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  1. Some great new boozers opening in Leeds. Veritas a few weeks ago - a real ale and wine bar. Bierkeller - a basement German bar with strong German ales served to the table by busty wenches. Hedley Verity, a new Wetherspoons always serving lots of real ale. The pubs that are closing are crappy ones that only served Carling, "smooth" (whatever that is) and Guinness to the same bunch of middle-aged tattoed pot-bellied louts. The pubs that are opening are ones serving decent beer and wine in a more pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Er, is the OP a thick as piece of sponge? We have deflation, if you hadn't realised. if you don't believe me, then speak to Mervyn King. Do not think that you know more than people who know more than you.
  3. I was seriously* worried when I heard this adenoidal communist speak. It's as if they've not even looked at the country over the last 30 years. They have their theories about how things should be, and reality must fit that. * they spoke seriously, and that is the worry, as if government was an alternative to the market. Why must they assume that government has to do everything for everyone? Do they not realise that 98% of us can sort out our own affairs?
  4. Yes, but will you get there in time? Cantona was the master of chip shots, but that was a master one "BBC is rubbishing the idea" Oh, maybe I'm wrong then After I've just heard them saying we have to pay £7,000,000,000 to Ireland so that they can continue to buy haircuts and Capucciinos off us
  5. The £7bn British bail out of Britain suggests differently. (No typo) Pre-announcing 20% VAT lets companies put their prices up in advance so that when you do actually drop it to 15% the "deflationary" shock is the so much greater.
  6. Was he speaking English? Election in Jan 2011 if he can last that long?
  7. We will print. VAT cut to 15% in Jan instead of 20%. Oh no sh!t we have deflation, print, print, print. Don't you think they have this stuff figured out?
  8. Your "tenants" would rent off you and then sub-let at the true market rate. How would you stop this?
  9. It was the rich "protesting" in London. Look at the fun they were having. Even when they invaded that building, they were "dancing" like idiots. If they were truly angry they wouldn;t have done that. The anger will come later. The anger will mean the Baby Boomers will not get their pensions.
  10. Why would they print? Inflation is above target. Growth is healthy. Oh, but of course, just because their pensions are inflation-linked it means they want to print to oblivion. Why would they want to destroy the economy to spite everyonre else just so their pension is OK while everyone suffers? Not quite heard much reason from the conspiracists on this one
  11. A few years younger than you but on a similar wage, that is up north though so it goes a bit/lot further. Based on those I know, I'm in the top 10% of earners in the north, but still in some crappy shoebox. So much for social mobility. However 've learnt to accept a bed for the night is just that, don't care about suburban bull any more. In fact I find the bigger houses and gardens back there more claustrophobic as you can't escape back there. I know very few in their 20s who are even thinking about houses. This also feeds into relationships and I know very few who are seriously thinking abou
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