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  1. IF there are around 600 MPs that works out at an average of £167,000 each in expenses.
  2. Don't worry, there won't be another bubble until the last one has deflated. It's just more propaganda designed to encourage more people to take on debt and keep the market propped up.
  3. The market is distorted by unrealisticlally low interest rates. So many people are hanging on by the skin of their teeth and it won't take much of an increase for the whole lot to tumble.
  4. Why is it cheaper? Because it is being propped up. And when the prop is taken away by market forces, which it will be, house prices will collapse. What would you rather?
  5. Buy this! Apart from the hilarious title '12 bedroom apartment' and interesting use of a new English verb 'to tenant' as in 'the properties are currently tenanted' is the landlord expecting someone to pay £1.2 million (bulk discount!)
  6. Although cash has not done well against inflation, the great advantage is its liquidity - you can use it at any time. In the next couple of years if you see a house that you can get at the right price, the cash is ready!
  7. Actually it depends on individual contracts - it can be good or bad depending on the Ts & Cs. A few are bad, many are just OK and there are a few very good ones. Also, the alternatives to PFI are in many cases appalling.
  8. I started a similar topic in 2008 - their predictions are hilarious, but then look at who they are. CEBR antics
  9. You seem to be blaming this web site and yourself for a greed-driven property market. If you are stuck renting you can at least take cofort from knowing that interest rates are at historic lows yet the market has fallen and is still falling, albeit slowly with many property 'owners' on the brink of bankruptcy.
  10. You'll struggle to find 4% anywhere! That's the problem. But property bulls are still in abundance and will continue to jump in until they are extinct.
  11. Hence the takeover... It all depends who their customer base is, why they made a loss, future projections of income etc If they were struggling to cover a cashflow problem because they have invested heavily and have a bright future everything may be just fine. If they made a loss due to inefficiency, unforseen costs etc then jobs will have to go - the problem with a 'takeover' is that jobs could go from either side! Very unlikely that your group has taken over a zombie company - just do som research.
  12. I'd be really interested to hear how this mythical inflating away of government debt is supposed to work! Maybe Derren Brown can help. As far as I am aware, high inflation equals devalued sterling, equals high interest rates equals increasing debt not decreasing debt.
  13. No rises seen from where I'm standing. Prime London property maybe - due more to the foreign market and weak pound meaning prices to foreigners have fallen over 50%. In other areas, modest bounce, stagnation but that's about it. I haven't seen any cheap money either. I said in March on here, prices would rise until October time, some bounce of which I understand is a typical pattern following a long period of falls in a market crash, then continue their long slide down... unemployment, high IRS (they will be forced on the Government as sterling falls more), and repossessions have barely started to bite. Government has borrow hugely to prop the failed market up (like a stranded motorist frantically keeping a punctured tyre inflated by pumping more air in) but even Brown's borrowing is coming to and end, again not of choice but because more borrowing is unsustainable. Oh, and anybody who thinks property is a hedge against inflation, think again. The property market in this country is ultimately only at a level that is affordable - when inflation goes through the roof, so will IRs and basic salaries will (as always) fail to keep pace with inflation.
  14. Just to let you know this is my last post. Why? There isn't much debate left to have. The bubble has burst, the market has crashed. It is currently on life support, but the bull market is finished. All the best.
  15. Just to let you know this is my last post. Why? There isn't much debate left to have. The bubble has burst, the market has crashed. It is currently on life support, but the bull market is finished. All the best.
  16. No, the assets they are primarily interested in are equities and corporate bonds. Not house prices!
  17. There's so much crap being spouted out here. If Sterling collapses, global markets will raise our long term interest rates. At the moment is it low and the Bank is trying to keep IRs low. They won't succeed in the long run. See what that'll do to house prices. Your STR fund is as safe in cash as anything else as long as you are planning to buy sterlin assets - ie. a house in the UK.
  18. Sorry, but there is nothing in the speech to say that QE is designed to boost house prices! Where on earth did you get that from?
  19. He shows all the stupidity one might expect from a professor of economics. High inflation equals high interest rates. Asset prices fall, commodity prices rise. Overall, no benefit to the economy, just destabilization and consequent deterrent to new business.
  20. Rubish. City Link, FedEx etc all deliver everywhere. Still, maybe keep the 'Royal Snail' for the Outer Hebrides and Scotland in general and the rest of us can stop subsidising their deliveries.
  21. Nothing worse than Royal Mail. They don't even bother to knock where I live. The number of times I've had to pick up from the depot because some post operative can't be bothered to wait. I hope the whole business goes over to private sector.
  22. It makes no sense to use military personnel to do admin things - much of the admin is associated with the massive procurement programme that is needed to support defence. Rather different to every other government department. The number could undoubtedly be reduced but maybe not by as much as it seems.
  23. Can't believe it takes 85,000 to turn out the garbage Microsoft produces. Still we're OK with Windows 7 - it's been tested by the CEO's 14 year old son!
  24. They didn't 'chose' to trash either. Both have suffered. Sterling will not be allowed to fall below 1 Euro but house prices can and will still go down.
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