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  1. Here's hoping your degree wasn't in Economics
  2. Something going down here Zerohedge reporting a possible bank run in Italy and need for a Euro Tarp like tomorrow
  3. There would appear to be a risk that the mortgage gets sold on and the savings account doesn't, then the outfit (a day later) goes bust.
  4. As Ed Balls was saying, all that stimulus was helping the US economy to grow faster than Europe.........
  5. 1 CHF is overpriced until we have 15-20pc inflation and they don't, leading to more devaluation here leading to more inflation. Postfinance.ch offers interest, or there is even a Credit Suisse a/c offering 2.5pc until Xmas I think. 2 Why not hold Gold?
  6. I'd buy Krugerrands then take a view in 20 months' time If as is likely they ve printed money kept interest rates low then your Krugers will be worth 50% more than now, but you'd still hold onto them and remortgage at low % Is it really likely rates will be at 7%, and gold fallen in £? You could always put your own stop loss on gold so you sell it at 70% of buy price and pay off most of your mortgage but I really doubt this will be necessary.
  7. Job movement, that's all. No room for marketing managers selling timeshares to financial services salesmen selling employment insurance to estate agents selling BTL to marketing managers. Bring on the real jobs. Bring on making Dennis Sabres again in Guildford.
  8. +1 here Of basically the same POV Consider UK property as our new gold standard Observe its price stability vs Sterling over the past 5 years compared with gold, commodities, currencies (excluding USD) In ounces of gold, silver, CHF, EUR, commodities ETFs, the risk in UK property (with a good deal) is starting to diminish. Sure I will still hold physical gold, silver, CHF, resource equities. Sterling and some ETF s, EUR will shortly be converted into 60-70% UK real estate here, with 30%-40% borrowed on a 3 year fix, which I might pay back with sold gold before 3 years Just have to secur
  9. To be honest, Racial Equality Advisors have a far higher productivity in Slough then ICI could dream of. Good jobs drive out bad.
  10. Precisely, and which business model has the greatest longevity? Which car would you buy? Which Company would you invest in?
  11. This is where Evan Davis came unstuck on his documentary last week. His thesis was that as economies shift upmarket manufacturing goes out of the window to be replaced by design at front end and marketing at back end. The UK was on the right track according to him, because we'd shifted manufacturing out. This is tosh. If you think about BMW, in the UK we are unlikely to get their design work or much in the way of worldwide marketing. You just don't normally design, develop and prototype a car or other complex mechanical item thousands of miles from where it is being made, unless you're talk
  12. We are probably talking folk born born pre-1963. Totally random , but 1970 was, I believe, the beginning of young trendy-lefties in teaching, replacing the old Squadron Leaders and Corporals from WW2 and National Service. Anybody without grounding, 7 to 10 years old, before the lefties got hold, has a different outlook on life, work and society. Parental outlook in these years parallels the situation and gives a +/- to the teacher profile.
  13. Too upbeat by far Why not do a comparison ARM Holdings vs Siemens? MG Chinese kits vs Mercedes? Pilkington vs Nippon or St Gobain? whoops Pilkington is Nippon. Chocolate biscuits and running shoes can be made and sold just about anywhere The truth is we have 1% rocket science, a few percent real creative industies, like design, software and architecture holding up a crumbling parasitic and/or unskilled 90%
  14. Where to start, central-ish areas Most "desirable"-Jericho/North Oxford, close to centre but next to no room or parking space and pay £300k+ for a decent flat. Only views of the canal and beardy academics. "Edgy" but up and coming and the place to be - St Clements and Cowley cum Iffley Road. Cheapr, more exciting and the biz. Not quiet, some parking, walk into town. Views of trendy students, trendy trendies and occasional hippy or chav. Botley-boring but a bit cheaper then North Ox and still near the station. Wolvercote - boring and cheaper and further from the station. More views of natur
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