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  1. Really good idea OP... Ive just sent my local Council an email requesting: 1 - The average monthly expenditure on housing benefit for each of the last three years. 2 - The average number of housing benefit claimants per month for each of the last three years. Ive just received my reply stating data will be available after 28 April 2011......... BUT A FEE WILL BE PAYABLE !! Out-feckin-rageous
  2. It does when compaired to recent local sale prices on the land registery - plus he's valued it much lower £160k
  3. Village just South of Horsham (Dont want to give the exact name) Very nice rural location, small village primary school, quaint shops etc and very little in the way of any house price reductions just yet.
  4. First one was a RICS survey and valuation kindly paid for by a relative... The Colleys one we had to pay for when we applied for the mortgage - Which by the way is under 100k with a 30% deposit. Im all for HPC and been holding off buying for years in hope prices will drop, ive got a growing young family squeezed into a 2 bed rented flat... Pisses me off for Colleys to state a 3 bed semi in Mid Sussex go for between £130k - £160k [email protected] clowns - I wish this were true then maybe there wouldn't be so famlies like mine living in substandard rented accommodation saving their hard earned for de
  5. Dont get me wrong mate im all for HPC, the house belonged to a family member who has had to go into a hospice and the house must be sold asap - I offered 70-80k below its current market value and had it accepted If it wasnt for this property I wouldn't even consider purchasing at this time. My point is Colleys have not valued the propery at it's current market value, however over inflated it maybe. Like it or not properties in this area of Sussex are still being sold at or little below peak..
  6. We've just had a valuation carried out by Colleys for a mortgage application with Halifax. The colleys valuation has come back 20% lower than our independent home buyers report valuation. Were now going to struggle to get the mortgage we wanted. The property is based in a nice rural area of West Sussex where average house prices of this type are around the £225k mark. Infact the house next door sold last Sept for £226k. The colleys surveyor reports that houses of this type and in this area are valued at £130k - £160k... Utter nonesense ! A quick check on the land registery shows the l
  7. Feck him obviously had more money than sense... I cant think of a worse place to live with young children you would never be able to relax living that close to a river
  8. Wallop very apt name that .... Wallop - there goes the house - the luxury car and Caribbean hollidays twice a year
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