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  1. was on for 487.5k - very dark, right on main road.What terrible laminates flooring!!!!
  2. interesting - cannot be too long until that branch closes! a few agent IMPO have far too many branches to be viable anyway, probably about time a few went.
  3. MT you are right about that one on higher lane.The bloke who owns it has built a new house for himself in the back garden hence split drive way.I think he expects to get the same ammount for the old house had he not taken over half the original garden and plonked a big house on it! Cake and eating it springs to mind.
  4. Not selling! was 750k then 725 - 675 - 650 now 600! still too much? http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002148849&CURRENCY=GBP
  5. I think you are right MT! http://www.tiptoptens.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/nuclear-warhead.jpg
  6. This is interesting - it was sale agreed for months at an asking price of 750k - now look whats happened! Bank not lending? maybe someone realising this is not worth 750k!! http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002210679&CURRENCY=GBP
  7. dropped this one by 40k! it does make you wonder why on earth they put it on for 350k just a few weeks ago, they are supposed to be professional property experts yet get it so wrong. http://www.simpsonsproperty.co.uk/fe_property/property_details.asp?property_id=2038
  8. i cant believe they have had to reduce this one...seemed such good value at 595k http://www.findaproperty.com/for-sale/property-10224417
  9. 3 feet from a crazy busy main road! unbelievable.... http://www.simpsonsproperty.co.uk/fe_property/property_details.asp?property_id=2049
  10. Linden avenue Mayals!!!! who are they kidding ! Really just makes the EA look completely stupid!
  11. Thanks MT, as you probably know, the yellow one was the end of the terrace a few years ago then they presumably sold the garden to the side and the house on the right of the picture was built in the land (maybe about 6-10 years ago) Probably why the garden split is odd.
  12. no - i dont think a building plot came as part of the package.I had a look at this one before it went to auction and was very disappointed.That said if you buy it for 400k spend 100k and it it going to be better value and nicer than that Bryn Newydd stuff on for 525k!
  13. im no builder but 75k i think is optimisitic! needed a full job inside and out.I cant believe anyone would pay close to 400k - mad.
  14. no one cycles "past" lambswell close, its a cul - de - sac??????
  15. in that particular block! bought it 4 years ago.Yes, quite a few have gone off - i notice the one on slade road for 495k has gone off - was quite nice but with a massive flat roof over a rear extention - might well have put people off
  16. i would imagine almost everyone who has bought in that block is facing a considerable loss, i know one guy who deeply regrets buying a 2 bed at the height of the boom for 180k - is really going to struggle to shift it
  17. Yet another grossly over priced dormer bungalow on the main road - nice enough kitchen but really, 475k!.I would imagine anyone considering this might want to buy the west wing of Cefn Coed instead (cheaper with more facilities) http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/ShowProperty.asp?css=&CompanyID=JNFSMUMB&AgencyID=JNFSMUMB&ID=JKP10648
  18. and i thought i was a dreamer! so what would you go for MT? Budget 500k within Swansea?
  19. sorry ! option 2 http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/ShowPhotos.asp?CompanyID=DAWSMUMB&ID=DUP01743&pic=1 Offers over 1 mil with dawsons.
  20. Ok which one would you go for?? Option 1 http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002369987&CURRENCY=GBP Option 2 http://www.dawsonsproperty.co.uk/properties_for_sale.php
  21. This is also a joke IMPO..its a dormer bungalow FFS! http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.aspx?edid=00&salerent=0&pid=8754061
  22. Interesting re Rotherslade Road.A couple of houses have been on for a very long time.Is there some problem with that road???? At one stage nearly all of it was up for sale not so long ago.
  23. 2 words..... http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002369987&CURRENCY=GBP Ha Ha!
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