mcdonalds.
  3. I don't really understand if this is a political or economic move by the chancellor. I thought he wanted inflation? But more contrarian-to-the-contrarian posting by our resident economic-ignoramus, Realistbear, I see!
  4. When it comes to the markets, you really are ignorant.
  5. Wow! I'm really pleased to see so many (a majority) on here in favour of higher petrol prices. I thought I was a lone dissenting voice. Realbear, you can delete this embarassing thread
  6. I get the same smug feeling when people whine about petrol price increases as when people moan about their house price going down.
  7. Hooray! another sensible do-er rather than whiner. I did just this ^
  8. Again, you don't speak for me. I am investor in "big oil".
  9. Most laughable post I've read in a while here. Why do you assume I as a "HPCer" want lower petrol prices? I want much HIGHER prices for this gloop that I don't buy anyway. Besides, it raises prices elsewhere in the economy creating inflationary pressure - which in turn leads to pressure to increase interest rates, which is ultimately what I want given its implications for house prices.
  10. To be fair, it was actually the weathers fault this time. The figures adjusted for the weather would have been flat.
  11. Independent ones regulary do. You don't sound so cynical when Andrew Sentance talks though?
  12. These 30k figures don't include the land cost though, right? How much would it cost me to buy a patch of land in the suburbs, buy a prefab, sort out the foundation etc, and erect it on my bit of land? I doubt its much cheaper.
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