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  1. you might just be right! i have just slapped myself with that wet kipper and and i now quote a revised 200k! long day...
  2. its not even that big a box, right on the main road and impo needs full redecoration.380k for this one me think!
  3. equally as hopefull! http://www.simpsonsproperty.co.uk/fe_property/property_details.asp?property_id=2020
  4. thats my point.Presumably they paid 343k for a run down bungalow and thought they could not loose! bad timing and even worse pricing!
  5. if they bought for 343k and spent maybe 100k they have got to get 450-500k to break even, hence i assume the pasking price.I am sure they will be happy to get away evens from this one.A classic case of paying too much for your development project.
  6. ok maybe i am going soft! but it is a nice quiet road, nice garden with some views and well fitted (so far as you can tell from the pics) so does "tick the boxes".I think about 380-400 is fair.
  7. to be fair they have done a nice renovation job - the price is still at least over 150k too much - the problem is that there are idiots out there who will offer close to the asking price! who these people are i really dont know
  8. This has been on the market for years! i think te price has dropped from 530k to 510k after many years.Does the seller actually want to sell???! http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.aspx?edid=00&salerent=0&pid=10186753
  9. [ Big sunglasses - check tan - check massive completely unnecessary 4x4 - check bermuda shorts - check 750k cash on hip to buy some crazily overpriced pile of crap....thats my stumbling block..oh well
  10. ok, that clinches it, i am moving to Mumbles!
  11. so what is the swansea west lifestyle anyway? can anyone name the key features?
  12. Fair play TMT you have trumpted me with that 725k flat! Best of luck to the vendors with that one
  13. does this look value to you? http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.aspx?edid=00&salerent=0&pid=10195363
  14. A stalemate the EAs can ill afford!
  15. Thw local mumbles EAs can try all they like to keep prices high! They are dropping and they know it! A couple of months with very few sales will perhaps sharpen minds?!
  16. interesting, thanks MT.How about this for a contender for most overpriced property?! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-20136399.html
  17. yes, you are right, looks like the AJ properties have been taken by JF! Not a positive sign for the area.
  18. cant confirm but it certainly would not suprise me - they have hardly any properties for ages and dont seem to advertise much - i am sure some people would not even know they exist! 499k - i would not pay this price - likely to need a full renovation ? 150k and then what are you left with? a house with thundering traffic 20 feet from your bedroom and all sorts up and down the prom - the back gate to the prom has graffitti all over it already!
  19. I am suprised they reduced this one! seemed like great value! http://www.wewillhomes.co.uk/property-details/west-glamorgan/swansea/langland-3
  20. Mad - would not pay 90k for that! Yes - the leaflets contained some miskates - the 4 bedroom detached on Rotherslade road was on for 290K and the flat on the sam eroad for 495k - they mixed the pictures up! - good to see the attention to detail by the agent - i would not be happy if i was the vendor
  21. did you notice the prices/pictures were wrong?!
  22. looks like someone has gone for this one! http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002210679&CURRENCY=GBP
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