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  1. This one sold for 500k about 4 weeks ago - now back on the market for 575k! http://www.findaproperty.com/for-sale/property-11824489
  2. all very well having a view but if you are going to get burgled twice a week?! With regards to price you can buy a decent 4 bed detached in Bishopston for 270k!! who are these people kidding? (not us thats for sure)
  3. 400k i dont think is far from the mark.Probably needs alot spent on it.If old lady has died and bearing in mind IT threshold if there are 3 siblings the difference in their back pocket if it sells for 400 or 500 is very little.They may just want a quick sale.
  4. link to this property please?
  5. good spot MT - 495k f***ing ridiculous!!! - no orther way to put it...sectioned up the coed next move.
  6. LINK BROKE - it the one in Beaufort Av langland!!
  7. Was on at 895k with GCP now 750k a few months later!!! quite a drop! http://www.dawsonsproperty.co.uk/properties_for_sale.php
  8. MT even better! - buy em both and knock through making a 4 bed! Right im off to put in an offer!
  9. ok, better keep him happy if he is a good customer! This one is back on! when will they realise is woth about 130 at most http://www.findaproperty.com/for-sale/property-11508258
  10. SPA! you usually talk so much sense! that place is just awful, inside and out, i really would not live there if you paid me! Has it been a long week?!
  11. nice enough place but would you want everyone who drives past looking into your front room? all well and good having a feature glass wall but its got to be done on the right house.I have also heard a few quite negative rumours surrounding the whole clyne set up etc
  12. as time passes and those new fittings get a bit grubby and worn, what are they left with? a bungalow worth over 500k? i dont think so..if they are happy to pay developers premium best of luck to em! a risky purchase in this market imho
  13. at least a quake might smash that place down!
  14. never seen such a ugly house as that tycoch monstrosity! What a dreadful place
  15. nobodys told JF! http://www.findaproperty.com/for-sale/property-11265240
  16. no thats the one next door on with GCP for 450k! been on for a long time
  17. jesus christ!! http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002462614&CURRENCY=GBP
  18. link broke - its that 560k bungalow in langland on with dawsons!
  19. SSTC - one born every minute!!! http://www.dawsonsproperty.co.uk/properties_for_sale.php
  20. Observations today - Student Digz painting their office a nice blue colour on Mansel St. Lots of reduced properties in Property Post Lots listed as new, but have been on for ages recently with other agents. Gower Coast Properties who once told me " we never have to pay to advertise" have taken out a full page spread!!
  21. No wonder nothing is selling - i mean look at this - bloody mad!! http://www.simpsonsproperty.co.uk/fe_property/property_details.asp?property_id=2075
  22. go under? good! they have ruined the market in Swansea for years
  23. this one was on with Dawsons for 700k about 6 months ago! - who would have thought GCP would undercut!! http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=001752559&CURRENCY=GBP
  24. yep been on recently - not sure if it ever sold the first time around!
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