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  1. LOL Hi everyone, yes is the answer i did get a hard time the other day.I was only saying that friends have sold there property,and its good that others are divergent otherwise this forum would be mondane even thou i did feel a little beset, and of course you always get the pc hard men who slag you off as they know you will never meet them, maybe they should join are army lol as if a. Times at the mo in the taxi trade are ok, we are one of the first to feel it if all looks bad so i will let you know if it changes.In my humble opinion taxis fare should be cheaper we would get more trade, thou since Ken has been Mayor he has put the fares up its out of our hands and we have lost trade since he has done this.
  2. Sorry mate didn't think the 1st one got posted as i had to start my membership again.
  3. Ok Dr bubb, sorry if have upset you in any way didn't mean to, got out of the wrong side of the bed today and just abit fed up waiting, it seems like its never going to happen sorry mate.
  4. DrBubb my friend i dont wish to earn money from property, thats the whole issue here i just want to be able to buy a property to live in with my family.I am not intrested in materialistic ******** like money and status mate when you die mate you cant take any of that with you and what you leave the goverment take back anyway.I dont wish to sound to divergent im sorry if i do im just abit pissed with it all. Thanks for the replies people.
  5. Hi everyone its been a while since i last posted on this site, my last post was about a friend who was selling his 3 bed terr in waltham abbey for 200 grand,and i was saying you wont sell it mate guess what 4 months ago it sold for the asking price. So i have just mugged myself again another mate of mine had his 2 bed flat(ex council)in central london on the market for 270 grand,oh dear guess what it sold for the asking price,now my friends i know jack shit about all of this except what i read on this site and i visit the site every day for a read,so i am begining to believe we might have got this wrong in a way that the bloody crash isn't happening and dudes like Minted if you can remember him did have it right,i am still waiting and waiting and waiting its not going down my friends and to be quite honest have put my trust in alot of peoples views on this site,PEOPLE ARE STILL BUYING so maybe it is different this time.Thats it my rant is over its time to jump from a high building and curse and swear about this f....king site all the way down.
  6. Hi everyone, i haven't posted for a while but always visit the site,the last post i done was about my friends house in Waltham abbey about six months ago, he had it up for sale for 200 hundred grand and within six weeks it sold for the asking price,another friend has put his two bed ex council flat up for sale in the clerkenwell area in London for 270 grand, he had loads of intrest and has just sold for the asking price,so it seems as people are still buying property no matter what, maybe it is different this time and we are wrong about the crash. I like most people have been waiting for this to happen but the media plays a big part in this and all the news is positive with the reports they give, and also the FTSE doing so well, plus most get intrest only mortgages which can work out affordable,and i know from talking to people that they look at it like if they buy for 160 grand lets say on intrest only in 10-15 years what they earn in wages to now the mortgage always gets smaller or something like that i think you get what i mean lol,anyway from sitting back and waiting for 3 years it dont look good for us,This time it must be different from before otherwise it would be happening and its not, and last year they said there was a dip, well if so property didn't drop much did it, i do hope people can reply to this post but it dont look good.
  7. Hi everyone thanks for your replies, i am hanging on and it seems like its going to last forever just needed some reassurance.
  8. Hi everyone, i have been on this site quite often for a few years, and still no crash is it going to be different this time as the BOE have control over intrest rates,when i speak to people they still think we are mad saying there is going to be a crash,i am a bit red faced as my mate has just sold his house in waltham abbey for 200 grand,thats what he had it up for and a ftb bought it,whats stopping this from happening the boom has happened but no bust is it different this time?
  9. Hi everyone you have no chance of a council flat, most people who own there own propertys have never give there council flats back they keep them and rent them out or they exchange them for places which are worse than theres and charge money for the exchange.Please dont think i am hood winkiing you i know alot of people that do this or who have done this, it helps them pay there mortgage. This is another problem when everything is so expensive people find ways around the situation which in this case is the price of housing.You get all these people with there opinions and there news and there graphs live in the real world this situation is bad and only going to get worse.I spoke to a young aussie girl she said she was renting a room in a four bed house, the lady whose in charge is getting the rent paid by the goverment and also charging the people who rent the rooms and this is a council house its not her's, thats the way this is all going. I wish everyone the very best.
  10. Hi i posted a few months ago that a friend of mine had just put house on the market in waltham abbey 200k, shock horror it sold for the asking price ftb bought it . Dont make any sense ftb still paying top dollar for it is it ever gonna crash, Its like watching paint dry, are we the blind leading the blind.I told my friend if he thought it was going to sell he was on drugs lol looks i need to get some of them drugs!
  11. Hi everyone i thought that EA's arranged the price of your property,but they are saying that the homeowners are being greedy well that means they will never come down.Sorry to sound so negative but it seems to be taken age's to see some good drops in price's
  12. Hi i have two friends both girls lol lucky me,both gone bankrupt in the last month owing 12/15 grand on credit cards
  13. Hi it seems when you read the news that things in the housing market are slowing down,but when i bring the subject up in the taxi people say they wont drop the price.I have friends who are selling at the moment there house has been on the market for five months and they still wont drop the price it seems to be the trend.Does there have to be a big change in the economy to start this HPC, i am not that clued up on the last crash only from what you lads say but there isn't the downturn in the economy as what there was last time and most companies seem to be doing ok the taxi trade is ticking along ok at the moment and we are one of the first to feel the effect of a downturn as most of are passengers in central london are office workers they always get a reciept.Oh well its a standoff it seems its going to be a slow process, i thought it would happen alot quicker than this.
  14. Hi three years ago this property was 105,000. We was looking at houses in this area ,what a change in prices OMG. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-445..._t=buy&chnl=buy
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